1×8いこうよ  そして、コブクロさんライブ ファイナル

今日の 16:55からのSTV 『1×8いこうよ』 は私がいつもと~ってもお世話になっている木型屋さんと♪ヌリプラ♪さんの会社、遠藤木型が出演です  木村 洋二さん、大泉 洋ちゃん、そして、オレンジのGパンを履いた木型屋さんの会話のキャッチボールに注目です

Popular TV program ‘1×8ikouyo’ is on air today at 4:55pm . MR. KIGATAYA and ♪NURIPURA♪san who are always take care of me their company will be shown on it. So please take a good attention how smooth 2hosts(YOJI KIMURA , YO OHIZUMI)and MR. KIGATAYA talk


Well, today is my favorite artists KOBUKURO’s final live in this year in SAPPORO.I can’t wait it .

昨日のセミファイナルのライブについて少し。とっても良いことを知ったなぁと思ったのは、バンドメンバーの福ちゃんこと「福原将宜(まさのぶ)さん」が実力派歌手の福原美穂ちゃんと親戚ということ。で、福原美穂ちゃんは日本ハムファイターズの応援歌「LA LA LA FIGHTERS」を歌っているのですが福ちゃんも一緒に演奏をしているとのこと(*^_^*)こういう些細なことでも知ると嬉しいものです(*^^)v

I write about yesterday’s semifinal live a bit. There was something I felt very happy to know was KOBUKURO’s one of the back bands FUKU-chan ,MR. MASANOBU FUKUHARA(guitarist) and very talented singer Miss. MIHO FUKUHARA were relatives . She is singing a support song ’LA LA LA FIGHTERAS’ for popular Japanese baseball team “NIPPON HAM FIGHTERS” and FUKU-chan played guitar together(*^_^*)that was small thing ,but very happy to know  (*^^)v


At LIVE’s MC KOBUKURO’s MR. KOBUYCHI asked a band member MR. YAMADAMAN “what did you do I heard you arrived in SAPPORO a few days before this live” He replied ‘I visited to NISEKO and so on’ ,then KOBUKURO’s MR.KURODA said with the tone of bit sulky “I don’t want traveling the live tour with such a tourist like a band member!” then MR. YAMADAMAN answered ‘I climbed mountain about 1300M high’ For a few moment KOBUKURO and audience “dear me!” with the thoughtful faces …but, after that MR. YAMADAMAN continued ‘we used cable car till 1000m and rest 300m we walked’…everyone laughed.


Talking of KOBKURO’s MR.KURODA he confessed that “it’s about 8 years since we traveling with same live crew,
but,I haven’t felt such ill at ease being with MS. FUJINAWA, so I said myself what was my 8 years? I tried find a topics to talk and said to her like ‘that was smart phone wasn’t it ?’etc. I spoke very silly things” He seemed to spend awkward time.

スマートフォンで思い出したのが2人が「スマートフォンのサイト『CLASS KOBUKURO』ができました。みんな見てくれてるかな」に対して、拍手はパラパラと少し「あれ黒田君、人気がないですよ」と言うと拍手が大きくなりました。私も拍手したかったけれど、私の携帯は昔の携帯・・・嘘も方便でしょうか??(笑)

KOBUKURO mentioned about 【brand new web site called CLASS KOBUKURO】for smart phone users. MR.KOBUCHI asked if the audience come to visit this new web site or not . We heard only little applause and MR. KOBUCHI said to MR.KURODA “oh dear ,it’s not popular is it ” then applause became louder. Though I wanted to join it but I don’t have smart phone…should I took part in the applause ?


The most surprising event was that both of them came to far end of HANAMICHI( elevated passageway to leading the stage) and started to climbed up to stand seats on second and third floors ‘ audience. At last MR. KURODA came to the gallery and threw warm wards like” go for it stand room” he talked to the man near to the HANAMICHI with humor “I don’t do any high-five with such a old man” … but, he seemed to do high five with him later. Well, he is 34-year –old and i f young people see him ,they think he is also a old man…sorry…,anyway,from me who is 39 he will be always a young man (*^^)v SAPPORO-city audience kept his promises “not to stand up,not to touch during he came among the audience” but they welcomed him with shrill voices everywhere. He didn’t come to very close to my seat I don’t know if I shrilled or not ,but it was close to see MR. KURODA and audience around him I was so satisfied(I never expected to see him like this close on third floor east block) today I saw at NORTH block, KOBUKURO’s MR. KOBUCHI’s side .IF they come to among audience seats today , too, do I see him closely ?


Surely I’m happy if I see them close, but most grateful thing is that I can feel and listen to their real music .
In yesterday’s live they sang my favorite song and encore was an expected song, that made me feel so happy.
That song was suitable for a last(*^_^*).


Today is final live . I want to charge energy by touching a lot of warm songs and sharing the happy time together with everybody in the live stadium.

チケット  Ticket


I received the tickets of my favorite artists(*^^)v I checked where my seats were and found these seats were the ones which seemed like esay to watch. One thing I feel bit sorry is about silver tapes ,
I think I can't reach for these tapes(In their live these tapes are flown to the arena seats,but my seats are stand ones). Well, I don't give up about the tapes ,thinking to be given by kind fans.


Anyway, more than anything I want to show my gratitude about receiving tickets and being able to listen to their songs at live.

ファンレター  a fan letter

少し前に高校生の頃好きだったTHE HOOTERS(ザ・フーターズ)と言うバンド(アメリカのフィラデルフィア出身)の動画をYOU-TUBEで探しました。そうしたら知らない曲が沢山でてくるので「こんなに沢山知らない曲があったかな?」と思っていたら・・・いつの間にか再結成をしていました(*^^)vこれはめでたい、めでたいと1人ではしゃいでいたりします。

A little while ago I looked for songs which were played by a band called THE HOOTERS(come from Philadelphia in U.S.A) using YOU-TUBE. I was a big fan of the band since my school days . As a result, I found a lot of songs which I didn’t know and wondered if there were so many of them I didn’t listened to. Then I knew they did reunion in 2007 before I knew it. My heart filled with joy like I’m in heaven saying congratulations!! So many times by myself in my heart.


The reason starting the study of English is why I wanted to see the live stage of THE HOOTERS in their hometown ,Philadelphia and to understand what they say as much as possible.


In my high school days I couldn’t go to their Japan live tour in TOKYO, besides it was a kind of a dream to go and see their live in U.S.A. If they come to Japan I could go even by myself . Please come to Japan, I pray for it.

watch THE HOOTERS "SATELLITE" フーターズの「サテライト」を見る


There are a lot of songs I like. Among them ‘satellite’ is a interesting song. In main parts they sing “jumping in the river and learn to swim God ‘s gonna wash away all your sin if you still can’t see the light God ‘s gonna buy you a satellite”. This song takes about 4 and half minutes .If you have time please watch it and enjoy.


I wish to write a fan letter to them.

最後に・・・アメリカにはHOOTERS(フーターズ)と言うキレイな若いミニスカートを履いたお姉さんが沢山働いているファーストフードというか、居酒屋さんというか、場所があります(東京にもビアガーデンとして登場しているみたいです)HOOTERS(フーターズ)には「胸(きわどい言い回しで)」と言う意味があります。私の好きなバンド、THE HOOTERSも全く同じ単語ですが、こちらは「ピアニカやリコーダー等の楽器」を表す意味があります。

At last…In U.S.A there are places called HOOTERS where many pretty girls in mini skirts work. These shop might called fast food shop or pub. There is HOOTERS in Tokyo runs as beer garden. My favorite band THE HOOTERS is the same spelling but , in this case, it means ’ the instrumentals such as melodic, recorder’ and so on.
Now I know shy every time I said ‘HOOTERS’ ’HOOTERS’ foreign people looked at me with confused faces (laugh)


Today was the 66th anniversary since the war ended. I happened to see the story of the survivors in this war on TV who went south islands such as New Guinea and Guadal canal where Japanese army didn’t supply foods or other necessary items.

一番、胸に刺さったのは、あるお爺ちゃんが、大粒の涙を流しながら「戦友から『俺が死んだら、肉にして食べてくれ』と言われました。」 と聞いた時…

The most heartbroken story was that one of survivor said with endless tears in his eyes that his friend solder told him that if he died ,ate his body to survive .


I’m the one always depress with a small mistakes. It was the moment that I was a shame myself so much .


No more war.



I don’t think to behave myself too much but , there is some words to tell. These words are “THANK YOU”


These days I became more bold so I don’t say them too often like before, but these words are ones I want to convey to my family, friends and acquaintances around me.


I don’t remember where to place it but, in order to prepare for emergency, I used to write a letter (a few pages of it) before boarding air plane and so on to let them know how I feel thank you to them and put it in drawer of a desk just because I didn’t want to die without saying my gratitude(laugh)


Even though I suddenly died tomorrow , I’m happy if you remember how strong I felt thank you to you. Cause I can stand on my own feet because of them who support me perfectly.


I don’t know why I want to write such a topic today. Was it because I watched Tv called “MIERUHI”(I’m not sure the real meaning of this title .It may translate ‘the day you can see it ←This might be completely wrong translation, if so I’m sorry’)Which Shigeru Izumiya and Ken Yasuda were on, that was the drama made me think about “to live”


I want to live normal as showing my gratitude for it and I wish to live normal tomorrow, too. Good night(*^_^*)

『あじさい』と『朝顔』(*^o^*) " Hydrangea" and " Morning glory"(*^_^*)


I received a hand-made summer Greeting post card, and I had a spare time so decided to make hand-made one,too. Using Origami paper I made 8 small flower-shape pieces of blue and violet, then glued them and made hydrangea. I also drew a snail on a leaf, then posted it(in Sapporo,hydrangea is summer flower ,although bit out of season now, but, in some places they are still bloom)

今日、彼女からメールが来ました。「ハガキ有難うございますm(_ _)m『朝顔』とっても素敵です」と(笑)

Today I received E-mail from her. She said “thank you for your card ‘those morning glory are wonderful;’(laugh) I decided not to tell her they are hydrangea . It might be natural to see as bunch of morning glories…(laugh)

余談ですが、あじさいの漢字『紫陽花』が好きだったりしますo(^-^)o 朝顔の英語も初めて知りました。「morning glory(直訳すると「morning」は「朝」「グッドモーニング(おはよう)」のモーニングと「glory(単数)glories(複数)」「グローリー」は「栄光とか勝利とか眩い美しさ」など)昔、確か洋楽で「morning glory」という曲があった気がします。そのまま直訳してましたが、今頃意味がわかりました(*^_^*)

Not important thing yet, I love the way of writing hydrangea in Chinese character s. If you translate them(紫陽花) in Japanese directly it might mean ‘violet(sunshine)ray flower’I wish I’m correct. This time was my first time to know the meaning of the word "Morning glory". I have rememberd that there was a song called morning glory(can't remember who sang it),and used to be translated that title directly, but finally I knew it after more than decade(laugh)(*^_^*)


NHK名曲アルバム 35周年  NHK album of favorit pieces


I happened to see a TV program called 'album of favorite pieces 35 years anniversary'
When I thought to turn it off I heard Smetana’s ‘The Moldau ’ which was the selected pieces for a chorus contest in my second junior high school days ,then next song was Holst ‘s “jupiter”(‘Jupiter’ well known sang by Ayaka Hirahara)


After that hosts were Ms. Tetsuko Kuroyanagi and Mr.Eiji Uentsu. Suddenly music changed to a famous tune of Ms. Tetsuko Kuroyanagi’s famous long supported program called ‘Tetsuko No Heya’(Tetsuko’s room) such as “ra~rara,rararara~rara…”so,Ms. Tetsuko said “Heollo,it’s Tetsuko’s room and today’s guset is Mr. Eiji Uentsu” and without any moments Mr. Uentsu replied ‘different program we were doing now’ weren’t we?!! Like this this program’s tempo was very funny I was into it’s world.


In this program,when started 35 years ago this program’s NHK western music party、ex director Mr. Miyagawa was called by his boss and told “his plan was passed ,congratulations “ but soon after that he added “but time is not 30 minutes program, but 5 minutes! I’ll eave everything to you!!”Then he and another one went on a location for 79 days around Europe, He asked for help to his friend conductor and pianist such like Hiroko Nakajima ,who both were surprised to cut long some many minutes song to make it shorter till 5 minutes was crazy thing”


But ,as time goes by this program was accepted and had a good reputation ,that is the secret to continue till now for 35 years. I am sure this success is the result of their great efforts…the surprising thing is this program ,‘album of famous pieces ’ after they decided what piece to on air the person in charge survey the piece thoroughly then ,pick up the best part ,and calculate it until becoming within 5 minutes, then talk it over with a conductor or musicians etc. and at last, record the peace by an symphony orchestra . I was admired the program to know it, not by editing CD.


I just watch this program without thinking much for 5 minutes for this 3 decades next time when I watch I want to pay much more attention.



When I was talking over the phone with a friendsof mine,she said that she wasreading a book borrowed at library. I sometimes thought to want to borrow books,too and even though there is the library near by my flat, I rarely go there ,although I keep thinking to go ,and borrowed several books over this a few years.


back to the main topic,she ,who read a book told me that you could make a reservation and borrowed books through your PC. She continued that you received a temporary password at a library,then with that you searched "SAPPORP CHUO TOSHOKAN ( http://www.city.sapporo.jp/toshokan/ )",then followed the procedure. Her way of explanation was very polite and easy to understand.


I did what she told and made reservation 2 books on last Fri.After a few days later I received mails of arrival from library near by my flat.It took a few days later since the books came I bring them to my place today.


THnaks a lot Ms. I chan(^u^)



It was second day of the 3-D paint called NURIPURA event at JOYFUL AK. I did kind of assistant for MR.KIGATAYA a bit.


As I expected I made mistakes and treated bit badly to some customers without intention etc.((+_+))No matter I tried I still can't treat several customers at the same time...and feel how clumsy I am(>_<)



But ,there was a few of them to say "thank you , I enjoyed ",it was real relief for me.
and Happy thing was Ms.T,an employee of MR.KIGATAYA came to help us .she was so helpful.


Today's customsers were rather ones who did minute works .they were very patient against the 3-D painting NURIPURA WORKS which I can't follow. On the other hand ,the customers who made NURIPURA with dynamic,they had very good inspiration ,I think.(I hope to be up pictures next time)

勉強させて貰った昨日と今日でした。木型屋さん、ヌリプラさん、有難うございましたm(_ _)m
This event was very good on me to learn how to communicate with others and so on.Thank you so much MR.KIGATAYA and Mrs. NURIPURA for all .

ゴン GON

Author:ゴン GON