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合言葉は「ハッピー ハロウィン ハツキタ」です(^-^)

Mr. BEM and Mr. KIGATAYA introduced interesting event in Hassamu kita district at their blogs

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they held trick or treat.at first shop children recieved the bag to put treats ,then started with the key words "Happy Halloween HATSUKITA".In about an hours later all treat ware gone. this event was succeeded (^-^)


関連記事  http://rumikonuripura.blog.ocn.ne.jp/blog/2010/10/post_342e.html#comments

10月31日(日)14:00~ と16:00~
場所:ウイングベイ 小樽にて


There was another event mentioned by NURIPURA club manager,about FucchiE live

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On 31st oct. 14:00~ And 16:00~
place wing bay OTARU

very nice guy who partly sang using sigh languages. I want to inform about these event earlier(^-^)



My friend kindly asked me if I was interested in going to music therapy concert. I used to join music therapy in day care center , but didn't know its meaning.


In the pamphlet of music therapy concert they said that music therapy is mainly for old people(to keep body function, to refresh mind & body by stimurating rhythm,to stable your mind etc.),for mental illness people(to release your stress, to spend time together with other members, to express yourself etc.) ,and for handicapped children(to realize outerworld, to smooths the communication with others, to provide satisfaction & achievement )


therefore this concert was so enjoyable . We sang together, such like "FURUSATO"(HOMETOWN)"MOMIJI"(Maple leaf) ,the songs we learnt at school or songs popular at old days such as "KITAGUNINOHARU"(spring in North country),"SOUYANOMISAKI"(Cape Soya),moved hands & legs,claped hands and questions & answers.

面白かった質問はこれらの歌の共通点はと言う質問→ ①どんぐりころころ②チューリップ③酒は泪かためいきか

One of interesting question was what was the common things among following songs ①"DONRURI KOROKORO" rolling acorn ②"Chu-rippu"tulip ③ "sakeha namida ka tameiki ka "If spirit was tears or sighn④ "kokoni
sachiari" Happiness is here ⑤"young people"wakamonotachi ⑥ "yorokobimo kanasimimoikunenngetu "years of young


Answer was that all songs lirycs was written by people came from Hokkaido & have songs' stone monuments.There's no time to feel bored.I'D like to say THANK YOU to M-chan who took me to this concert(^u^)

ブログに動画を張り付ける  How to put movies on my blog

どうやってブログにYOUーTubeの動画を貼り付けるのかわからず2時間ちょっと(*^_^*)(笑)YOUーTubeの動画の右下の『再生回数』の下にある≪埋め込みコード≫をクリックすると沢山の記号が出てきて、それを全部コピーして自分のブログに貼り付けすれば完成(^u^)私のお気に入りの一曲 槇原 敬之さんの 『GREEN DAYS』♪


It took 2 hours to find how to put the movies on my blog(*^_^*).Click ≪UMEKOMI(I dn't know how to translate this words "covered" or "buried"??)code≫under right lower side of you-tube movies screen beneath 『play times』copy the signals(words) to your blog,that's it(^u^)one of my favorite songs, "GREEN DAYS" BY NORIYUKI MAKIHARA

I will write about music therapy concert which I went with my frend next time(*^^)v

マイレージ マイライフ  mileage my life (Up in the Air)

マイレージ マイライフと言う映画をデイケアで先週の金曜日にとぎれとぎれに観ました。私はてっきりリストラ関係の映画なので「my rage my life(私の怒り 私の人生)」だと思っていました。。。が予想は見事に外れ「mileage My Life(飛行機の)マイレージ 私の人生」が邦題の正解。でも、アメリカ のタイトルは "Up in the Air"(空に浮かぶ、上る)とでも言う意味なのか・・・(間違っていたら教えて下さい<(_ _)>)洋画のタイトルは邦題、原題と興味深いです(*^_^*)

I watched American movie called "Mileage My Life" at day care-center last Fri. Intermittently.I was almost sure the title must be "my Rage My Life" because this movie was talking about laying off...but as you know my guess was absolutely out of answer.But Original title is "Up In The Air"(does it mean like " floating in the air" flying in the air"? if it was different please let me know<(_ _)>)Title of English movies(Japanese title & Original title) are interesting(*^_^*)


There were several things to do today ,too and I wanted to do blog surfin,today ,but I couldn't. I wish I could tomorrow...I hope I can.Well, although I take a time to watch a new dorama which my favorite artist Kobukuro take part of a theme song...the song was good, i remember ...but I completely forgot about the melody & lyrics...((+_+)) I'm looking forward to next story.

騎羅拉(きらら) KIRARA, いきいき福祉健康フェア   Lively healthy welfare fair


I’m so lazy sometimes, especially when there were a lot of things to do I’m at a loss and there is a tendency to stop doing everything and forget about responsibility. Besides ,my each action is slow until I come to time limit . I fed up with myself about that I can’t treat everyone equally. …in my heart, every day I really think to want to talk equally and treat equally, but in real world I repeat same mistake again.


You might think it ‘s impossible to treat all equally ,but my equal means to treat all equal in public. Of course that doesn’t mean to discriminate people in private. Ever since I couldn’t built good relationship with co-workers at work because of my bit of hard experience my character changed. Some said once I liked when you were innocent .Well, I’m try to find myself who was used to be. And hope to find the one someday!


I guess I write too much complaint so move to other bright topics. During last 3days off I went to eat Ramen-noodle with my friend. Noodle shop was called KIRARA. That shop is not the one on gourmet magazine or popular on internet ,but I felt that MISO-Ramen-noodle was really good taste and if you like thick MISO soup you maybe want to eat often there. I’m not sure ,but it was maybe \790 at lunch time with Ramen-noodle & fried rice, very reasonable price I think.


今日は福祉関係の「いきいき福祉健康フェア」と言う展示会に友達と行って来ました。友達のご主人の会社(友達も含めて)が展示品の一つを作るのをてつだっていたので(そして、去年 行った時にその種の製品を作った、デザイナーの方も紹介して頂いたので)、その製品は浴槽で健常者も下肢にハンディキャップを持つ方達も使えるタイプのものです。利点はハンディキャップのある方も三角形のような形をした椅子のようなスペースのそばに車いすを置き、体をそのスペースに移動させ、それからスライドさせて、湯船に入るという手順になります。ハンディキャップを持った人とその家族を幸せになする良い製品だと思いました。ただ、デザイナーのJさんは「ハンディキャップを持っている場所は人によって違っていて、彼らの持っている力もそれぞれ違っているのでその場合、場合によって調整が必要になると思い、もしそうなら浴槽の特注が必要で、デザイナーも調整のための勉強がもっと必要になるんです」と。そのほかに、そういう方達はリハビリをしているので手の力も普通の人よりずっと強いと教えてもらいました(内容に間違いがあったらすみません)。有意義に時間をすごすことができました。自分より苦しい人は沢山いるのに健康な体とそこそこ健康な精神を持っているのに、なんで私はこんなに愚痴を言うんだろうと考えさせられました。

Today, I went to welfare exhibition called “IKIIKI FUKUSI KENKOU FAIR”(kind of lively healthy welfare fair) with my friend. Because my friend’s husband company(including my friend) helped to make one of a exhibit(and I was also introduced the person who designed the same kind of product last year when I went to the same exhibition) ,which is bathtub that is able to use normal people and handicapped(lower limbs) people together . Very good thing is a handicapped people can take a bath by themselves to place the wheelchair by the triangle chair-like space and move themselves to that chair –like place then slide and move into bathtub. I thought that was really good product to make handicapped person and also his family happy .But, designer ,Mr.J said that it was different about the places where they had handicapped ,and also their strength is different ,too. Therefore it may be needed to make minute adjustment for case by case and if so, you need to order special order and for that change designer need to study more for these arrangement. I also learn that handicapped people have much more hand strength than normal people because of rehabilitation (I’M sorry if I wrote the sentences not what he said).It was very useful time to listen to his explanation and talk. I wonder why I so complaint even though I have sound body and so so sound mind. There are a lot of people to be suffered much more than me…




浴槽の中に一段ステップがあります。これが、今回の浴槽の注目ポイントでもあるそうです。there is one step inside of the bath tub and that is the apeal point in this bathtub.


Anyway , although I became shy at this kind of exhibition and for me it’s hard to make questions and experience the products which I don’t have any chance or mind to buy(because I feel like having to buy if I experience each booth),but for my growth and with my friend help I experienced several booth such like foot massage machine(that booth’s clerk ,he said he came from Kansai district(West of JAPAN) and he sprained his ankle at Sapporo station but he worked briskly.) or the booth examine your height & weight ,body fat then professional advised you. As I expected my body fat was bit over than normal. So, I need to go on a diet. There were machine feet exhivision that enable to move with these for the people who lost the function to move yourself. The clerk said that these feet were moved by brain sign not by your voice or delusion. I’m not sure but I think it took about 22 year to invent this machine and in fact, this was used at some hospital. Hope this invention makes progress successfully and many lower limb handicapped people can use this kind of system.

良い体験ができました。来年も行きたいです( ^^) _U~~

I had good experience and wish to go next year ,too( ^^) _U~~

らー麺 とぐち  

I'll write in English later. and I finally finished to write in english about LIVE CONCERT BY MASASHI SADA① on Sep. 13rd    http://8thcoloroftherainbow.blog41.fc2.com/blog-entry-87.html

本題の前に、この3連休、予定がない方、木型屋さんのブログを参考にしてみてはいかがでしょうか  http://endokigata.blog.ocn.ne.jp/sapporo/2010/10/post_3787.html

Before writing the main topic Mr. KIGATAYA writes about events for this 3days off. why don't you see his brog and refer to it

今日はお昼に、最近西区にオープンした「らー麺 とぐち」(西区の西友西町店の向かい側)に行って来ました(本店はすすきのです)。私はラーメンは好きですが、小さいころは生ラーメンを食べるとお腹をよく壊していました。そのせいかどうかは???ですが、生ラーメンよりもインスタントラーメンの方が好きだったりします

Today,my friend & I went to a Ramen-noodle shop called"TOGUCHI" where opened recently at nishi ward at noon(the head office is at SUSUKINO) I like Ramen-noodle,but used to be when I was little everytime I ate straight -RAMEN-noodle felt stomach ache.Because of that???i like instant noodles rather than straight Ramen-noodle

話をもどして、このらー麺屋さん、私がとってもゆっくりペースのジョギングをする時の通り道にあり、立ち止まってみたら、張り紙のチラシに10月5,6,7の3日間 オープン記念にラーメン半額しますとのことだったので、最終日の今日行ってみました。「平日だし、こんな田舎にあるラーメン屋さんだからそんなに人は来ないだろうなぁ」などと思っていましたが・・・大きな間違い。。。11時の開店に合わせて行ったら、もう30人以上の人が並んでいました

Back to the main topic,this Ramen-shop is opened on my way to my slow jogging caurse,and a few days before I happened to stop tu see the ad.at the door.It's said they would provide Ramen-noodle at half price as opening celebration on 5th,6th,7th of this month,so we went there at the final day .I thought "it's a week day and our ward is rather countryside so, not so many people come"...but, that was a big mistake...when we got there at 11 of opening time there were more tha 30 people were waiting fot their turn

私は時間があったのですが、お友達が次の用事があり12時20分ころには食べ終わりたいとのことで・・・ちょっと間に合うかドキドキしたのですが、11時55分頃に無事に入る事が出来、友達が醤油ラーメン(¥700)が好きとのことで、私も醤油にしたら早く出てくるかなと思い醤油にしました(このお店のお勧めは味噌ラーメン(¥750)(赤みそと白みそ)みたいです)急いでいて写真を撮るのを忘れてしまったのですが、美味しかったですラーメンには人それぞれ好みがあると思いますが 味は濃い目のスープだったのでこってりラーメンが好きな方に特におすすめかなと思いました。ラーメンの食べ歩きをしている方のブログには「赤みそラーメンは私は美味しいとおもったけれど、先輩は豚汁にらーめんを入れたみたいと言っていた」とのことでした(笑)なんだか、怖いもの見たさで赤味噌ラーメンも食べてみたい気がします

I had enough time to wait , but my friend had some business and wanted to finish eating around 12:30...so ,i was wondered and worried if we made it, fortunately we could go inside around at 12 ,my friend ordered soy sauce Ramen-noodle(\700),so I did ordered the same noodle with the guess that if I ordered same thing maybe they serve faster(this shop's recommendation was MISO-Ramen-noodle( \750) (they serve AKA-MISO & SHIRO-MISO,Ramen-noodle) For we were in a hurry I forgot to take a picture,soy-sauce-Ramen-noodle was good taste. There were a lot of Ramen-noodle shops in sapporo and taste is different at each shop,so I can't say if this shop's noodle fit to all people's taste,but I think if you like thicksoup,I can recommend this place.when I read the blog which written about alot of Ramen noodle shops ,the blogger mentioned about this shop's AKA-MISO Ramen-noodle "I liked this AKA-MISO Ramen-noodle ,but my senior said this noodle is like putting the Ra-men noodle in Tonjiru-MISO soup(he said just like drinking MISO soup not like normal MISO Ramen-noode"...so I thought I feel like wanting to try again with AKA-MISO Ramen-noodle

ラーメン屋 とぐち

とぐち 赤味噌ラーメン

ゴン GON

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