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I had something to have to do today ,so got up early unusually and walked 1 hours and a bit. I passed by many people who took their dogs for taking a walk,so I encouraged myself and said hello to them as much as I could.Most of them answered back to my greetings and some said hello to me before I did it. Somehow I felt to be a lucky person(following blog is long ,so please read if you have enough time for it)


Changing a topic, It's a bit old story i would like to mention about after Unicef's walking on 27th Jun. which was written my last blog . I joined the walking in the morning, and in the afternoon I went to KEIO PLAZA hotel to listen to "Home nursing Care Forum~to support the people who have been doing Home care~held by phermacy TSURUHA with the friend that we haven't seen each other for long.


This forum surprised me when I entered one step to the forum place.Because there waited about 10 or so companies which are related to nursing care both side of the aisle and they introduced or gave us samples of their products such like drinks with good nutrition which you can take when there is no appetites.Stuffed toy bears which keep ammoniac smell away from home nursing care room,,paste foods no need to chew,or sugar which is for the people who worry about blood sugar level. So at first I was air- headed enough to start thinking this is not forum but must be exhibition??"

ツルハ 噛まずに食べれるレトルト

ツルハ ディスメルベア

ツルハ カルシウム

在宅介護フォーラム1部では 高齢生活研究所の所長さん、浜田 きよ子さんが話をしてくれました。90歳を超えた山○さんという足が不自由な女性のことを中心にお話をされ、京都の清水寺に行く坂道に彼女の言えがあるそうですが、家をバリアフリーに改築し、山○さんが1人でトイレに行けるようにしてあげたり、外に面した窓からは清水寺に参拝に行く人を眺めたり、ご近所さんと話したり、通りがかりの人に声をかけて話したりと、亡くなるまで元気にしていたと言う話しをしていました。他に折りたたみの杖や携帯電話のような形をした補聴器など、便利グッツの紹介などをしていました。

At home nursing care forum at chapter 1 ,Ms. KIYOKO HAMADA,who is the head of the Institute of elder people life talked. She told us mainly about Ms. YAMA○who was more than 90 years old and was handicapped by her leg. Her house is on the small hill to go to famous,KIYOMIZUDERA temple.They reconstructed the house, barrier free and that enabled her to go to the bathroom by herself and she enjoyed to look at people from the window who visited the temple,talked with neighbourhood or called out to the visiters and struck up the conversation . She lived her life cheerfully until she died.Except Ms. YAMA○'s story Ms. HAMADA introduced portable stick and a cellphone shaped hearing aid etc.

ツルハ 浜田 きよ子さん

第2部はテレビやラジオなどで活躍されている美肌師でエステシャンの佐伯 チズさんによるトークショーでした(顔はみたことがあるようなないような、名前も知らず・・・ごめんなさい(^_^メ))

At chapter 2 It was a kind of talk show of Ms. Chizu Saeiwho called Bihadashi(the person who make and care our faces beautiful and esthetician is popular at TV or radio. (I was not sure if her face was familier to me or not ,beside, didn't even know her nme...I'm sorry(^_^メ))

ツルハ 佐伯 チズさん


She said ever since she watched Audrey Hepburn's movie called "Roman Holliday"became a enthusiastic fan and wished to be like her then started to take a parasol and wore long sleeved shirt to keep her skin white. Before that she was a usual girl who played outside everyday and was belonged to softball club. She looke radiant and beautifulat this talk show,but she confessed that she had suffered from beloved husband death of at the age of in his 40's because of lung cancer. at that time she was exhausted and completely neglected to care her skin.

「美肌」になるためには意識を変えましょう。肌に「キレイになってね」と話しかけたり、手の指を使って顔、耳、鎖骨などのマッサージをしたり。肌のたるみの原因は咀嚼のしかたで化粧品に頼っても治らないなど、面白おかしく話してくれました。何より「自分の顔を自分が一番愛して欲しいと・・・」「歳をとればロボットじゃないのだからシワ、シミ、タルミがあっても当然と。でも、67歳の佐伯 チズさん綺麗な肌をしていました(^u^)

She taught us to be a beautiful skin you have to change consciousness,good to talk to your skinlike "please become beautiful skin",massage your face, ears clavicle etc. with your fingers. She also told that the ccause of slack is because of how to chew and no matter how depending on cosmetics it can't be cured.Her talk was so interesting and funny. More than anything she emphasized to want to love your face first and said It's natural as you get old your skin has lines,spots or slack...but,67Years oldMs. Chizu Saeki's skin was very beautiful(^u^)

追伸① 彼女は早く仕事を辞めるようにと肩たたきされた時も負けずに頑張り定年まで働いたそうです。尊敬してしまいます。

P.S.① She had an experience to be half forced to resign her work ,but she struggled to resist it and worked till the retirement day. I admire her.

追伸② フォーラムの帰りにもツルハドラッグさんから消臭剤、栄養ドリンク、入浴剤、5本指靴下、佐伯 チズさんのローションパックなど、色々お土産を貰い、協賛の日興コーディアル証券さんからはジャズシンガーの綾戸 千絵さんのCDをもらいました(*^_^*)

P.s.②At the end of the forum pharmacy Tsuruha gave us a lot of their selling products such as Air freshner,nutrition drink ,socks with five fingers bath powder which makes your skin smooth or sholder ache lighteretc. And lotion pack produced by her. Also, cosponsor- Nikko-kodhiarusho-ken(stck brokerage firm)gave me famos Jazz singer, Chie Ayado's CD(*^_^*)

ツルハ 消臭剤 除菌

ツルハ こんにゃくゼリー 

ツルハ 入浴剤

ツルハ ローションパック

ツルハ 綾戸 千絵さんCD


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