Toward last days of this year, there are a few things to do. Firstly, cleaning my room(I'm not good at it)Recently I'm bit busy and my room is very messy , that seems to make you away from happiness(laugh)


Secondly go on a diet, alittle...because my jeans tight these days ... choices are to buy new bigger jeams or try diet. My goal is to lose 3 kg.well, easy to write ,hard to take action.


Tirdly, to be strong mentaly, i mean, before in front of my family or friends I wxpress what I feel so easily but in front of others I can't find words easily and keep silence...(>_<)


It's about 1 month till the end of this year. I don't mind small regrets, but mind big one. So I want to have strong mind,not in a hurry to get result, and forcus on small step by step action.


なが~くブログをサボってしまいました(;一_一)11月20日、私にとって、難関の簿記3級の試験を終えました。正直、簿記の試験を受けるとは数年前なら思いもしないことでした。 私、とにかく算数が苦手、なのでもちろん数学もとても苦手…10年以上前にハローワークの職業訓練を受けた時に初めて簿記の勉強をしましたが、2日目くらいから、もう意味不明、理解不能でそれから簿記の時間は答えを写すだけの時間となり、そのまま終了しました(苦笑) その時に「簿記だけはどれだけ勉強しても理解できない」と強く感じました。

I played hooky for a long time about my blog. I took a exam of book keeping 3 grade on 20th Nov. It was so difficult for me to study and the one I thought that there was no chance to pass.I even didn't imagine to take this exam several years ago. arithmetic is all Greek to me,even more mathematics...More than 10 years ago there was a chance to take job training about PC and book keeping set by Employment Service Center. So I studied book keeping ,but, It only kept for 2 days to follow the class
and then I couldn't understand anymore...finish...all I could do was just writing what the teacher wrote. That made me feel strong "no matter how hard I study it's impossible to understand. After finishing job training I started to look for a work the words " Word, Excel and book keeping skills asked " often appeared the offer of jobs()driving skill was also often asked on the offer of jobs, but, I'm Sunday driver(less than Sunday draiver)...)Because
there was no sense for me about studying book keeping I envy the people who understand it.

転機になったのは今年のハローワークでの職業訓練でした。簿記の時間に先生が解り易いテキストで教えてくれて(仕入100円で買掛金100円など、計算しやすい数字になっていました)、最後の章はやはり理解力がなくアヤフヤになったのですが、それでも、何となく理解できました(多分)(^-^) 先生の教え方や解り易いテキストを使うなどの工夫で、私みたいな数学音痴でも救われることがわかった授業でした。

My turning point had come this year when I took another job training produced by Employment Service Center.This time the teacher taught us with easy explaination(eg. purchasing 100yen accounts payable 100yen,easy numbers to understand) Unfortunately I couldn't follow much last chapter, butsomehow understood(thanks for the way the teacher taught and easy text)This experience made me realize even though the one like me who is allergic to mathematics there's a light to shine.


After taking qualifications I usually feel safe and forget to reread or study again about them and tend to leave them alone . I feel that the skills by quorifications has no meaning if you didn't use it (at work or even for review etc.) I wish to use them as useful way


Tough I write like this the result of the exam is shown on 12th Dec. It 's mystery if I pass or not(bitter smile) Hope to pass it.


P.S.:On 22nd of Nov. was my father's birthday We celebrate it. He became 75 year old came half of in his 70's. All I wish is that he live happily and heallthy(*^_^*)

ゴン GON

Author:ゴン GON