I played hooky my blog for a long time.This time I talk about JIM carrey.I think he is the one who some likes and some does'nt.



I knew him by watching the movie called "MASK".my first impression about it was that thise movi. was filled with western taste. I liked his performance in it but, it was only made his name remain in my head.



The movie to prove me that he is a good performer and can play a serious roll was "the TRUEMAN SHOW"
'a man who spends an ordinary life starts to wonder about his life after he saw a satellite falling down'...The story has full of originality. Box office result was double of produce cost, I was convinced by that



One more work I like about his is "Simonbirch"In this movie he appeared only a bit of first scene and last scene,but in this work he was there not as comedian and played naturally,so I was attracted . I love this movie itself that's why I take this favorite one(laugh)(the contents of this story seemed to expect the end ,still it left something in my mind )

simon birch


I seemed to know by the magazines or books? he used to live tough life on his early years,but he changed this toughness into laughter ,and held on to his dream to be a comedian. He did it, he really became a great comedian now here he is ,I felt the strength of the person who grew up against the adversity

Mr_Poppers _Penguins-Jim_Carrey


He became 50 years old this year. I hope he will always be on a front line.


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あろま デフューザー
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コン エアー(追記ちょっとだけあり)

今日は私の好きな俳優さん、ジョン・キューザックが21:00からの「日曜洋画劇場」「コン エアー」に登場します(*^^)v

Today is the day that my favorite actor JOHN CUSACK was on the TV program of Sunday movie theater at 21 o'clock. Today's movie is "CON AIR"

con air
<コン アエー>(左側)


I like actors who is very friendly like a brother of neighborhood, or have their own professional performance or have aura such as ROBERT DE NIRO and ROBIN WILLIAMS. I believe JOHN CUSAC has all of them.

彼は5人兄弟姉妹ですが、みんなが俳優で、お姉さんはジョーン・キューザック(JOAN CUSACK)と言うとっても似た名前です(^v^)

He's all 5brothers and sisters are also actors.His older sister's name is JOAN CUSACK, very similar name.


I haven't seen his recent movies ,anyway my favorite ones are "say anything(his older sister JOAN CUSACK is on that movie,too. I don't see love story much ,but this movie has a lot of scene which you can giggle,and I like the theme song performed by PETER GABLIEL)"and "con air"

say anything


At "stand ・by・me"he was on for a short time , but did performance which feels its existence.At"city hall"I believe he did very natural performance and that's why I like him.

stand by me

「コン エアー」では彼は刑事の役をしています。この映画はアクションとコメディが混じっていて、自然に、知らないうちに笑いがこみ上げてくる映画だと思います。そんな映画が好きな人はお見逃しなく(*^_^*)

At "CON AIR"he plays a police officer . This movie is the mix of action & comedy which you can laugh naturally and don't need to think about anything heavy. It brings you laughter before you knew it. If you like that kind of movie, then don't miss it (*^_^*)


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I wish you a very fulfilled day( ^^) _U~~

追伸:日曜日に「コン・エアー」を観ました。思っていた以上に血をみるシーンが多かった気が今回はしました。そういう場面が苦手な方、恐い思いをさせてしまったかもしれません、ごめんなさい<(_ _)>



Yesterday was the first day of spring by the old calendar,though it still very cold outside in Sapporo. Well, I may say that I feel like hearing the foot steps of spring a little.


As getting old I feel like time pases faster than before. It may be because I try to carry out too many things at once…I must be greedy…


At the same time I can't use my time efficiently , and become slow tempo soon before I knew it or I also take a lot of time the way I clean my room because I don't think about what to do first.This year's my resorution is "speed up" I somehow have to do somethingto change myself.


I now practicing drawing the original drawing. When there is free time I sew simple clothes by sewing machine once i a while,because my too much worries when I cut the patterns I do 2~3 mm more than original size for marginsto sew up. Most of time I don't follow the instruction about size or amout I'm sketchy.


Inever imagine to be someone who deal with the original drawings. A few days past since starting to do this . I'm a beginner who doesn't know what to do at all, anyway I will go for it to be able to draw the precise original drawings.


Today’s recipe is very easy(I don’t know if it can be called cooking)

・アスパラ 1束   ・バター または マーガリン 大さじ2  ・ホタテ貝柱  7~8個

・1 bunch of asparagus ・2table spoon of butter or margarine ・7~8scallops
・Salt 6 pepper or pepper with citrus called YUZU

①アスパラ 1束は小さく切り、皿に入れ大さじ2杯くらいの見ずを入れ500wの電子レンジで2分弱加熱




①chop asparaguses in small size. place it on plate or heat-resist plate. Pour 2table spoon of water .Heat at microwave oven(500w)for about 2minutes

②while asparaguses heat put butter or margarine into frying pan, stir scallops

③after throwing ①’s water of asparaguses put them into ②’s pan, cover with lid ,steam for a minute

④flavored with salt & pepper or salt & YUZU pepper or AJISHIO(stock seasoning plus salt together)

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ゴン GON

Author:ゴン GON