みなさん、ありがとうございましたThank you so much、Everyone



Things I felt ever since starting this blog was that I'mthe one who start writing at last mintes of dead line as same as daily life.

on the contrary everytime seeing friends or acquaintances'blogs I wonder how they found time to renew their blogs.But I'm Sure their energy and efforts to blogs keep me write my blog until today. Thank you so much.


There are pictures I haven't used for my blog yet and time just past by and my English translationis also not enough and need to study more.




I wish to keep my blog next year with feeling at home.

My favorite artists ,KOBUKURO will on biggest music show soon .

Best of luck to your end of year and beggining of year with lots of HaPPYNESS

みなさん、ありがとうございましたThank you so much、Everyone







ミューヘンクリスマス市 Munich Christmas Market in Sapporo 2010

12月18日(土)は友達のMちゃんとミューヘンクリスマス市に行ってきました。ミューヘンクリスマス市の前にまずはランチから。琴似にあるカレーのお店「ぱお」 http://pao.gotohp.jp/  へ。Mちゃんは常連さん、私は初めて(^◇^)私はチキンのスープカレー、Mちゃんはチーズカレーを注文(写真を撮り忘れたので「ぱお」のHPから(笑))スープがしっかりしていて美味しかったです。

On 18th Dec.(sat) my friend M-chan and I went to MunicX’mas market . Before going there we ate lunch at curry shop「PAO」located at KOTONI http://pao.gotohp.jp/ .M-chan often goes there and for me ,my first time(^◇^)I ordered chicken curry and M-chan ordered cheese curry(I forgot to take a picture so following is a picture from HP of PAO)soup was dense and nice.


お腹がいっぱいになった後でミュンヘンクリスマス市が開催されている大通りへ。あいにく、行った日は雪が降る少し寒い1日でしたが、大通2丁目の会場は沢山の人達でにぎわっていました http://www.welcome.city.sapporo.jp/pickup/xmas.html Mちゃんは何度かクリスマス市に来たことがあり、私はやはり初めて。出店には所せましとクリスマス商品が並んでいて見るだけでも楽しかったです。(どちらかと言えば値段は少し高めのお店が多かったのですが、色々見ると手頃な値段のものも見つかりました)

After we were full we went to Odori park where this festival held. Unfortunately ,it snowed and felt bit cold at that time, but many people enjoyed at this market on 2
Cho-me site. http://www.welcome.city.sapporo.jp/pickup/xmas.html M-chan has being there several times ,but my first time there ,too. You could see stands and many X’mas goods, only seeing was enjoyable!!(talking about prices of the X’mas goods they were rather expensive ,but if you look around carefully you can find reasonable goods)

クリスマス市 2010


コルクに北海道のマークが押されていました corks which stanped marks of HOKKAIDO

小さくて見えずらいのですがリースとくまさん wreath and bears(I think bears are too small ,hard to see)

雪の結晶のアクセサリー accessories of snow crystals





とても細かく出来ているミニチュアの家(アロマキャンドルを入れたり、つまようじをいれたりしていました)houses of miniature made in great details (you can use to put an aroma candle inside or tooth picks at chimney )

私が買ったガラスのエンジェル(\300) I bought this glass angel(\300)


And mulled wine(hot red wine with cinnamon or orange peels and so on) drank in cold weather! M-chan recommended the one with minced apple,so we drank it. That made my body warm(^u^)(again, I forgot to take a picture ,these are ones from HP of SAPPORO)



It was really enjoyable time to feel the real X’mas atmosphere. Thank you so much M-chan and congratulations on your yesterday’s birthday.

PS: X'mas market is until 24th(*^^)v

新築の見学会 by アトリエテッラさん  a visit of new house produced by Atelier terra

12月12日は私のブログによく訪問してくれる木型屋さんのブログで勧めていたアトリエテッラさんの『完成住宅見学会』に少しお邪魔して来ました  http://endokigata.blog.ocn.ne.jp/sapporo/2010/12/post_5afc.html。

I went to Atelier terra's"a visit of house completion" recommended by Mr. KIGATAYA's blog http://endokigata.blog.ocn.ne.jp/sapporo/2010/12/post_5afc.html


I have been in Saporo for so many years ,but I only knew Nishi ward,chuo ward,and a little bit of Atsubetu Ward...therefore Shinkotoni area which was this time's destination was unknown world(laugh).The small trip from my parent's place to Shinkotoni,on my way the conductor of the bus misunderstood whta I asked and told me different bus stop to get off ,I got to the destination after good walking exercise .It was left short time before end of this visiting new house.I was the one who didn't seem to buy a house at all ,but the people who recieved me or show me inside (maybe, owner and staff of Atelier terra)ere very kind.I really appliciated it.



茶室 tea room

ねこちゃん用の階段 steps for a cat

木型屋さんの会社で造った、丸窓と円模様  round window and round patterns made by Mr. KIGATAYA's company



I haven't experienced visiting new apartment or houses before ,so this event made me get bit nervouse,but as Mr. KIGATAYA says this was very good on me to know what a house visit was like. More than anything to see very unique and nice house made me happy. I strongly thought Atelier terra and Mr. KIGATAYA did really good job

馬場さん札幌ライブ  Mr. Baba live in Sapporo


I went to Mr.Toshihide Baba’s live. He often smiled brilliant smiles a lot ,that made me cheer up . there still 2 more lives left ,so I write a bit about MC. I’ll mention about encore song, If you don’t want to know about the last song ,please don’t read last chapter


Firstly he asked where you came from? when he said “HOKKAIDO” many people clapped hands . “HOKKAIDO was big place …well, how many audiences came from north of HOKKAIDO?”because this asking was too vague there was a bit of silence. I should have yelled ‘I came from Donan area ‘.this topic was continued. He this time asked “audiences from except HOKKAIDO, from KANSAI,KANTO” there seemed to be certain amount of people . we couldn’t hear clapping…He said “only today we couldn’t hear any”(we chuckled ) “at last are there anyone who came from Kyushu across 2 seas” One woman clapped hands happily (she was right side of my back) and we all applauded her and Mr. Baba said “thank you so much”


He talked about airplane . He seated near the emergency entrance and found a leaflet saying “please read this “ He asked if we knew about these leaflet ? I didn’t know ,but many people clapped hands. He continued “it’s said that’ if you couldn’t accept this , you couldn’t get on this airplane ‘and firstly ’at emergency there would be many passengers to rush emergency entrance, please let them stop and calm down until we are ready’. ” ‘did you think I could do it? Could I stop middle aged guys, I ‘m one of them though…or was it possible to stop one who wear knit cap and suntanned face? “ “they also said that at emergency after you assured all of the passengers got off you left the airplane or you got off first and after checking all passengers safe, then run away.”” Therefore I was somehow bit
nervous during this flight “


At introduction of band member ,Mr. yamamoto, a sax ,flute (he played other instruments ,too)player said ‘ let us all grow this live livelier !’ Mr. Baba said “He always polished his instrumentals until they became real shine “His sax was really shining gold(*^_^*). Guitar was Mr. Kasuyosi Baba .(same family name with
Mr. Toshihide Baba) Toshihide Baba said “only he can’t stay Sapporo tonight .he had to go to Aomori prefecture by using sleeping car(everybody chuckled )” drummer ,Mr. Shimada said ‘I wanted to eat lot of delicious foods tonight’ Mr. Baba said “don’t you think he was cool? T-shirt suited to him didn’t he? He changed T-shirt 3 times during rehearsal “. Bass was Mr. Oka “He was familiar to our studio work”Mr. Baba said and Mr. Oka talked to us ‘I like boarding an airplane ,so I’m very happy to come Sapporo by it and Mr. Baba said about boarding near emergency entrance ,it was against stewardess seat, wasn’t it? I like stewardess,too’,Mr. Baba answered “I’m afraid this kind of talk didn’t suit to my live talk(*^_^*)maybe better to talk at a hotel at night” other guitarist was
Mr.Goto he said ‘I didn’t like airplane ,and hadn’t gotten on sleeping car, so I would like to try it …I also like stuwardess’ Mr. Baba said “Mr. goto was young ,but plays tasteful guitar like older guitarists would do.” At last it was keyboard player Mr. Watanabe(He was very familiar to Mr. Baba’s live) said at closing ‘all of members told what I wanted to say ,and our talk became same old thing, though, well , please enjoy this live until last ‘


“Next Feb. is going to be 15th anniversary of my musician life…I went through so many things .I had . Yes,I had 『Yes,I had my company!!』 As smiling he looked around band members.


We felt very sorry when he said We couldn’t say about next live in Sapporo/ But, after that he made a follow –up comment “I would go by myself any time with my acoustic guitar….well I’m afraid if I try these and those, so many things at the same time I might lose my balance, but I want to come again to see you all ,please come to see me when my schedule was settled “ In his blog he said that there wasn’t including Sapporo tour at 2011,but he did his best to come with some meanings(^u^)

締めくくりは今回の馬場さんライブの開演前に流れていた曲について。「『You don't have to be a star (to be in my show)(ユー・ドント・ハフ・ツー・ビー・ア・スター(ツー・ビー・イン・マイ・ショー))』」と言う素敵なラブソングがあります「あなたはスターじゃなくていいから私のショーの中にずっといて欲しい」と言う曲で僕の歌の中にもそう言う曲があります。聴いて下さい『主人公』です・・・」

(I mentioned about encore song)
At the closing it was about a song we heard before his live started. he said ”there was a wonderful love song called ‘you don’t have to be a star(to be in my show)’it was said like ‘you don’t have to be a star, I want you to stay my side in my show’
And there was one like this in my songs . please listen 『hero』…”


It was a 3 hours long live but ,how professional he was !! I was so excited and forgot about time. Thank you so much Mr. Baba. I wish I could see you again soon in HOKKAIDO.

馬場さんライブ2010 12 11


After live my friend Mrs. R, her 2 friends and I had a dinner together. All ,3 of them were so open-hearted they talked many things like there was endless topics, I was very happy to listen to .As I saw them ,thought I wanted to read books or study and polish myself more(*^_^*)

誕生日祝い②    Birthday Celebration②





On 3rd of Dec. P –san celebrated for me .At first we call on her apartment for a while. she brought me some tea and snacks( I knew Oreo-cookie chocolate was very good taste)After that we went to a restaurant which taken care of lots of dishes called Ootoya


Near from JR KOTONI station. P-san decided what to order quickly ,but on the contrary ,I couldn’t make up my mind, though she kept smiling as seeing me. In several minutes later finally I chose hot pot with shrimps& vegetables(they offered a lot of foods that made me more at a loss to decide). Salisbury steak with demi-glace sauce set which P-san ordered looked yam(though she said that Salisbury steak was bit tough ,but the taste of sauce was good). Mine was healthy hot pot with white raddish, burdock ,tofu ,shrimps etc. The way of seasoning that ot pot was good ,also taste was nice(especially I fell in love with sliced burdock).Thanks so much P-san to wait for me patiently though I am so weak-minded and can’t choose easily. Also thanks a lot for your gentle smile




フッチーさんの歌を聴くのは2回目。とっても伸びやかな声と優しい笑顔のフッチーさん、でも、ライブのMCの最中にポロっと悩みも話してくれて。。。時に一生懸命過ぎて、とっても繊細なところがあり、それと同時に芯の通った強さを併せ持っていて、改めて彼がもっともっと評価されて周りに知られれば良いなと、心から思いました。 私の好きな『proud woman(プラウド ウーマン)』(フッチーさんの母親に書いた曲)やアップテンポの『beautiful(ビューティフル)』(途中、皆で元気いっぱい手をたたき、手を振り、ジャンプしたりとダンスタイムもあり)と大満足のステージでした。 絵の上手な彼のグッツも魅力的でした。私もいくつかグッツを購入し、CDを買いました。帰りにサイン会もあり(きっと前の列で飛び跳ねてたせいだと思うのですが)「ライブ楽しんでくれているのがわかりました。有難うございます」と言われてしまいました(;一_一)

大好きなコブクロさん、マッキー、Bump of chicken,Pigstarの他にまた好きなアーティストさんが増えました。ずっと応援していきたいです。Kさん、Rさんいつも色々と支えてくれてありがとうございます。お世辞ではなくフッチーさんの小樽ライブ、他の大物アーティストさんライブ並みに楽しませていただきました。お2人ともこれからも宜しくお願い致します。

フッチーさん、直筆(コピー)のクリスマスカード X'mas card drawn by fucchiE

前回のライブのサイン会 his last autograph session

the autograph he wrote at last autograph session

On 4th of Dec., thanks for Mr. K and Mrs. R I could go to my favorite artist , fucchiE live!!This was my second time to join. I was impressed by his clear and smooth voice and gentle smile, but at that day’s live he happened to mention us about his troubled mind during MC. I can7t tell surely by only joining his live twice ,but judging from his talk he sometimes seemed to push himself too hard also did seem to have very sensitive side at the same time there is firm strength in him, too .so I strongly wish that he’s going to gaining much more popularity from the bottom of my heart. He sang my favorite song s such as “proud woman”(written for his mother), up tempo number ”Beautiful”etc. At this song, “Beautiful” ,we danced, clapped hands ,waved, and jumped) This stage satisfied me so much. His live goods were very heartwarming ones. I bought some goods and CD. There was an autograph session. When came to my turn he told me”I knew you enjoyed my live , thank you”(Maybe because I was very close from the stage and I did my best to clup my hands ,waved, jumped very hard(;一_一))  I’m the great fan of KOBUKURO,Macky,Bump of Chicken and Pigstar. Now I found my another favorite artist, “fucchiE “. I want to keep sending yell to him in the future. Thank you Mr. K and Mrs. R. to support me a lot. Truly without any fluttering I really enjoyed fucchiE’s live as same level as big artists lives. I wish I could keep good relationship with you,two
P.S. Miss. MICK was an opening act and she also had a beautiful voice

小樽駅でのミニ展示会  Mini exhibition at Otaru St.

ロングクリスマス ポスター  小樽駅 オブジェ ①

小樽駅 オブジェ ②   小樽駅 オブジェ ③

小樽駅 オブジェ ④   小樽駅 オブジェ ⑤

小樽駅 オブジェ ⑥   小樽駅 オブジェ ⑦

硝子ペンのようなオブジェ   硝子細工サンタさん、小樽駅にて

家族、友達と『お誕生日おめでとう』の心のこもった、とっても温かいメールやプレゼントを貰いました  本当にありがとうございます<(_ _)>

My family & friends gave me Heartwarming E-mails and presents Thank you so much<(_ _)>





socks & handkerchief was from a friend and
the colorful card is from another friend with ↑'s presents








Bカード from Mr.  Mrs. C

誕生日祝い①  Birthday celebration①





On 29th Nov. was my birthday and I spent happy time.

1st Dec.C-chan & I went to homemade Udon noodle shop called ”TERAYA” near from my apartment.
That shop was used to located in East-ward ,but moved to West-ward. C-chan told me that shop was her friend’s favorite(that friend lived in East-ward)and after it was moved she still went there all the way from East-ward

Waitress recommended Udon noodle with Tempura & soup, but I was on diet, so ordered YamakakeTsukemen(there were shallot, yam, egg on top of Udon noodle with soup) The noodle had good chewy taste .We also ate Oden(kind of boiled meat and vegetables, such as white radish ,steamed fish pastes, devil’s tongue tasted by soy or miso etc.)
And green vegetables & deep-fried tofu with Dashi (Japanese style soup stock)soup

I was so glad to know there’s such a nice shop near my apartment within 5 minutes or so, Thank you so much C-chan. You are like one of my elder sisters. Don’t work too hard, all right?

12月2日はTちゃんの家でトマト鍋をしました。ホールトマトの缶詰2缶、水とコンソメで味を調えて、スープを作り、そこに油とバターでいため、塩、胡椒した鶏もも肉、茄子 と キノコ類を入れ、仕上げにモッツアレラチーズを入れて、フランスパンにひたしたりしながらたべました。






On 2nd of Dec. I ate Tomato hot pot at T-chan’s apartment. Soup was made with two cans of whole tomatoes ,water, soup stock then add fried cut chicken thighs, eggplants seasoned by salt & pepper and a few kinds of mushroom into the tomato soup, put some Mozzarella cheese for finish. We ate the hot pot dipping with several slices of French bread. She also made potato salad,which was some corned beef ,carrot,cucumbers,sliced onion were in Both of dishes were very nice. I also ate big slice of cake (the day before whenC-chan asked me to eat piece of cake I declined so many times to want to lose weight…I’m sorry C-chan) Thanks so much T-chan.I can imagine you took a lot of time for this preparation . I also enjoyed Larc-en-ciel ‘s DVD ,too. Though I’m very clumsy be good friends each other.





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