沈黙    Silence


I think it must be my fault that my classmates don't talk until I talk to them first.Used to be I'm the one who didn't feel uneasy to talk to someone,but now I like to nod someone's talk rather than talking ...well,
best thing is just to listen to their talk.Because of that it's so tough to try talking to someone who ,I think,I can't communicate well. Harder to talk to someone who sits down except my next seat.


It seems that because of my silence,every 10 mimutes break among the classes,everyone keeps silence and rarely speak. I have no idea what to talk at that situation and the more I think my head became airly .sometimes I hear the people of front seat speaks.Unfortunately I kept losing the chance to talk with them. Besides because of my light ear problem I often can't hear what they talking...


I don't mind not to talk all day long,but they are not as same as mine...anyway ,until I start talking nothing changes.wish I could change




Little by little I become to communicate with classmates .Well,still little bit of talking I can do and I myself recognize I am not myself, I mean, push myself hard to be able to talk...even so my classmates are kind enough to talk with me or react to my talk I think I have to appliciate for that deeply.(^-^)

コミュニケーションの大切さ The importance of communication


It has been two week since job training started.I'm now studying "WORD"all day long.I think the study of "WORD" is kind of memorizing study,so not easy to memorize all,but I can manage to follow what teacher says. Ifound there were so many convenient commands to do which I didn't know one after another and these let me know how poor PC manupurationI skill I had...and that made me feel say"I'm so sorry to my PC(laugh)


On March we finally start the study of "EXCEL" and "book keeping".As I told sometimes I'm very poor at numbers and because of that my heart pounding before it starts.But, my aim is taking a qualification of book keeping(I'd like to take 3rd degree)so I do my best till the end.


We studied business manners all day long yesterday. we learnt if we want to get a job it will be ideal to have one more thing to appeal to the people who do your job interview. For example when you were askedto type the papers, better to ask when is the dead line or where to be placed the papaers,except these if you feel the data of the papers might be used next month, too ,you make the chart using EXCEL and complete the formulaes. That must be one of the best way to treat what you are given etc.we listened to the lecture for 6 hours as taking breaks several times, the teacher 's tone of talking was very enjoyable(sometimes a little bit cynical)so,I felt that day's classes ended very quickly after one blink of my eye(laugh)


I knew that teacher did the kind of counselor work,after all students left I talked about my troubles such as I still couldn't get used to the atomosphere of the class or how should i be to make good comunication among classmates smoothly. He answered that It's important to make communication between the person next to your desk,but keep your mind it was not the right way to talk like I do ( not to talk too much fluently) I want to follow his advice and wish to take an action next Mon.



Today was the first day of my job training. Actually, I wondered and was afraid what kind of people would come to this training starting for 6 months with maxmum capacity of 30 people.


Therefore when I knew there were only 13 people, I was relieved. they say that this training is first one in this year ,so more than 120 business school resistered for holding this kind of job trainings.I felt at home with this number of class mates.


It was a Russian woman who came my next seat.We didn't talk at all first ,I 100% believed she was a Japanese(she came to Japan 8 years ago and got married 6 years ago. In Russia, she was a teacher of Russian literature)I hope I can memorize some of Russian.


I don't wish to get close to all of the classmates, but want to be the one who acts nomal with good behavior at certain point and If I could make friends with even a one classmates(^-^)



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