嬉しいです!! それから雪だるま♪   I'm so Happy !!! & Snowmen♪

やりました!! さやちゃんの募金が1億3000万円を超えました!!超嬉しいです!! おめでとう、さやちゃん、よかったね♪まだ、これから先があるけど、1つずつ乗り越えていこうね!!手術の成功を心からねがいます!!

YEAH!! Donation for Saya is collected more than 130,000,000Yen!! I'm really really happy & excited . Saya,Congratulattions!! you deserve it♪ there will be more steps to go but , I'm sure you can overcome all!! I wish the success of your operation from bottom of my heart!!


And,I would like to say thank you very much for the all people who supported her.The amount of money which I might not collect by myself ,because of the power of the good wills of each one,we succeeded. I'm sure her healthy smile will be in return for our action.I can't wait to see it(^u^)

それから 雪だるまさんについて(^◇^)


The person who is in charge of my voranteer work is very skillfulーHe is good at sing, decorating X'mas illuminations on the tall three last year or becomes handyman who repair shoe boxes and so on. These snowmen which was made by him.because of warm wheather they became slim a bit ...they stand in holding hands together with hearty smile. How heartwarming scene it is(^u^)



 あともう一歩!!  One more step to go!!

さやちゃんの募金が 118,677,255円 に!!!!! あともう一歩です☆(^◇^)

Donation for Saya becomes 118,677,255yen !!!! One more step to go ☆(^◇^)



Please refer to 20th Feb.'s my Blog about Saya in detail♪

さやちゃんと募金活動  Donation for SAYA

さやちゃんの心臓移植のための募金活動予定 :schedule of donation for Saya's heart transplant
(詳しくは2月20日のブログを読んでくださいね)(Please refer 20th Feb.'s my Blog in detail)


2月23日(火)  11:00~12:00 イオン札幌桑園店

Feb.23rd(Tue.) 11:00~12:00 AEON Sapporo Souen shopping mall


wish she can go to Colombia as fast as possible!!!

当たり!  Bingo!


I won KOBUKURO(musicians)'s New Year Present♪、a lap robe♪



A mail of spring from my friend, Pheasant's-eye☆


my father bought a kind of sweet rice cracker of DENROKU for Girls' festival on 3rd of Mar.


寺町 沙也ちゃん   Miss Saya Teramachi

さやちゃんと言う名前の難病と闘っていて余命半年と宣告されている女の子がいます。まだ14歳。一緒御に未来を作ってあげたいですね。1人でもいいので、お友達などにメールなどして さやちゃんのことを広げてくれると本当に嬉しいです<(_ _)>

http://saya-sukuu.com/  (公式HP)

Miss Saya Teramichi is fighting against a very difficult disease.
She is still very young only 14 years old Her doctor said her remaining days
are only half a year.how happy it would make her be if we could make her remaining days become years.

http://saya-sukuu.com/ (Official HP)


This poor young girl has been fighting and suffering in a hospital bed for a period of 2 years. Her heart has stopped twice and she has fought
back, Now after all she has endured the only way she can survive is to
have a Heart Transplant. Unfortunately the heart operation is in America at a cost of 130,000,000yen, Donations have been comming in and so far 70,000,000yen has been collected. So please open your hearts and give a small donation and give Saya a better life.



Saya mentioned to me that she wasn't sad tthat she got this disease. Infact she was a little happy that someone else escape it.
she also said that it wasn't so tough now, and if see had the chance to be healthy again, She would work harder and help people who were in greater need.

連絡:contact: Tel(03-6277-7137)(東京)(Tokyo) FAX(03-3585-4277)(東京)(Tokyo)
        Tel (011-788-6187) (札幌)(Sapporo)(午前10時~5時)(am10~pm5)


◆三菱東京UFJ銀行 麻布支店 店番号:570 (普)0059312
MitsubishitokyoUFJ bank Azabu branch shop code:570 An ordinary deposit 0059312

 ◆みずほ銀行     麻布支店 店番号:531 (普)1099339
Mizuhobank Azabu branch shop code:531 An ordinary deposit 1099339

 ◆さわやか信用金庫  麻布支店 店番号:012 (普)1200797
Sawayaka credit association Azabu branch shop code:012 An ordinary deposit 1200797

◆七十七銀行 卸町支店 店番号:209 (普)5761719

<このほかの振込先>Other transfer:(Sapporo)

◆三菱東京UFJ銀行 札幌支店 店番号:637 (普)3364999
MitsubishitokyoUFJ bank Sapporo branch shop code:673 An ordinary deposit 3364999

◆北洋銀行 札幌営業部 店番号:150 (普)3135649
Hokuyou bank Sapporo Sales Department shop code:150 An ordinary deposit 3135649

◆ゆうちょ銀行 振替口座  02730-4-46032
 Yuucho bank transfer account 02730-4-46032

 Each account name:Saya chan wo sukuu kai

心温まること(^-^)things which your heart feels so warm


TADAIMA(I'm home)(^◇^)
bit late to tell ,but firstly about Snow festival going with Day care center's members. Whether was bad, and unfortunetely we had only 40minitus to go around there,therefore we didn't have enough time to see the snow statues,still I thought I had a very good time there especially when we share to eat "Ageimo"(a coating deep fried potatos) with the group members.I really want to say thank you to the members who planed this recreation,the staff who went with us and the driver who waited for us during our enjoying the festival and so on.


Next is macaroon which I had on Valentain'S day.
From the staff where I 'm allowed to do volunteer for 4 days a week they gave me bunny's shaped macaroon. I was so glad ,besides they presented it together with small message

ウサギの形をしたマカロン  bunny shaped macaroon


And about the TV coverage of the company which I'm always taken care of .The boss asked if I can come to the company to shout the company's name as one scene of the TV broadcasting.I'm tense a bit ,but go there . This time is like last time, all of them are so kind enough to speak with me .stopping their working hands.I stayed about 4 hours but did feel just styaed 1 or 2 hours. I shouted the company's name with all my voice can be

取材風景  the scene of the coverage

仕事の体験  experienced their work


thanks a lot for visiting my Blog. I'll take a few day off and resume again.


THe pictures of snow festival & footbathing. these pictures direction are still stange,but anyway, I hope you can feel an atmosphere of the festival.

マイケルジャクソン Michael Jacson

お昼寝トトロ Totoro's taking a nap (Japanese famous animation charactor)

お昼寝トトロの隣にいるちびトトロ middle Totoro& small totoro next to big Totoro

北の動物園 The zoo of the Northland

百済王宮(韓国) Baekje Royal Palace of korea

ミッキー & ミニー(タイトルは夢がかなう場所)(Micky & Minny:title is The Place Where Dreams Come true)

フラウエン教会(ドイツ) Dresdner Frauenkirche(Germany)

イオラニ宮殿(ハワイ) Iolani palace(Hawaii)

Iolani Palace and The upper part nakid boy
It must have been so cold because he declined encore with thanks


足湯 洞爺湖温泉の湯
洞爺湖温泉の足湯 footbathing with the hot spring water of Toyako

足湯 糠平温泉の湯
糠平温泉の足湯 footbathing with the hot spring water of Nukabira

Next Blog is about valentain's day's present & snowfestival which I went with daycare members  and so on.




This Wes. I visited to my friend's husband's company with taking chocolate cakes for bit early valentain's day although all of people there looked busy they welcomed me(I was silly enough to forget taking pictures(;一_一))

Her husband showed around the company.he took me to the places where the big machine was or told me about the project taking care of worldwide famous Hello Kitty's good such like Hello kitty 3D painting,doom shaped pan and so on. The boss's daughter(my friend's daughter) make a cup of herb lemon tea,that
taste nice.as a souvenir the daughter made me rabbit shaped balloom.I feel so happy and was glad like a small child. Not a long time I stayed there but everything satisfied me I'll write about snowfestival and footbathing next time.



これから、アリオの足湯と雪まつりに行って来ます!昨日はMDの整理をしていて、色々な音に触れていまあした。改めて音楽はいいなと思った瞬間でした。すること色々あるのにですが・・・(笑)久しぶりにcry and feel it(クライ アンド フィール イット) の曲を聴きました。素敵な時間が過ごせました!!↓


I'm gonna going to ARIO shopping mall for footbathing and Snowfestival (^0^)
yestterday I made lot of my MD in order and feel lot of melodies,that was a moment I really realized that I love the music so much.!! Although there are so many things I take care of ...hahaha I listened to the songs of" CRY and feel it"whichi had'nt listened for a while.it wa so much wonderful moment!!↓



イベントがあります。これもお友達絡みです。11日までアリオ札幌でのウインターファンタジーと言うイベントにお友達の知り合いの方が足湯を提供しています I'd like to tell you a event called Winter fantasy.This is also related to my friend. Till 11th Feb. My friend's friend offer footbathing place ⇒  http://www.ario-sapporo.jp/event/#134780

千葉さん、足湯 アリオ

 その方がもう一か所、札幌の円山動物園にも14日まで足湯を提供しています。They also offer other footbathing place at Maruyama zoo in Sapporotill 14th of Feb.

千葉さん、足湯 円山動物園

11日の祝日、特に予定はないなという方、どこか行きたいけどどこに?と迷っている方、または土日の休みに家族でどこかへ、友達同士でどこかへと考えている方、私みたいに1人でぶらぶらするのもいいなと思う方、札幌アリオや円山動物園へ足湯体験へ行ってみませんか。きっと癒されるはずです 11th of Feb. is national holiday.if you don't have special to do , want to go somewhere but where to go ? , try to make plan to go somewhere on this weekends with family or friends,or like me think tothat it7s noto but to wonder around by myself,why don't you try footbathing .you must be refreshed physicaly and mentaly

昨日は7時間も寝ました・・・それなのに日中眠かった・・・(笑)、そのせいか?いまは元気です。これからちょこっと編み物をして寝ます。お休みなさい。I slept 7 hours yesterday, but I feel sleepy during daytime...because of that now I feel thoroughly awake...hahaha.
I'll knit a bit from now then go to sleep a bit. GOOD NIGHT(~~)/~~~

PS:I went to Snow festival with my friend. her kindness,thoughtfulness,sweet smile made my heart warm.Thanks so much Miss A.



これが、友達の知り合いの方が売っているクーベルチュールチョコレート。。。どうすれば、画像を横にできるのか???です(笑)This is the Couverture chocolate my friend's friend sellsI have no idea how to make the picture right place...

テーマ : つぶやいてみる
ジャンル : その他





I went to Snow festival.It was almost 10years since I have been there last time & take my time to see the snow statues.when I mention about it my father said "it's natural 78% of Sapporo citizen don't go to snow festival!"he cut it out

.large snow statues have its'dynamismaithough I impressed these large ones also feel uniquestyles of citizen's statues,they are never been boring. at11cho-me sitethere are international food cort
a young guy(not like using young man,word 'guy'seems to fit him)was saying "good morning"to everyone who passed in front of him with broken japanese but good manners.he looked friendly.All internationnal food looked so yam!! I wished not only the Hokkaido food court at 6 cho-me but also international court would be filled with people. I drunk hot tapioca milk tea in Vetnam food stand it made my stomach and heart satisfy

My friend's friend shop at 5 cho-me the price of chocolate became sale price from500yen to 400yen,and this is limited salling in Snow festival sitte I hope many people come to vissit the shop.This has very flexible case,because after you eat the chocolates the case can use as a chocolate mold and so on


テーマ : ひとりごと
ジャンル : 日記



I changed my handle name from Tennenboke to GON




we have snow festival right now from yesterday till 11th feb. I went there with daycare members yesterday.that story i'll mention later.

the news is thta my friend's friend has stand shop during the snow festival,Odori site ,5chome.
they sell Couverture chocolate of official snowman-shaped charactor. you might think
it's bit expensive if there are 2chocolates inside and price is \500.but we proudly say its'material is
highest quality of couverture,therefore we garantee the taste & quality.if there's chance to go to the festival ,pleasse come and visit our shop,thank you!


ドラえもん、私のお守りさん、と言うかどんな時でも側で見ていると笑顔になれる友達。38歳にもなって子供のようなことをと思う人もいるだろうなと思いつつ・・・でも、そのことで人に迷惑をかけたことは少ないので(25歳の頃に本屋さんの文具兼雑貨売り場で働いていたら、ドラえもんの抱き枕、リュックサック、頭をなでると音がするドラえもんなど、色々と売っていて、ドラえもんのリュックサックを背負いながら(もちろんお金を出して買った後に)開店前の掃除をしていたら、流石に副店長に苦笑いされ、軽く指導を受けました(笑))この職場、大好きでした。3年くらいしか続かなかったけど、温かい場所でした。ここで働いていた女の子がドラえもんが好きで、その影響で私もドラえもんが大好きになったので、私より先に職場を去ってしまったけど、彼女にも感謝です。最近、ドラえもんの漫画が、結構な巻数が出ていたのですが、3冊の本にまとまり出版されてました。金銭的な余裕がないので買えないけど、いつかは欲しいなと思っているこのごろです。毎年、何百というキャラクターやマスコットがでてくるけど、私は永遠にドラえもんが1番、死んだ後もお友達でいて欲しい存在です。家族や友達と同等なんです。では、今日はこの辺で( ^^) _U~~

Doraemon, he is like the parents figure ,or I can tell he is the friend who brings me smiles that every time see . Some might think how silly to cohere to such a thing even now on your late thirties. But I want to believe that as long as you don’t give them troubles to hold free mind is acceptable(in my mid twenties I once worked at a book shop’s stationary section where also sold fancy goods such as Doraemon pillow , Doraemon rucksack or the one who made sounds when you tapped him and so on.one day I was working carrying the Doraemon rucksack on my back before the shop opened vice chief was too surprised my bit ?so much? childish action he gently warned me not to do such manners in the shop. I loved this work place although it lasted for about 3 years. The place was filled with warm feelings. I met Doraemonholic girl there and my Doraemonholic started though she left the work before my leave. If she had not there I had never had the chance to intimate with Doraemon There are lots of Doraemon comic books more than40 volumes ,these days the books did reedit and arrenged to 3 thick books. Because of lack of enough money I can’t buy now but someday I will. Every year many charactors or mascots
Appear around us . But for me Doraemon is forever friend even after death. I believe we can see each other and reunite as good friend there,too He is part of my family or friends.
Ok,time to say goodbye by now. Have a nice evening( 0^^0)/~~

テーマ : つぶやいてみる
ジャンル : その他



では、今日はこの辺で。また次回、私のつぶやきをつづっていこうと思います。次とはいつでしょう?私にも?です(笑)( ^^) _U~~

I decided to start my Blog like talking to myself. My character is bit tomboy, funny & merrily and most of time quiet & negative. Sometimes tremendously lazy and other time do my own best so hard Don’t you think I’m typical blood type B??
when you hear “mental illness” some might feel “sounds like scared”I used to be so ,especially in my high school days when I saw the patients who took a walk with losing focus in their eyes, I felt chill and scared and also wondered “what had these people driven like this hollowed eyes. But I am now in the mental illness group I felt sorry to think like that, although heavy mental illness people’s mind seem to going other days. .In my case I hear things 24 hours a day from the ceiling or anywhere I went. When finally made up my mind to go and stay hospital to cure this illness one phrase was running around my head “my life was done” now after more than ten years passed because of the time healed my depression and as I get old my heart becomes stronger I somehow get along with this illness. Time fries!!! Where is the girl who had pure heart and fragile mind??hahaha
now, I have been to the place called “day care centre” of the psychiatry where gathering the people like me ,even though the diagnoses is different. there are a lot from the young to the old. Apparently all are look normal and makes you think what the matter with these patients? Our conversation is sometimes funny, such as ”I couldn’t sleep even though using sleeping pills” ‘I wasn’t, too’ ,”everytime winter season comes I feel like ending my life“ ‘I understand it’ or ”yesterday I hear things all the time and that troubled me a lot“ ‘I used to hear things like this and that ’and so on.Common point is all patients were undergone  out of ordinary situetions once then recovered.
It’s time to leave ,i‘m gonna continue my mutter next time. when is next time ?heaven knows when  (^0^)/

テーマ : ひとりごと
ジャンル : 日記


ゴン GON

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