アサーション assertion training (^-^)

時々、普通って何なんだろうと考えてしまうことがある今日この頃。私は昔から「個性的だよね」と良く言われていた気がします。まず、声が個性的(こればかりは治せないので(*^_^*)多少、キンキン声見たいです(笑))そして考えることが個性的(自分では余り自覚してないのですが・・・天然見たいです(*^_^*)) そのせいか、話しがあっちへ飛び、こっちへ飛び・・・話し上手か聴き上手になりたいものです(笑)

I,these days sometimes think what is normal? I used to be said that I was unique.Firstly my voice was unique(this is something I can't mend(*^_^*)more or less my voice is bit too high tone・・・this was very naturalfor me (*^_^*))ecause of that or so my story goes this way ,then jump to other way and again goes to different way・・・I want to be the one who was good at talking or listening(laugh)


Yesterday,I joined the program called assertion ,that means to lead to the conclusion that would be good for me & you. Members who were joined this said lots of opinions,among that there was a one which was very impressive,that was "It's easy to make every bad thing because of our mental deseases " Well, I'm sure that it's so easy to think I can't communicate smoothly because of this diseases,but if you say so nothing changes・・・for me this was so hard to listen to ・・・because I can't easily change


After joining this program am I changed my own character soon? am I be able to good at communicating with anyone? This would be ,NO. If I think about to talk with too much high tention to cheer up myself It would be kept about a few hours or a few days ,but after that You would be back to the same poor communication person. Should I give up to aim that I would be the one who is very good at talking or should I be the one to good at lisning to other people's stories? because I am not good at talking(laugh)
Well,actually, to be honest , to talk properly and to listen to properly is ideal for me.


assertion training is difficult・・・(bitter smile) I'm the one who feel very blue only with one small nagative word to me. hang on, Be strong myself,I・・・can't I hang on,and be strong??????(*^_^*)

散歩の途中で  つゆ草



今日はこれから「夢チカ」(0:45~1:15)と言う番組に「ひいらぎ」さんが登場です。少し前(9月22日と9月23日)に新曲「裸」をひっさげたインストアライブをしたばかり。どんな風にTVで2人が映っているか、とっても楽しみです♪(Rさん、「ひいらぎさん」のこと、色々と教えてくれて本当にありがとうございます(*^_^*)<(_ _)>)

Today there is a program called "YUMECHIKA"and a duo ,"HIIRAGI"is on it.They did in store live with a new single "nakid" on 22nd and 23rd of Sep.I am looking forward to seeing them on TV♪(Thank you so much Ms. R to let me know a lot about "HIIRAGI"-SAN(*^_^*)<(_ _)>)

ひいらぎさん1 ひいらぎさん2


今日は、午前中に羊が丘展望台で行われている、「まあくすさん」のイベントに行っていきました。効能が違う色々なハーブティの試飲、消費期限がないので長持ちのミントオイル(詳しくは http://endokigata.blog.ocn.ne.jp/sapporo/2010/09/post_1847.html#comments  ←の木型屋さんの記事を参考にしてみてください。読むだけでも役に立ちますよ)やリンゴの形をしたアロマデフューザー!!道産品の野菜(ジャガイモ、玉ねぎ、ミニトマト)に濃くて美味しいヨーグルト飲料などが売られていました。


追伸 別途で入場料がかかることを書き忘れました、本当にごめんなさい<(_ _)>

I went to an event of M@KSwhich was held at HITSUJIGAOKA TENBOUDAI(observatoryof HITSUJIGAOKA).they sold variety of herb tea,Mint oil which has no consumption time limit (detail is http://endokigata.blog.ocn.ne.jp/sapporo/2010/09/post_1847.html#comments (written by Japanese)),aroma diffuser shaped of apple!! vegetables made of HOKKAIDO ,thick yogurt drink etc.

all products are safe and have good quality.this event is until tomorrow(8:30~15:00).if you have time why don't you come to see large green fields and enjoy M@ks's event or shops around there for refreshing yourselves .

PS.I forgot to write that you have to pay entrance fee. I am really sorry for it<(_ _)>







羊が丘 札幌ドーム
HITSUJIGAOKA observatory and SAPPORO dome
羊が丘展望台 と 札幌ドーム

カフェ「ゆとりの空間」、 さっぽろオータムフェスト  Cafe "enough good space", Sapporo Autumn Fest


On 18th Sep.3 of my friends & I ate lunch together.One has known since elementary school,other one has known since high school and the other from junior college, I have known them for more than 20 years.But one of them who moved to Kobe city hasn't seen about 10 years,and she & I were conected just by Greetind cards such as new years and birthdays,so I wonder how she would think about me, but it turned out to be my too much thinking. she hasn't changed at all in a good way.

大丸百貨店 札幌の5Fにある、栗原はるみさん(料理研究家)がプロデュースするカフェに行きました http://www.yutori.co.jp/restaurant/cafe_sapporo.html 。友達はドライカレー、アボガドサンドを注文、私は子供ではないのですが(はい、38歳ですが、何か?(な~んて(*^_^*)))注文OKと言ってもらえたのでキッズプレートを注文しました。キッズプレートにはオムライス、唐揚げ、サラダ(今回はカボチャのサラダでした)ミニフルーツが付いていて、結構ボリュームがあり、他に飲み物つきで1100円でした。お友達が今回はおごってくれました、感謝です、どうもありがとうね<(_ _)>

We went to a cafe produced by Harumi Kurihara(cooking teacher)  http://www.yutori.co.jp/restaurant/cafe_sapporo.html
on 5th floor at Daimaru department store. My friends ordered A dish of rice fried with meat, vegetables and curry powder(called "dry curry" in Japan)and Avocado sandwiches. And I ordered Kid's plate(well,I'm 38 year-old, is there any problem to order it??(I know you say OK to me (*^_^*)) because they said no problems at all.Kid's plate was served with An omelette with rice, fried chickens ,salad(this
time was pumpkin salad)and mini fruits.This dish has good quantity for adult,too and price was 1100yen(drink was incruded) This time one of my friend treated for me! Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it<(_ _)>

話しにも花がさきました。仕事のこと、日常の事、健康のこと、そして私はなんだか?が多いパソコンのこと等々、「CD-Rでワードやエクセルの文章は保存できるの?Eメールは?」、「最近MD少なくなっているけどどうして?」「圧縮したファイルを解凍するにはどうするの?」などなど、丁寧に教えてもらったにも関わらず、かなり頭から抜けてしまっていますが、でも何気ない話しをきいて楽しくすごせたのが何よりの宝物になりました。みんな、また一緒に話そうね。宜しくお願いします。改めて、ありがとう<(_ _)>(*^^)v

Our talk was almost non-stop. About works, ordinary life ,healthand I asked aboutPC which came with alot of question marks,such as "Is it possible to keep WORD or EXCEL documents with CD=R or why MD became bit hard to find? how you defrost a pressed file?"etc.They answeredwith good explanations ,but my head has little space to memorize ,so now, I can't remember well...but,listening to natural style talkand spent these precious time became my treasure. Well,please invite me again these girl's(women's?)talk . Keep in touch and again, thank you so much <(_ _)>(*^^)v

話しは変わり、只今「札幌オータムフェスト」を大通公園の4丁目~8丁目で開催中です(9月17~10月3日まで!) http://www.sapporo-autumnfest.jp/ 札幌の秋に美味しいものを食べようと言うイベント!!北海道全域の美味しい物が集まってきています。

Topic is changed ,now in my city Sapporo ,we held "SAPPORO AUTUMN FEST has been held from 17th Sep until 3rd of Oct. http://www.sapporo-autumnfest.jp/english/ It's a event to eat delicious food in Sapporo at autumn season!!there gathered lots of tasty food all around HOKKAIDO.


At Odori4-chome-site there is an information center.And you can enjoy different dishes are served every day for a reasonable price .At promotion place "craft market of GEJYUTUNOMORI was held on 18th of Sep.when I went there .On 23rd &24th they will hold to let us know good sight seeing places at autumn season around Sapporo.(there follows other promotion events after these. See Web site for further information )


At Odori 5-chome-site "Big collections of new local delicacies ,such as "big scallops burger or FURANO omelette with rice curry etc."and Hokkaido Ramen-noodles& Hokkaido-beef-bowl called Gyudon ,beef-topped-bowl of rice(we decide the number1 Gyudon there)


At Odori 6chome-site they prepare 6-chome park bar,corner of soup curry, autumn cooking proudly proided by each shop around Hokkaido,selling popular sweets at Sapporo,market of vegetable ,fruits and miscellaneous goods and stages by local artists.


At Odori 7-chome site there appears 7-chome park bar.you can enjoy variety of local liquars. Winery & SakeBrewery Fairis held.At east side booth you can try out the local foods at various stalls.


At Odori8-chome site ,in this block lots of communities from Hokkaido serve you their local delicacies.


Like this there are a lot of interesting things waiting there for you. So why don't you come and enjoy this good atmosphere of the big Autumn Festival? I am sure you can enjoy a lot!!

発寒神社のお祭り   A Festival at Hassum shrine


I said that yesterday was a Hassamu shopping Mall's festival,but there was more((+_+)) Yesterday was a festival of Shoppingmall & Hassamu shrine and there also is Hassamu shrine's festival.If you have time please come and visit the shrine(^u^)♪

お祭りとさだ まさしさん ライブコンサート②(*^^)v  A Festival and Live concert by MASASHI SADA②(*^^)v



Before starting second story of Mr. Sada's live report,let me introduce about the Festival of (HOKKAIDO,SAPPORO,NISHI-WARD)Hassamu Kita shopping mall. In this shopping mall they hold a autumn festival starting at 3 pm. such as flea market,free live , free movie called Wings of Desire (fantastic movie)and they prepare a lot of special price products or special events ,please come and enjoy the festival together!!(*^^)v

さて、さださんのライブレポに戻ります。I'll transrate in English little by little later about this live report.



こんな風にトークが楽しかったり、深かったり、もちろん歌と音楽にも深みがあり、特にラストスパートの「天然色の化石」と「修二会」の、さださんの楽器はもちろんですが、声量の凄さ、各サポートメンバーさんの楽器のなんとも言えぬ惚れ込んでしまうような迫力(特にLRさんも触れていたパーカッションの宅間さんという方の演奏は目を見張るものがありました)最後の4、5曲だけでチケット代以上の価値があったなと、帰り道でご一緒させてもらったRさんとも「ホントに言葉では表せないくらい充実していて、素晴らしいライブだったね」と余韻に浸りながらの帰り道でした。ライブの良さを伝えてくれて、行くきっかけを作ってくれたLRさんとRさんに言葉では言い表せないお礼を言いたいです。ありがとうございました(*^_^*)<(_ _)>

さだ まさしさん ライブコンサート①(*^^)v  Live concert by MASASHI SADA①(*^^)v

I think it is hard to transrate exactly what I wrote in english , anyway, I transrate as much as I can

12日の日曜日に 初めてさだ まさしさんのライブコンサートに行きました。まずはセットリストから書きます。そのあとにトークについて触れたいと思います。ネタばれがところどころあるので知りたくない人はここで読むのをやめて下さい。

On12th Sun. I went to a concert of Mr. Masashi Sada for the first time. Set list is following and then I write about his talk . There are episodes tomention about this tour so if you wish not to know about them please stop to read .

 1. 主人公      「さだまさしベスト2」 a chief caracter "Best of Sada Masashi 2"
 2・ 案山子(かかし) 「さだまさしベスト」 Scarecrow "Best of Sada Masashi"
 3. 異邦人      「続・帰郷」 alien "a sequel to homo coming"
 4. 桐の花      「ADVANTAGE」 paulownia flower "ADVANTAGE"
 5. 北の国から    「さだまさしベスト」 from north country" "Best of Sada Masashi"
 6. 無縁坂      「さだまさしベスト」 MUENZAKA(Muen slope) "Best of Sada Masashi"
 7. 秋桜       「さだまさしベスト」 cosmos "Best of Sada Masashi"
 8. つくだ煮の小魚  「予感」 Food boiled down in soy with samll fish
  called Tukudani "a feeling"
9. 静夜思      「予感」 Quiet Night Thoughts "a feeling"
10.予感        「予感」 a feeling "a feeling"
11.思い出暮らし    「予感」 live with memories "a feeling"
12.その橋を渡る時   「予感」 when you cross the bridge "a feeling"
13.献灯会       「美しき日本の面影」 KENTOUE "a feature of Japanese
14.精霊流し      「さだまさしベスト」 SHOUROUNAGASHI "Best of Sada Masashi"
15.セロ弾きのゴーシュ 「さだまさしベスト2」 Goshu who plays cellist "Best of Sada Masashi 2"
16.ONLY~薔薇園~ 「風待通りの人々」 ONLY ~rose garden~ "people of Kazemachi
17.天然色の化石    「さだまさしベスト3」 fossils with natural colors
"Best of Sada Masashi 3"
18.修二会       「さだまさしベスト2」 SHUNIE "Best of Sada Masashi 2"
EC.片恋        「予感」 KATAKOI(one way love) "a feeling"


Because this was my first MR.Sada live!! I was excited (although I had a feeling that this would be a great live about both singing & talk)how it was going to be

最初の2曲が終わった後にMCが始まりました。「さだの曲はいい曲だ!だから今日は良く眠れた!!と言われるのは構いません。でも、曲は寝ているのにトークになった途端に起きるのはやめて下さい」や遅れて来た人に「いいですよゆっくり席について下さいね。まだ2曲しか終わっていませんから・・・でも、その2曲が「主人公」と「案山子」の致命的な2曲とも言えますけれどもねぇ 」と軽快なトーク。コブクロさんも面白いけれど、さださん、本当に面白いなぁと最初からさださんワールドに吸い込まれていっていました。

After he sang 2 songs MC started He said He didn't mind if a audience said " Sada's music was so good!
so I could sleep so well.But I plead you not to wake up only when my MC started" and He talked to a man who was delayed "please take your time to find your seat ,I only finished 2 songs...but, those 2 songs were "a chief caracter" & "scarecrow"which were ,I might say ,crusial songs". Like this from the bigining his talk was so fluent. My favorite artists, KOBUKURO's MC is always great, but Mr.Sada's MC is really funny",too ,so, I was soon in Mr. Sada world before I knew it.

「桐の花」 のあとに「桐の花」は北原 白秋の詩と言うことを教えてくれて、「北原白秋は夫のある女性と不倫をしていましたが、昔はこういうことは罪が重く、その夫に通報されて投獄されたこともありました。のちに2人は熱愛の末に結婚をしましたが、半月で(どれくらいの長さで別れたか忘れてしまいましたが短い日にちだったのは確かです)別れてしまいました。

After singing "paulownia flower "He taught about Japanese famous poet, Hakushu Kitahara(who wrote the collection of poems called paulownia flower )"Hakushu was falling love with a woman who had a husband. and that time it was a very cirious sin so,after her husband let the police know about Hakushu he was in jail. Although Hakushu & the woman got married after pasionate love later they parted only for half year(I can't remember how long their love lasted,but i'm sure they divoced soon)


"He wrote dreadful introduction in the poems 【here comes the my favorite season, autumn & of Castella sponge cake】Hakushu was from Fukuoka not from Nagasaki(Castella Sponge cake was special prduct of NAGASAKI Mr. Sada is from NAGASAKI)but mention about it!! this was a big surprise !!


"I had been to FUKUSHIMA(I guess, he said FUKUSHIMA not FUKUOKA)and was surprised to see the writing "FUKUSHIMA's special product, NAGASAKI Castella sponge cake"(*^_^*)well, I don't mind as long as FUKUSHIMA advatised about NAGASAKI's Castella "


But,the children who was from Castella kingdom,NaGaSAKI was more blessed than others when thinking about the times, just the end of the war and there was nothing . When you had 5 yen,it7s large sum of money,4of us together it becomes 20 yen,it is right isn't it?I'M not good at arithmetic,still less mathematics.Well,the looser of Rock, paper, scissors went "fukusaya" where was lacated over the bridge called ○○bridge(I forgot the name of the bridge) to buy the ends of Castella,it took about 20 minute one way.These Castella 's ends were sold out as soon as the shop was opened,therefore you have to go in a hurry.and duringone of them went the shop we played with lots of things.And when the person came back we gave the biggest Castella to the person. And that was the time we don't have time to think about how dreadful colon bacillus was or no time to think this place was not clean,so, we placed Castella on the durty benches of parks etc and then mesured the length of each of them!such as saying " this one is big one!"(with special accsent of Nagasaki)


"everyone,how thick you cut Castella?"when you are asked we almost answer the same size.I ask everyone at this place"how thick you cut Castella?"(everyone at the live place indicatedwith thumb & forefinger) "see,almost same thickness!! there might be slight difference, that is the difference between poverty and wealth (laugh) The rich cut castella bit thicker,so, the poor cut it thinner.Did you know when you place cutted castella for a while they lean to the same directions(so,did Mr. Sada lean his body)"But,if you place them more than 30 minutes,the castella become more soften.Please remember the season from now is the season of castella"he said like this.


After the performance of "north country"he said "this song is used like a theme of HOKKAIDO,I 'm so glad about that" "This song is performed at the baseball game of NIPPON HUM FIGHTERS(one of baseball team belong to HOKKAIDO) "this song(he mimiced as if holding a wind instrument and start the performance of "from the north country"(from you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-3gnAk3G-w)→【(with fast pitch )puppu pupupupu~,puppu pupupupupu~ GO FOR IT ,○○○←(shout at baseball player 's name】"so,I thought how come this song is being like this (laugh) "Last time when I went to Fukuoka(south of Japan)
to see a baseball game SOFTBANK HAWKS & NIPPON HUM,and before the game started (some NIPPON HUM fanplayed "from north country"『pupu~pupupupupu~』(a bit out of tune)that melody is something I can't explain,so I was moved much and wondered 『which team I should support(He was born in south of Japan called NAGASAKI so,his favorite is rather SOFTBANK HAWKS)』then, everyone said 【it got to be NIPPON HUM!!】(we did big applause(laugh)"

「無縁坂」はカナダのバンクーバーでコンサートマスターをしていて、さださんとも縁が深い、旭川出身の長井 明さんが特別ゲストとして登場して一緒に演奏をしていました。クラシックに疎い私なので、何も知らなかったのですが、日本のコンサートマスターを教えているコンサートマスターとのことで、でも、見た感じは柔和な顔の紳士という感じがピッタリの人でした。長井さんのバイオリン、さださんのギター、サポートメンバーの楽器調和のとれたとっても良い音色でした。「バイオリンを弾かずに「無縁坂」を歌うのはいぶりだろう」とさださん感慨深げでした。

"MUENZAKA"was played with Mr. AKIRA NAGAI who was a concertmaster,Vancouver at Canada, had very good relationship with Mr. sada and he was from Asahikawa. Because I had very little knowledge about classical music he was a concertmaster who taught all Japanese ones ,but his so gentle face made me bit hard to beliebe he was some concertmaster,he looked just like gentleman.The violin performed by Mr. Nagai,Guitar by Mr. Sada,other instruments by suppoertmembers harmonized with one another. Mr. Sada seemed to be very impressed and said "how long has it been since I sang 'MUENZAKA' without playing violin by myself ? "

「秋桜」の後は、確か料亭のことや次の曲「つくだ煮の小魚」の説明。これは井伏鱒二さんの詩に曲をつけたもの。確か、21歳で「精霊流し」を書き、22歳で「無縁坂」を書き23歳で「秋桜」を書いたさださん「僕は若い頃は天才と言われていて、昔の年寄りはそういうちょとと変わった若いのが好きで、僕も○○さん(名前わすれたのですが偉い人)に料亭の座敷に呼ばれて谷川 徹三(谷川 俊太郎さんのお父さんで哲学者だそうです)や赤塚富士夫、遠藤周作なんかと飲んだんですよ!信じられますか?みんな羨ましがるんですけどね、でも、そういう風に年上の人達と飲むことが多かったせいで、みんな僕のことを谷村新二とか松山千春(だったようなちがうような??)とかと同じ年と思っているんですね。5,6才ちがうんですよ、かれらとは、一緒にしてもらっちゃ困る!」と。

After "COSMOS",I guess ,he talked about a first-class Japanese restaurant and explained next song "Food boiled down in soy with samll fish called TSUKUDANI" This song was written by Japanese famous writer 'MASUJI IBUSE 'and Mr. SADA composed it. I don't remember surely but he said that he wrote "SHOUROUNAGASHI"at 21 year-old,"MUENZAKA"at 22,"COSMOS" at 23(all 3 of songs became big hit in Japan),he continued "I was called genius when I was young and old people at that time liked bit strange young ones,therefore I was invited to a first-class Japanese restaurant by Mr.○○(I forgot tne name )and drank with TETSUZOU TANIKAWA (philosopher ,the father of SHUNTARO TANIKAWA (Japanese famous poet,translator etc.)),FUJIO AKATSUKA (famous cartoonist) SHUSAKU ENDO(FAMOUS WRITER)!!!" " Do you believe it? Everyone envys me,but because I had a lot of chances to drink with old ones everybody believed that I was as same age as SHINJI TANIMURA OR CHIHARU MATSUYAMA"(both are very famous Japanese singers )(I'm not sure he said these singers names??)"That's wrong.They were 5,6 year old older than me,don't try to classify me with them.

井伏鱒二さんの詩のことは「○○さんが【おい、さだ まさしじゃないか、こっちへ来い!】って呼ぶんですよ。あっなんか嬉しいなと思って行ったら【俺、お前嫌い。男のくせに女々しいうたばっかりうたって】って言われて、【お前にピッタリの歌がある。あの歌はお前にしか歌えない】ってで、井伏先生のところに連れて行かれて【先生、俺が面倒を見ているさだまさしが、先生の「つくだ煮の小魚」をどうしても歌わせてもらいたいっていっているんですよ。どうか歌わせてやってくれませんか?】って言うんです。井伏先生は大人だから『いいよ、どうぞ、どうぞ』ってこの詩は「つくだ煮を買ってきたけど、途中で雨上がりの水たまりの中に落としてしまう。じっと水の中を見てるとつくだ煮は綺麗な色をして昔のように水の中にいるけれど、生き返ってはこないっていう歌なんですね」と話し「僕は、井伏先生のお酒のつぎ方が好きだったんですよ。『さだ君飲みなさい、飲みなさい』って縦にお酒をついでくれて、本当にいい人だなと思ったんですけれどね、マネーージャーの○○(名前忘れましたごめんなさい)に「井伏先生いいよな」って行ったら【世話好きの婆ぁみたい】って言いやがる!!」

About the poem of MASUJI IBUSE "Mr. ○○ was calling【Hey, SADA ,come here!】I felt happy and went there,then he said【I, HATE YOU. you were man but sang songs such as very weak women 】,【There was a song which fitted you.that song was sang only by you】and I was taken to Mr. IBUSE ,○○said【MR.IBUSE,MASASI SADA who I was taken care of really really want to sing your poem 'Food boiled down in soy with samll fish called TSUKUDANI'would you please allow him to sing it?】Because Mr. IBUSE was grown man 『No problems at all, please use it』,this poem was that Mr. IBUSE bought 'TSUKUDANI',but he dropped them into a pool after the rain as he stared at the pool 'TUKUDANI 'had beautiful color in the water, but they never come alive even in the water again ,Mr. SADA said "I loved the way Mr. IBUSE pour SAKE.『SADA,please drink ,please drink』and thought he was a really really good man,so I said to my maneger ○○(I forgot the manager 's name..sorry)「say,was Mr. IBUSE such a good man?」then my manager answered such a fool answer, [He was like a hag!!]


And my favorite story was about UFO. He said "There was a girl who I loved.Used to be It was unbeliebable to walk man & woman hand in hand.I was shocked at SUSUKINO( An entertainment district in Sapporo),oh yes, well,there was a girl I love, she asked me 『why don't you go to see UFO together by bus,SADA?』 that departure was at night and( he seemed to say it was 0o'clock midnight??) I was so happy to be with her through the night ,so I went.There were about 20 people, among the one who wore glasses looked so intelligent(smart guy),he talked about stars and so on, all of girls listening with shrill voice. And the bus went to midnight Mt. FUJI. Itwas much better to go daytime Mt. FUJI,more beautiful ,besides you can see nothing around at 2 o'clock"


"When we got there the smart guy took out a hand lantern and started talking again. AND all the girls went around him.then he said 【ok,let's call UFO】"I was excited and thought 「call UFO, call UFO,great」He continued 【make circle】 "all the girls went to his side ,all guys were around me .AND 【hold hands 】 ,because there was no choice I holded hands with next guy,although I didn't want to .To express him one word「Cholesterol」.After that the intelligent said 【please~~ come~~!(voice like an idiot)I】 I was sure nothing would come,oh well, there was no way but doing that,so with small voice I said 「Please come~~~~」over and over again for more than 40 minutes.but nothing happened,therefore the intelligent started to irritated, and said 【there was someone who won't believe that the UFO came.That was why the UFO wouldn't come!!】


"I was startled with his guess and thought 「I has bad mind,that's why the UFO won't come」.so with every one ≪PLEASE COME~~~~~≫we said that witout stopping,then everybody さいd≪oh ,it's coming comingGGG~~~~!!!\(^o^)/≫Only I couldn't see taht,so I didn't want to ,but asked the colesterol guy「where was it?」then the colesterol started to excited 『There, SEE, THERE!!!』but I couldn't see,but when you see very very carefully there was a slight light, I thought that was a satellite ,but every one said the UFO,on our way back home all of them were excited about THE UFO and said ≪that was good ,that was great≫ I reflect myself and thought I had narrow mind(bitter smile).the girl who he loved, as soon as she got to HARAJYUKU station,『See you,SADA ,take care』and disappeared"He talked very helpless ,but funny story to us.

トークの時、タイミングを外して、みんなよりワンテンポ遅れて「ケラケラケラケラ」笑う方達が2回いて、そのたびに さださんも私達もお腹をかかえて笑っていて、さださんに「あれワライカワセミがないてるぞ」と突っ込まれてました。他にもトークが予定より長くなったようで「トークが10分長くなったのは、ぼくのせいじゃなくさっきのずれた笑いのせいだ」とそこでもつっこんでいました。

When he talked there waere persons who giggled out of tune everytime they did that Mr. SADA & WE bursted out laughing and Mr. SADA expressed taht "Laughing Kookaburra is singing".because talk part became longer than he expected,he excused ,"It's not my fault but that giggle out of tune"

また、後ほど②を書きますね( ^^) _U~~

to be continued to ②( ^^) _U~~

カラオケ KARAOKE  ジョギング  JOGGING


Last Thu. I challenged Karaoke by myself for the first time. That is because there ware a lot of day-care-center members who went to Karaoke by themselves. And also another reason was that one of the member said a Karaoke shop called UTAYA at KOTONI where is near from my Apartment you can sing Karaoke with 80 yen per 30 minutes, from 11 am ~6pm


I went there around at 3 pm. The place was crowded with high school students or women. after 10minutes or so waiting for my turn, I was called and went to Karaoke room. After ordering drink I started singing One-man Karaoke show. I input a song one by one after finishing one song. As thinking what to sing next at first, but later starting to input songs during intermezzo. As a result I think I sang about 16 ~18songs(^u^)

そんな中で 中 孝介(あたり こうすけ)さんの「花」と言う曲は普通に歌えたので彼の曲は私の声のキーに会っているのかなと思いました( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtMyjRqKMgs 時間があったら聴いてみて下さい

Because I wanted to know how was my singing skill I covered one side of my ear...I discovered my singing was poor(laugh). people who are good at Karaoke can sing variety of songs I envied them(*^_^*)As thinking like this I found that a song called "HANA(HANA means flower)"by KOUSUKE ATARI I can sing normally. His key seemed to fit mine.( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtMyjRqKMgs if you have time please listen to this song .although I can't mimic his unique way of singing) I hoped to go to Karaoke again with my friends or by myself again and want to practice songs.


I started to jog about 5 days ago and think to continue until the winter season. Last Fri. on my way back to apartment I met one of the day care center members. He was the one I hardly spoke before. He said he used to work at service industry . His talk was very fluent and we talked about an hour before I knew it. I thought it's great to do jog like this sometimes.

「試飲会」 "Tasting"  「手紙」 "a letter" 「三越」"MITSUKOSHI department store"


Last Sun. I went to the basement shopping mall of Sapporo , called "AURORA town",because I knew the acquaintance company of ENDO Kigata company which they are always good to me called "M@KS"was held "herb tea tasting at "KITA kitchen"(north kitchen)Recently I haven't been to center of the city much and alsohaven't been to "KITA kitchen" before ,so it was fun to look around the products there(unfortunately, to take the pictures were prohibited ,so if you live near there please come and visit "KITA kitchen" which displays products,made in HOKKAIDO )


Back to the story of tasting of M@ks,I maybe tasted"lemon blend" "White mint" and "kamomeal",too. All of tea has nice flavor to drink and there was no bitterness. I guarantee about the taste besides there were a lot to learn about how to service to customers.


①their way to serve customers are natural
②don't push their products to customers too much
③they have enough knowledge about the products so you can trust what they say
④they don't forget to appeal their product with unobtrusive way


and so on.These manners are used not only when you sell something but also can be used in ordinary life so, I hope to be like them who gave gentle smile to me & customers all the time


And there was a good thing today.I received a letter from a girl who I once got mad about her manner mentioned at my latest blog.She drew her original ones ,that made me so happy.


She wasn't mentioned about the insident of last time ,but her gratitude and tenderness to me come direct to my heart and that warmed my heart. I can't imagine how we build our friendship,but I 'm sure there is no chance I would be furious to her again.


Because of her I can grow up one step??(*^_^*)(or do I just feel that way ...)


One more thing to introduce. I went to MITSUKOSHI department store with a friend of daycare center member. She asked me if I am interested in to go to the event hall of 10th floor where sold separated OCHUGEN products on special price(OCHUGEN is one of the Japanese culture to send mostly some foods or drinks etc. during summer season to show our gratitude to our close relatives,friends or companies and so on. and now it's out of season for OCHUGEN,therefore they separate the products and sell with bargain price)


I am very weak in department store.Especially to be talked by clarks.Although Food floors or special events ' floor of 10th is somehow all right, but when I come to clothes ,cosmetics or accesorry floors I suddenly feel like running around(laugh)


They sold juice, hams,retort-packed-food,coffee,sweets etc. with reasonable praice until 9th of Sep.
so it might be a fun to look around if you have time and are interested in this event.

反面教師 &  イベント   To learn from other person's fault  & EVENTS


I happened to go for a walk with a day care center member. we talked a lot of things and had a nice time but ,befor almost reaching to my apartment I said "I am the worst silly person" and she said "oh,you are the worst silly person,aren't you"with serious face without any denial.I don't remember how we reached to such conversation...but,this made me get mad ...although i said to myself "if I felt like this way I shouldn't have used these words to her from the beginning " and at the same time,thanks for her I realized that there must be a lot of people who hurt with my words,too. Because I am so poor at praising people and at laugh tragedy off(in a good way to make people feel better).So her words became a good cause to reflect my ordinal actions or words and wished to stop being act like that.I have to say thank you for her...but, even so ,to be honest with you I feel bit mad and bit sad ,too(wry smile)...if these feelings are gone can I be one step closer to a gentle charactor like cherub?...there still is long way to go , I think(a roar of laughter)

Firstly it continues from the last week on 4th and 5th of Sep there will be a big furniture’s sale at Mokkousha (they also do repair of old furnitures and reform of kitchens )you can’t miss it(*^^)v

And the product “Open-air bathtub wherever you like” of Endo Kigata company & Chiba kakoh company
appeared to be displayed at Mokkousha ‘s exhibit space after the exhibition of Tokyo big sight

Those who were thinking about buying furniture ,changing them or repairing old ,but favorite ones to use again, or ones who love looking at furniture why don’t you come and enjoy the real good quality furniture




there is one more event to introduce from Mr.Kigataya( who always pays good attention on me!!),his blog. The company of his acquaintance "M@KS"'s event.

明日、北海道産ハーブティー、flavor of northハーブティーの試飲会開催!場所:きたキッチン(さっぽろ地下街オーロラタウン)日時:9月4日(土)10時~17時まで、飲食店に…ちょっとしたギフトに…お土産に…いかがでしょうか?私も木型屋さんの会社に伺った時に頂きましたがさっぱりしていて飲みやすく美味しかったです!!

Tomorrow ,they hold tasting of herb tea which is made in HOKKAIDO! place: KITA kitchin(Sapporo underground shopping mall called Aurora town) date:4th of Sep.(Sat.)10:00 to 17:00 why don't you buy for cafe use, as souvenir,,small presents or for your own use(^u^)I tasted some of them when visiting Mr.Kigataya's company they were very nice taste and able to refresh yourself!!

ゴン GON

Author:ゴン GON