友達から電話があり、パソコンのことで相談を受けましたMy friend called me about PC.

私では解らないので、姉のご主人(義理のお兄さんに)等に聞いたら、お兄さんは『インターネットの接続料金が高すぎるのでやめたほうがいいと思います。 量販店などに行って相談したほうが安心だよ』とのことでした。

She went shopping and saw a preson who said that he offered free PC about 35000yen,so why didn't she do construction and use some providers such as OCN or YAHOO, start using PC? He also mentioned that it was going to be 2 years contructs and monthly fee was about 6000 ~7000yen. I didn't know ,so asked my sister's husband(brother in law)and so on.He said that the fee to connect Internet was rather expensive ,so better not to contruct with him. It would be safer to go to internet connected home appliance stores for consultation.


My friend seemed to agree it although there was a very slightest hesitation to give up completely...
I wonder if there are more a lot of companies to try to gain PC user coustomers by doing this( offer to free PC) and if there were ones to set up cheaper(averrage)fee.


今日は父の74回目の誕生日です Today is my father's 74th years birthday お誕生日おめでとう、お父さん、いつも有難う Happy birthday father Thank you so much all the time
私と父は性格も正反対な感じで考え方も全く違います I think he and I are very opposite about our characters

一緒に暮らしていた頃はよく口喧嘩もしました I used to argue with him often when we lived together
でも、私の心の病気のことを良く理解してくれていて図書館から沢山の本を貸りて読んでくれたりしています But he tries to understand my mental desiase and often went libraly to lend many books about it
他にも、とっても我慢強くなってくれています、私の方がぷちっと切れる時が多いかもしれませんMore over it he became more patient than before and I'm afraid that I'm the one who start argue easily (苦笑)
最近は週末会いに行っても仲良く過ごしていました Although we spent good time together each weekends I went there

But he got angry yesterday because I bought pieces of cakes in secret.."why you can't be patient not to eat them? There are enough food and you bought without consulting(I once had a bad habit to buy things until using last coin)"At that time because I thought he didn't look pleased with my present ,that led me think to buy pieces of cakes at least to make him happy...therefore I tried to appeal my feeling in anger.

He smiled bitter smile then saying nothing.I guess he understood what I thought inside.

As he didn't get mad at me more than I expected I thought Iwant to make effort to stop wasting that he worried.

I wish to live a normal life as a member of society and make him secure next year. My friend told me that would be a best present for him

長生きしてね、お父さんplease live a long life !! my father!!

4羽の白鳥の踊り・・・かな?   Can I call this dance of the little swans ...?

when I searching for about Dance of the little swans I happened to find this . please try this ,if you have time(*^_^*).

クラシックバレエ イン 砂川  Classical ballet in SUNAGAWA

7日は砂川で行われた、『誰にでもわかる 楽しいクラシックバレエ』と言うバレエのイベントに友達とJRの1日散歩切符を使って(普通列車と快速が1日使えます)行って来ました。行きの列車では友達が青菜とシラス、を混ぜたご飯に梅干しとおかかの入ったおにぎりを握ってきてくれ、私も混ぜご飯をおにぎりにして持っていき、2人でお菓子も用意し、友達は飲み物まで持ってきてくれて、さながらピクニックのようでした(笑)

On 7th of Nov.my friend & I went to an event called 『enjoyable classical ballet which anyone can understand』using JR Hokkaido rail way company’s one day ticket ,(ICHINICHI SAMPO KIPPU “one day taking a walk ticket” you can use local train & rapid-service train all day long) on our way to SUNAGAWA my friend made rice balls which mixed some Japanese vegetable called AONA & some Japanese very small fish called SIRASU. She also put some pickled plum & dried bonito in those rice balls. I also took fried rice-rice balls ,we also brought some snacks and she prepared some drinks ,so it was like a some excursion (smile)

途中、車窓からの景色  a view from the train window

At EWAMIZAWA to change trains for SUNAGAWA . An art object of a horse at Banei horse race (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ban%27ei )which is not running now.

14時頃に砂川に到着。最初にビックリしたのがJR砂川駅校内のベンチ。座布団(今どきはクッションと呼ぶべきなのでしょうか?)が敷いてあり、座り心地がとっても良かったです。これを観た瞬間に「砂川=良い街」と私の頭にインプットされました(^-^)砂川と言えば国道12号線をメインに「北菓楼」など9つのお菓子のお店がある「砂川スイートロード」で有名な街。バレエ鑑賞をする地区交流センター「ゆう」の受付でバレエのチケットを買い、街のことを聞き、「スイートロードまっぷ」をもらいました。「Sweet Road(スイート ロード)」の「Sweet スイート」は「お菓子」と言う意味の他に「心地よい」「嬉しい」「美しい」の意味も含めていると地図に書いていました(^u^)

We arrived at SUNAGAWA around at 14:00. I was surprised to see benches at SUNAGAWA st. Because there are cushions on them. It was very comfortable to sit down . By this incident ,I input 「 SUNAGAWA = GOOD CITY」(^-^) Talking of SUNAGAWA  it’s famous about 「SUNAGAWA SWEET ROAD」along national highway route 12 there mainly are 9 sweets shops such as 「KITAKAROU」.At the reception of district community center “YU” We bought the ballet tickets , then asked about SUNAGAWA city and she gave me 「SWEET ROAD MAP」In this case “SWEET” has not only one meaning about sweets such as candy ,chocolates or cookies but also means “comfort” “happy” “beautiful”etc.

JR砂川駅 at SUNAGAWA st.

駅構内のベンチ Benches inside of the st.

JR 砂川駅前 In front of JR SUNAGAWA st.

ゆう エレベーター

Elevator which joins district community center YU and JR SUNAGAWA st. Although I was too surprised to take a picture, there was a boy who rode on a bike got off and passed in front of me.


Before the ballet event we took a coffee break at “YAMAICHI” The owner of this coffee shop told us that this coffee shop was used as filming spot by a scriptwriter Sou Kuramoto’s drama called「 KINOU KANASHIBETUDE (yesterday at KANASHIBETU)」in 1984. He came to our table taking a dancing cat toy with him
And took a pictures for us, very open hearted person. When we took a pictures outside the owner’s wife was coming (she was very good person,too)and we talked together. She talked( ,if I was correct ,that there were 5 wild cats and she gave them cat foods)that she wished that these cats’ owners would be found and they could go through winter safely ! After going back to district community center one of office workers told us that if you went to YAMAICHI again please try fried Spaghetti.

食事&喫茶やまいち coffee shop YAMAICHI

やまいち なか
懐かしい感じの雰囲気が漂う店内 inside of the shop somehow I felt nostalgic

ハロウィンの飾りで使ったカボチャ pumpkins used at Halloween

のら猫ちゃん達 wild cats



At last the main event 『classical ballet which anyone can understand 』began. As it was my first ballet appreciation everything to see and to listen to was so fresh & exciting. At first the emcee of this event talked about ballet history, I learnt that ballet began at Renaissance period(it was spread in Japan during Taisho era)and French king Louis XIV liked ballet,in early period they did 『court ballet』with men only(men played women’s roles) and Marie Taglioni(since she was a little her father strictly taught her ballet so she became some ballerina) completed the style of ballet such as wearing pointe shoes and the technique. I also learnt that 3 famous ballet are 『the sleeping beauty』『The nutcracker』『swan lake』( French man, Marius Petipa produced and choreographed these ballets and Russian ,peter llich Tchaikovsky composed them)


Generally they practice handrail lesson for about 40 ~50minutes and then pointe shoes lesson for 1 or 1 and half hour(they performed both lessons for us) Interesting things were that small childcan’t wear pointe shoes. Because there are possibility to transform bones until their body grow firmly. Besides to wear them they need teacher’s permission (they seemed to be allowed to wear around at 10-year old).Stuffing of pointe shoes are made of clothes which is soaked by special glue, therefore as they practiced it becomes softer , so if they practice very hard the shoes last only for a few days.

履けなくなったトウシューズ pointe shoes damaged by practice


Between explanation and dance performance the emcee called out for the children to come to the stage and enjoyed the quiz together(eg. Why leotard calls leotard? :answer is that because Jules Léotard made this , or where come from the meaning of ballet costume tutu? : answer is (there is a nuance of )pretty bottom(of small child)) Except quiz the children also challenged mime which was used in ballet(this was similar to sigh language)


バレイ パントマイム②


↑の合間に世界の4大バレリーナを集めて踊ったと言う作品『パ・ド・カトル』を踊ってくれたり、『白鳥の湖』で有名な「4羽の白鳥の踊り」(白鳥の湖は紙芝居もみせてくれました。この作品では悪魔に白鳥に変えられた主人公 オデット姫 と 悪魔の娘でオデット姫に変身して王子に会いに行く オディール姫がでてきますが、オデット姫は白い衣装、オディール姫は黒い衣装を着ていて、この2つの役は1人の方が両方とも踊るそうです)、Tシャツとズボンでの創作ダンス、『くるみ割り人形』の中から3曲を踊ってくれ、最後は今回出演されたバレリーナの方達の「眠れる森の美女」や「ドン・キホーテ」などのソロの演技も楽しめて、あっと言う間の1時間半でした。

Among ↑’explanation of ballet history, lessons or quiz and mimes they danced 『pas de quatre 』which was famous work danced by 4 world wide ballerinas in 1845. They also performed『Dance of the little swans』from 『Swan Lake』(They did picture-story show of 『Swan Lake』. In this story princess Odette who took a main role and was changed into a swan by a devil and princess Odile who was the devil’s daughter transformed herself into swan princess Odette and went to see the prince …both 2 princesses appeared ,swan princess Odette wore white costume and swan princess Odile wore black one, these 2 roles were performed by one ballerina)Except these they did creative dancewearing T-shirt & ppantsm and danced pieces fromieces from 『the nut cracker』and in the end we enjoyed seeing their solo performances such as 『the sleeping beauty』『Don Quixote』 ) I felt 1 and half hour passed so fast.

『くるみ割り人形』とティアラなど the nut cracker and tiara etc.

ロマンティック チュチュ romantic tutu

バレエ衣装 ballet costume

バレエ衣装 ballet costume


On our way back、 the wife of district community center YU’S chief, Mr Chiba took us to one of sweet shop,HONDA.which was on sweet road map. Because I’m indecisive it took too long selecting and both my friend and Mrs.Chiba had to wait((+_+)) Anyway we spent very enjoyable time. Thank you so much for Mr.&Mrs. Chiba for treating us well and P-san who came together from Sapporo for this putit trip!!

いただきものの1つ「ほんだ」の「シューロール」。美味しかったです(^◇^) One of the sweets which was presented「HONDA」’s「cream puff like roll」It was very delicious(^◇^)

『友達との夕食』  『 誰にでもわかる楽しいクラシックバレエ in 砂川市』


話は変わり、明日は北海道の砂川市の「地域コウリュウセンターゆう」の大ホールで『 誰にでもわかる楽しいクラシックバレエ 』と言う、初心者でも楽しめて、バレエはこういうものと解るような演出になっているようで、演じる方も普段ならかなり高いお金を払わなければ見れない方達とのこと。それが、一般1000円、高校生以下500円、 親子ペアは1200円ととってもお得です。明日の予定が決まっていない方、バレエってどんなものか知りたい方、砂川までレッツゴー(私も今月のガス代が予想の半分以下の金額だったので、ご褒美に行こうかなと思っています。フッチーさんのライブも行けそうな感じです。)(*^^)v

I ate dinner with my friend yesterday. although I always feel to save money but am loose about it.but these days getting better and I have a habit trying not to use so much money at once. Anyway,what we ate was instant noodles (made using a pan) topping with vegetables and rice which my friend's sistersent her.To eat with someone makes food more delicious than usual. That was what I thought stroungly at that day. I used to be an ostentatious person and to buy many things without worring about money when I ate meals with friends , but I learned there is no need to do too much like that before even if friends come.

Changing the subject. There was a ballet event at SUNAGAWA district community center"YU"in SUNAGAWA city.
Event title is "enjoyable classical ballet which anyone can understand" this is the event that even beginners can enjoy and understand what the ballet is. Besides, the dancers are the ones who you usually have to pay more to see their performance. It cost \1000(adult),\500(under high school),pair ticket\1200(A parent & child)(this month my gas fee was half priccce than I expected,so Icould go to this ballet event.And also feel that I might go to fucchiE's live at X’mas)(*^^)v

11月1日は・・・   NOV. 1st was...

11月1日はキティちゃんの誕生日!!!私は塗りプラ倶楽部のるみこ店長のブログ(関連記事:  http://rumikonuripura.blog.ocn.ne.jp/blog/2010/10/111_2b01.html#comments )、キティラーさんのみわぴょんさんのブログ(関連記事:  http://blog.goo.ne.jp/miwa3625/e/63c8f2f713ef470a68a7f4b7c78037d4#comment-list )そして木型屋さんのブログ(関連記事: http://endokigata.blog.ocn.ne.jp/sapporo/2010/11/post_11f4.html#comments )をみるまで知りませんでした。

Nov. 1st was hello kitty's birthday!!! I didn't know about that until seeing NURIPURA CLUB manager ,Rumiko's blog( related article: http://rumikonuripura.blog.ocn.ne.jp/blog/2010/10/111_2b01.html#comments ), Kitty-san lover's Miwapyon-san's blog( related article: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/miwa3625/e/63c8f2f713ef470a68a7f4b7c78037d4#comment-list ) and Mr. KIGATAYA's blog( related article: http://endokigata.blog.ocn.ne.jp/sapporo/2010/11/post_11f4.html#comments)

透明プラのヌリプラ(ピンク) Eさん塗りプラ

塗りプラ倶楽部ではキティちゃんのバースデー月にちなみ 特別セールを開催中です。キティちゃんの塗りプラ(立体塗り絵セット)を(関連記事: http://www.nuripuraclub.net/nuripura.html )スペシャルプライスで提供!!!

通常¥3400¥2000 30セット限定)(箱に少々傷あり)


ヤッフーショッピング: http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/nuripuraclub-net/index.html


At NURIPURA CLUB they are doing a special sale according to Hello kitty's BIRTHDAY MONTH.

they sell Hello Kitty NURIPURA(3D painting craft kit) with special price!!!

usually \3400 → \2000( 30 sets limited)(there are bit of scratches on their's boxes)
(because of law we accept the order in Japan only)

It continues till end of this Nov. Don't miss it!!

Yahoo shopping: http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/nuripuraclub-net/index.html

P.S.I wrote about my recommended artist called fucchiE(Japanese) on 1st of Nov.'s blog↓. Please read about that,too

fucchiE(フッチー)さん ライブ  Mr. fucchiE 's LIVE

10月31日にfucchiE(フッチー:日本人のアーティストさんです)さんのライブが札幌の隣りの小樽市でありました。彼の音楽を聴くのは初めてでした(彼を知ったのは木型屋さんのブログで(関連記事: http://endokigata.blog.ocn.ne.jp/sapporo/2010/08/fucchiecry_and_.html#comments )そして、このフリーライブを見つけたのは塗りプラクラブの るみこ店長 のブログでした( 関連記事: http://rumikonuripura.blog.ocn.ne.jp/blog/2010/10/post_342e.html#comments  )

I went to fucchiE(Japanese artist )’s free live held in Otaru city (next to Sapporo)on 31st of Oct. It was my first time to listen to his music ( I knew about him by Mr. KIGATAYA’s blog (related article http://endokigata.blog.ocn.ne.jp/sapporo/2010/08/fucchiecry_and_.html#comments ) and found this free live through NURIPURA CLUB manager, Rumiko’s blog( related article http://rumikonuripura.blog.ocn.ne.jp/blog/2010/10/post_342e.html#comments ) It was worth while seeing this live even if going to neighbor city(besides, it was like a little trip and also the live place was in big shopping mall ,so there was no time to feel bored)

『snow breeze』『beautiful』『ring』『proud woman』『サクラビト』

『snow breeze』『beautiful』『ring』『proud woman』『SAKURABITO(cherry blossom person)』
His voice was very clear and beautiful, also he used sigh languages (he has learned it by himself for about 2 and half year) in all or part of songs he sang on that day.

会場には婚約をしたカップルがいて、彼は『ringリング』という曲をそのカップルに捧げてました(カップルの2人はフッチーさんと沢山の観客の祝福を受けて幸せそうでした)『proud woman プラウド ウーマン(尊い女性、立派な女性がぴったりくるかな?と)』はその日にライブを見に来ていたお母さんの為に歌った曲で、私は特に【これからもそばにいるよ 僕が大きくなるまでは。 これからもそばにいてね。あなたが小さく見えても】と言うフレーズに感銘を受けました。このフレーズを聴いた時私が父に対して同じように感じたことを思い出しました(今年の春に父と散歩に行った時に父が以前よりもゆっくりと歩き、小さく見えたことに私はちょっと驚いてしまいました)この『プラウド ウーマン』が終わった時この歌に呼ばれて今日は会場に来たのかなと思いました(*^^)v

There was a engaged couple there ,so he dedicated the song, 『ring』to that couple (they looked very happy blessed by FucchiE & a lot of audience )『proud woman』was sang for his mother who came to see his live on the day ,I was so impressed ,especially the phrases 【 Please be my side till I’ll be grown up and please be there for me even though the day will come you look smaller than used to be.】When I heard this phrases
,remembered the moments I felt the same way to my father(this spring I went for a walk with him and was bit surprised that he walked slower than before and seemed smaller) When this song 『proud woman』ended I thought I came there to be called by this song(*^^)v

最後の曲は『プラウド ウーマン』と同じくらい素敵な曲でした。『サクラビト』はフッチーさんのとっても大切な人に向けて書いた曲でした。その人は末期癌と闘いながら『サクラビト』と言う歌を一緒に書き、そして天国へたびだったそうです。感情溢れる手話と一緒に歌う彼の歌い方はとっても心に残り涙がとまりませんでした、もちろん歌詞も心に染みました。

Last song was also as good song as 『proud woman』.『SAKURABITO(cherry blossom person)』was written to fucchiE’s very important person. She was fight against terminal cancer and wrote this song with him and left for heaven. The way he sang this song with passionate sigh languages was so impressive that I couldn’t help crying ,of course lyric bit my heart,too.


After free live there were autograph session . they sold CDs, his official goods such as list band ,parkas, badges, postcards ,which all official goods seemed to be designed by fucchiE ,himself (related article about postcards http://www.myspace.com/fucchie24/photos/albums/album/126009 ).These illustrations seem to express his heart-warming character . I was really happy to join this live♪ Thank you Mr. KIGATAYA and NURIPURA CLUB manager Rumiko(*^^)v

フッチーさん フッチーさん2


ゴン GON

Author:ゴン GON