コブクロ繋がりの親友から From the friend who is also Kobukuro(famous Japanese artists) fan like me


From the friend who connect with me as Kobukuro fan I received a parcel. She has a plan to move in the future so she told me that she wants to give me the tapes which she has kept so carefully about Kobukuro such like '○ll night ○ppon' etc...At first I was so surprised and decline the offer(these are too rare things for Kobukuro fann to recieve),but after we talked over and I decide to receive them gratefully.

譲り受けたテープ達  The tapes which she gave me

一緒に送ってくれた彼女の住んでいる山形県のセゾンファクトリーのドレッシング( http://www.lemoir.com/cnts/feature/gift/saisonfactory/ )青しそのドレッシングをさっそく食べてみたのですが、一般の青しそのドレッシングよりもさっぱりしていて美味しかったです。

She sent dressing of 'Saison factory( http://www.lemoir.com/cnts/feature/gift/saisonfactory/ ) in Yamagata prefecture(where she lives),too. I tried blue perilla dressing right away and I felt that dressing tastes good and has lighter taste than normal blue perilla ones

青じぞドレッシングは写真を撮る前に少し使ってしまいました・・・(;一_一) I used some blue perilla dressing before taking pictures...(;一_一)


And my friend sent me pictures when she went to a aquarium called "marinpia Nihonkai" ( http://www.marinepia.or.jp/ )These ↓dolphin and penguins' pictures are one of the best shots took by her boy friend!!! I have no idea how come one can take pictures like this good???

イルカくん、ボールにアタック(^◇^) Mr. dolphin attacks to the ball

ペンギン君、仲良く行進 penguins,marching side by side


可愛いから字を書くのがもったいなくてと白紙のまま送ってくれたハガキ  She told me that this postcard was too pretty and she didn't feel like good for writing words,so back of this card is blank.

イルカくんのハガキ(私が光物が好きなことを覚えていてくれて感謝です) Post card of a dolphin(She remembered I liked glittering things,thanks a lot for remembering it )

笑顔いっぱいのタテゴトアザラシ(最初ゴマフアザラシだとばかり(^_^メ)) Harp seal with full of smile( I first thought this seal must have been a harbor seal(^_^メ))

こちらも光物のハガキ。タイトルは「Fairly Dreams(直訳は「妖精は夢を見る」タイトルらしい絵に仕上がっているなと(^◇^)This card is also glittering.The title is "fairy dreams ". completion of the card is such like following the title .


lastly the best shot which my friend took!! You are impressed the variety of wave colors

新潟県の日本海   Nihonkai sea in Niigata prefecture

札幌国際交流プラザ Sapporo International communicationplaza

今日は、本当に久しぶりに 札幌時計台の向かいのビルに入っている「国際交流プラザ」に行って来ました。私が通っていたのは短大時代や、20代の前半頃だったので(一番英語に興味があった時だと思います)・・・そう、今から15年くらい前のこと(*^_^*)

I went to Sapporo international communication plaza where located other side of the famous Sapporo Clock tower today. It has been long time ago since I went there last time. I used to go there often when I was in my junior college and in my early 20 's(I was interested in English the most at that time)...
It was about 15 years ago(*^_^*)

the plaza was still on the third floor,but inside was changed (the position of the bulletin board,the position of the reception etc.)

在住外国人、留学生向け情報  the bulletin board for foreign residents & international students

芸術、文化、セミナー情報  the bulletin board for arts, culture & seminar


they have been held free English conversation time from my 20's and still now,too.There are many leaflets about "why don't you learn Russian, chanese,thai"(when I went there ,Chinese lesson seemed to held)

中国語レッスン?の風景  Chinese lesson? scene

I felt I came back to my dear old days



I went to a children hall to assist the event of Nuripura Club (Endo kigata company) they had this beetle shaped, plaster made 3D coloring(called NURIPPURA) event dividing in twice (last time they poured the plaster to the mould and then let the children colored the beetle picture how they want to color the plaster made beetle. I didn’t join that time)


This time , at last, the children took the plaster made beetle out of the moulds and started coloring. The director of Nuripura Club, the manager, staff of the hall played a key roll (special guest were the wife of the director and his baby .he was very active and kept smiling that made me feel like a tender person(*^_^*)).
15 girls took part in this event and all of them are so energetic. I was assisted the five girls.everybody was very good at painting the beetle NURIPURA(^-^)they called me “teacher、○○○(my name is in the circle)” or “teacher”or asked questions


“what insect you dislike ?“


‘I think it’s spiders’


Another girl asked “how about a snake?”


‘It might be all right if they don’t have the poison’


“I know the friend who stepped an anaconda (big snake’s name)’s tail”


‘Oh my goodness ,that unbelievable !!’

あやめ野児童会館 ヌリプラ体験②
できあがりの作品 みんな上手に作っています(^-^)the completion works All of them made these very nice(^-^)


Because I was not get used to this ,some glittering powder was fallen off from the beetle, and on one of the child’s work she painted too much paint and this one couldn’t dried till the time to finish. I was surely able to call myself ,teacher,Boo Hoo Hoo. But at the end all the children, the children hall staff, director And manager gathered and took pictures with their masterpieces wearing wonderful smile.

あやめ野児童会館 ヌリプラ体験⑤
みんなで記念撮影 taking a ceremonial picture

あやめ野児童会館 ヌリプラ体験③
体験会が終わった後に児童会館の職員さんと、子供達からヌリプラ倶楽部さんへの心温まるプレゼント(表側 ) after the event the staff ,and the children gave NURIPURA club a heart warming present(front side)

あやめ野児童会館 ヌリプラ体験④
心温まるプレゼント(裏側)heart warming present(back side)


Thank you so much to everybody who helped me physically and mentally

馬場 俊英さんのライブ  Mr.Toshihide Baba concert


I went to a concert of Mr. Toshihide Baba last Sun(13th of Jun.). Although he came to Sapporo as a event guest in Sapporo recently, but it has been 4 years since he did a concert last time .The live house was overflowing in our heat



When we saw the first sight of Mr.Baba my friend who I saw the concert with said “Oh, he looks much more handsome than yesterday(he did 2 days concert on 12th and 13th of Jun.)”She said he only wore casual shirt on12th ,but he wore a vest and a stole on 13th

I heard a funny episode about 12th concert from the friend after the 13th concert. Mr. Baba wanted to take a shower before the concert at the live house , but there was no
facility there. and he tried to go back to the hotel, but staff was worried if he had enough time (because Yosakoi Festival was held as same days as his concert’s days) So Mr. Baba washed his hair in a sink and the staff helped to pour hot water of a kettle to his hair.



He talked other interesting episodes such like that he has a habit wondering around naked at his hotel room. He said “why I felt like being walking around naked at a hotel room? Well, I never did at home though”. He asked his back band,keyboard player Mr. Watanabe ” You were the same ,too aren’t you?” And Mr. Watanabe immediately answered “ of course I am!!” Mr.Baba asked the same question to guitar player,Mr.Saikai,too. He answered “anywhere!! all the time!!” Both support members knew how to entertain the audiences (or what they answered was true??(*^_^*))



Other episode about hot pot . They mostly eat lunch box at each concert place, but this Penny Lane 24, the staff served hot pot . Mr. Baba said “I ate the hot pot that salmon was in…Ishi..???” some audiences shouted “Ishikari Nabe hot pot!!!” Mr. Baba smiled and continued “It was clear soup(Ishikari hot pot uses soy bean soup, not clear soup)…how do you say this hot pot???” We started thinking and soon one woman said “Sanpei –Jiru soup” Because most of us thought it was ‘Ishikari Nabe hot pot’ so we laughed a lot. Mr. Baba saied “OK ,then you said Sanpei-Jiru soup’ I believe you (^-^)“By the way he ate ‘milk Nabe hot pot’ on 13 th .He asked the girl who served the hot
Pot “Was it you who made this hot pot ?” She answered with big smile, “NO”. He imagined old timer staff was making this hot pot and felt he somehow met with a loss.


My friend said to me “He became to take longer time at MC“ It 's 15th year anniversary for him. I wish he continues long ,lively activity at the entertainment world.


①ムーミン コレクション  ②倉田 祐輔さん  ③コブクロの小渕 健太郎くん  と  今井 美樹さんのコラボ  ①Moomin collection ②MR. Yuusuke Kurata ③collaboration with Kobukuro's MR. Kobuchi kenntarou and MS. Miki Imai

①ムーミン コレクション  ①Moonin collection

先月のことになってしまいますが、札幌PARCO  http://www.parco-sapporo.com/page/  の1Fで開催のムーミンコレクションに行きました。ムーミンは昔から好きで図書館で本を貸りて良く読んでいました。今日の6月13日で終了です。沢山のムーミングッツと展示などが楽しめます。入場無料なので、興味のある方は是非行つてみて下さい。

It was last month I went to the Moomin collection held on the first floor at Sapporo Parco http://www.parco-sapporo.com/page/ I like Moomin since I was a little child and used to rent Moomin series books at the library.this event is till 13th June(today)。there were a lot of Moomin goods and displays. Entrance fee is free so if you are interested in Moomin and it's goos ,why don't you go and spend happy time.






②倉田 祐輔さん  ②MR.Yuusuke Kurata

木曜日にみわぴょんさん、遠藤木型ファミリーさんと食事をした帰り道に偶然に倉田 祐輔さん  http://8thcoloroftherainbow.blog41.fc2.com/blog-entry-55.html#cm  がオリジナルの絵ハガキをうっているのを発見。今回は↓を買いました。元気な夏を感じます。

After the dinner with Miwapyon-san and Endo kigata company's president's family, on our way back each home
We happened to see MR. Yusuke Kurata,  http://8thcoloroftherainbow.blog41.fc2.com/blog-entry-55.html#cm  He was selling his original post cards on the street.so I bought ↓'s post card. It makes me feel like the vigorous summer has already come.

倉田 祐輔君のはがき②

③コブクロの小渕 健太郎くん と 今井 美樹さんのコラボ ③Collaboration with Kobukuro's MR. Kobuchi Kenntarou & MS. Miki Imai

宮崎で口蹄疫の問題が深刻になっている中、そんな宮崎を何かの形で元気づけようと宮崎出身のアーティスト、コブクロの小渕 健太郎君と今井 美樹さんのコラボで楽曲を作り、その収益の全てを寄付するプロジェクトが始まっています  http://www.hotei.com/blog/  


The Foot-and-mouth disease has been a serious problem at Miyazaki prefecture, so my favorite artist, Kobukuro's MR. Kobuchi Kentaro and MS. Miki Imai who both come from Miyazaki have started a collaboration project to cheer their home town up by making a song. The profit is all donatede to Miyazaki prefecture http://www.hotei.com/blog/

One of my Kobukuro fan friend sent the mail about this and I knew the project. Thanks a lot MS.K I'm sure this is wonderful project so hope everyone feel the way like I feel and support this together!!

小渕 健太郎君  MR.Kobuchi Kenntarou

今井 美樹さん
今井 美樹  MS. Miki Imai


みわぴょんさん、遠藤木型ファミリーと「かけはし」で♪ At a bar called"Kakehasi" with Miwapyon-san & Endo Kigata company's family

今日はみわぴょんさんが来札しました。そこで、みわぴょんさん、遠藤木型ファミリーさんとのお食事(夕食)にご親切にも混ぜていただきました<(_ _)> 初対面で少々緊張して、舞い上がっている私に、みわぴょんさんは親切に声をかけてくれてありがたかったです(*^_^*)そしていつものように、遠藤木型ファミリーも温かかったです♪行った先は「かけはし」さん 


Miwapyon-san(blog friend) came to Sapporo today.so with Miwapyon-san, Endo-kigata's president's family and I ate dinner together(they are so kind to invite me having dinner) . I was bit nervous to see her first time and excited too much,but I was so glad that she was friendly enough to strike up conversation(*^_^*)
and as usual Endo-kigata family was so nice to me♪we went to a bar called "Kakehasi"



旬のたけのこ、美味しかったです。他にも↑の遠藤木型の社長ブログで焼いているシイタケ、ジャガイモ、アスパラもとっても良い味でした。特にシイタケの焼き方にはこだわりをもって説明をしてくれました(それだけ味も格別でした) fresh bamboo(now is the season)was delicious. Other vegetables,such like Japanese mushroom,potato,asparagus were so nice ,too( You can see the picture at ↑'s Endo-kigata's president blog )

新鮮なお刺身 fresh SASHIMI

みわぴょんさんと遠藤木型ファミリー Miwapyon-san & Endo-kigata family

みわぴょんさんからのお土産  フルーツゼリー the souvenir from Miwapyon-san fruits jelly


それぞれフルーツの形をしています(写真はオレンジ ゼリー)。「美味しかったぁ!」ありがとうございます(^u^)。Each jelly has fruits shape(this is orange jelly)"good taste!"thank you (^u^)


as eating delicious dinner Miwapyon-san and the president were mainly talking about happy episodes ,the stories which gained from many life experiences and so on(It seems to me that these taking were so useful to my future life).I'm sure I never forget today! I'd like to say Thank you loudly to Miwapyon-san and Endo kigata family


明日から西区民センターで「めだか共同作業所」さんなど、作業所さんが集まっての製品販売があります。http://www.city.sapporo.jp/shogaifukushi/sagyosho/nishi/medaka/index.html 一度、この販売を見に行ったのですが、掘り出し物を見つけて嬉しい思いをして帰ってきました。時間がある方は是非、顔を出してみて下さいね。11日までです。

There is a event at Nishi-ward center about “Medaka work station “ and other work stations till 11th of jun. . http://www.city.sapporo.jp/shogaifukushi/sagyosho/nishi/medaka/index.htmlI went there before and They sold stationeries ,Miscellaneous goods foods and so on. You may find a lucky find!! If you have time why don’t you go and enjoy
this event.

もうひとつ。今月6月11日(金)と19日(土)の2回で「ヌリプラ倶楽部」さんが あやめの児童会館 で立体塗り絵、「カブトムシ ヌリプラ」の体験会を実施します  http://endokigata.blog.ocn.ne.jp/sapporo/2010/06/post_8e78.html#comments  興味のある小学2年以上の方、参加してみて下さいね。きっと楽しくて時間を忘れますよぉ(笑)

Other event I’d like to introduce. You can experience to make and color beetle shaped 3D coloring (made of plaster) on 11th and 19th of jun at “Ayameno child Hall “ held by ”Nuripura club” http://endokigata.blog.ocn.ne.jp/sapporo/2010/06/post_8e78.html#commentsIt’s so fun , if you have interest to this event please join us . We are sure that you ‘ll enjoy a lot and forget about time (over second grade of primary school can join)

大和屋  Yamatoya

今日は、友達のTちゃんと一緒に『大和屋』 http://www.yamato-ya.jp/ と言う珈琲豆と和のうつわの店に行って来ました。店内には珈琲豆がい~っぱい並んでいて、そして珈琲の試飲ができると言う嬉しいサービスつき。私はてっきり、スーパーのように、紙コップにコーヒーが入ってでてくるのかと思ったら、お店に並んでいるような素敵な器にしっかりと入った珈琲が出てきました。ミルク、きび砂糖も用意してあり、お茶受けの玉チョコが2つ。珈琲豆、お土産用にもお勧めのお菓子、和のうつわやお箸、木のスプーンやフォーク、可愛い雑貨と飽きのこない店内を眺めながら楽しい時間を過ごし、友達にプレゼントするちょこっとした雑貨を買って出てきました。

I went to a shop called Yamato-ya http://www.yamato-ya.jp/ with my friend T-chan, which sells coffee beans and Japanese style Chinas. There are many kinds of coffee beans and they served coffee for free. I thought they brought it with small paper cup like super market did, but it was wrong. They poured some good amount of coffee with nice Japanese style cups. We can use milk and sugar (I guess it was kind of brown sugar which is partially refined ).Next to the coffee cup there were small plates with 2 sugar coated chocolates on it. We sat down and looked around the shop where well decorated and never got tired with coffee beans glass pots ,sweets which were good for souvenirs ,Japanese style Chinas ,chopsticks, wood spoon and forks and pretty miscellaneous goods etc. and had a really good time. After buying a few miscellaneous goods we left the shop


If I were by myself the shop seemed like bit too high class for me to go inside., so I’d like to say thank you to T-chan who introduce this shop to me .I ‘m so happy about it.

大和屋 西町店


Recently my friends take me to the places where I hesitate to enter by myself . I feel so thankful to them. Although I prefer to stay home but ,feel to go out often to be helped by my family and friends(^◇^)

倉田 祐輔さん


On my way back to home from Lilac festival there was a man who gave postcards exhibition on the street of the Odori park. My friend was kind of in a harry, but I happened to find my favorite character Doraemon’s postcard. Although that made me think to come back there later again, on my second thought I thought once I went away there might be no second chance to see him and his works ,so with my friend’s permission I came back and quickly bought the postcard .He gave me an advertisement about him.

名前が 倉田 祐輔さん http://rojounahito.net/kurata/pctop.html 、YASSさん  http://www.yass-style.net/profile/  と言う方の路上に感化されて彼自身も路上パフォーマーになったと書いていました。作品を見ていると性格が解る気がします。ほんの少し話したのですが「ありきたりなことばしか書けないのが悩みです」と言っていました。私はありきたりの普通のことばだからこそ、心にすっと沁みることもあると思いました。

His name is Yusuke Kurata http://rojounahito.net/kurata/pctop.html . He was inspired by Mr. YASS’s street performance http://www.yass-style.net/clip/ , followed him and became street performer. Though his style of street was not a singer but as a photo artist. His works seems to show his character. I talked him a word or two he said “It troubled me that only normal wards occurred to me and hard to write special words on my handmade postcards” but I want to say that there are a lot of opportunities that normal words are easier to impress people rather than too decorated special words .

彼の作品です  His works http://rojounahito.net/kurata/gallery.html雪景色

This message said 'you don't neeed to push you too hard'

this message said ' I'm doing my best to live reaching for the sky'

倉田 祐輔さん
official web site: http://rojounahito.net/kurata

ミニ誕生日祝い   mini birthday celeblation

少し、遅くなってしまいましたが、5月28日に(31日のブログでふれた http://8thcoloroftherainbow.blog41.fc2.com/blog-entry-52.html#cm )T-ちゃんの誕生日のお祝いをしました。「豆腐のサラダに鶏肉のチャーシューをのせたもの」と「韓国風の海苔巻」、そしてケーキで。


It becomes bit late , I celebrate my friend ,T- chan’s birthday on 28th May(I mentioned about her on 31st May ‘s my blog http://8thcoloroftherainbow.blog41.fc2.com/blog-entry-52.html#cm ). I made ‘Tofu salad topping with roast chicken ‘, KOREAN style sushi roll and a cake.

Because I was making them slowly , T-chan had to help me, even though she was a Birthday guest…..(^_^メ)(thanks T-chan)

チャーシューと豆腐のサラダ2010 tちゃんと
鶏肉チャーシューをのせた豆腐サラダ TOFU salad topping with roast chicken

韓国風海苔巻 2010tちゃんと
韓国風海苔巻  KOREAN style sushi roll

ケーキ2010 tちゃんと
イチゴのケーキ a strawberry cake


There was a thing I knew about her later, she was tired because of spending tough time with her friend yesterday, but she never fail to keep her sweet smile during staying my place. I respect her. Her behavior is adult’s. I’m opposite and am tend to show my anger easily when I have argue. I need to reflect myself ….(;一_一)there are really many things I have been learning from my family or friends. Thank you T-chan. I learn a lot from you. I wish this new birthday year will be happier than last birthday year!!!

ゴン GON

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