できること と できないこと


Good morning(^-^)


I used to categorized what I can do from what I can’t do. But ever since starting to work at present company, ENDOKIGATA, I changed the way of thinking a bit like following…what I can do and no matter how tough it can be done I have to do somehow


I’m usually very slow about my movement. If there isn’t a time limit you can say I’m moving like a cow((+_+))


But, other staff of my work place they act so smooth and deal with their works skillfully. They work double and that makes you so pleasant(they would say if I have time to gaze their work then, make hard efforts to obtain the work skills ) I can’t reach to even lowest point of their technique ,and want to try hard ,but just going around circles.

Well, even so, I want to work wishing someday I’ll change like them, someday…

最近、夜更かしも早起きもできない状態です。夜更かしする前に夜の9時頃には寝てしまい、夜中の1時頃起きるのに、また朝まで熟睡(>_<) 夜更かしが駄目ならと夜早く寝て、朝早くに起きようとしても起きれない…要するに

Recently I can’t stay up late at night or can’t wake up early in the morning, No matter how hard trying to keep waking up I feel so sleepy before 21 o’clock and even waking up 1 o’clock midnight ,soon go to sleep again till the morning(>_<) So I change my plan to wake up early in the morning if I can’t stay up and go to sleep early at night ,still I can’t wake up . In short, I’m becoming slack . I have to be surefooted!!


Truly, I want to say to myself, Hey you , try harder…



Good eveing.Housing reform fair on 24th and 25th was over. Thanks for our boss , store manager and employee who came to help us. I spend two days surrounded by good powerful supporters. Though there left lots of problems for me but these 2 days gave me good lessons. I feel that I was grown not only by company staff but also by customers who came to visited us.


One phrase by customers without intension sometimes made me sharpen up or is convinced…I deeply felt what I needed was sharp-eye.to notice what customers asked and what they needed


We had a booth of hand made experience corner of this fair and did HELLO KITTY and

【イベントの1日目】【The first day of the event】


I was reassured the power of the “the wherever you like open-air bathtub” which enable us to lead customers our booth. The customers who walked by were interested in our products or even the ones who walk by out of habit stopped for a while and murmur ”Oh? (*^_^*)interesting!!” then appreciation time (^v^). After that most of them were interested in our other products, too and took their time to look aroud.Last time we didn’t prepare this bathtub. So there was too much space left, but this time we succeeded in distribution of the space. Ms. UCHIDA ,the announcer of STV visited to our booth and took a picture with “the wherever you like open-air bathtub” Very bright and pretty woman , she was!



As for the main event ,the experience of 3-D painting “NURIPURA” not many people did that ,but quite a few people came frequently to walk around our booth looking around.

【イベント2日目】【The second day of the event】


2nd day has ups and downs about customers . From my point of view the first day ,Saturday it seemed there came people something to do with business, but the 2nd day, on the contrary , there seemed more families to come . Maybe firstly they consult about remodeling then some came before on their way back home came to try our NURIPURA 3-D painting.

リフォームフェア 体験会  リフォームフェア 体験会2



All the people who challenged NURIPURA they were and their works were so wonderful. I always feel that each work has its own individuality and character and were finished amazingly good. Of course, There might be difference of completion by their skills or ages. Even so the works which they made with their maximum efforts were brilliant . Many times I couldn’t catch the right timing to talk to NURIPURA experienced people and regretted about that. Although their works are so great one by one. To convey my own feeling rightly ,looks easy but for me somewhat difficult. It may be just excuse to think that is all because of my mental illness. I hope what I failed this time want to turn into right track next time.


Our next booth was “MAY MARCHE” where famous Germany chef Markus Bos produced. At the first day of the event I ate chicken curry It was warm enough to make me happy. Needless to say taste itself was great .The size of chicken, potato and carrot
Are big ,that made the taste more delicious.

わが社のブースに足を運んでくれた皆様、有難うございました。<(_ _)>

I sincerely want to say thank you for those who came to visit our booth<(_ _)>



場所:アクセスサッポロ 札幌市白石区流通センター4-3-55 

Today is the day “housing reform fair” is held at ACCESS SAPPORO on 24th(Sat) and 25th(Sun)

Place: ACCESS SAPPORO→55,4-3,ryutucenter,shiroisi-ku, Sapporo HOKKAIDO,JAPAN
Opening hours:10:00~17:00


There are not only booths of remodeling but also experience ones. For example, ”preserved flower”, “color playing(kind of color therapy)” ,“leather accessories”, ”glass accessories ”, “pressed flowers ~nature collage~” ,“wood products made by handicapped people”, “small articles made of clothes” , “clay models”, “straps for mobile phones, small articles made of woods”ect.



At our booth you can experience HELLO KITTY or Beetle shaped 3-D painting called “NURIPURA”
Experience fee is 500yen for beetle shaped 3-D painting and 1,000yen for HELLO KITTY 3-D painting(including craft kit ←fixed price 3,400yen)


<塗りプラキティちゃんとキット><HELLO KITTY NURIPURA and craft kit>


Expect the 3-D painting We exhibit our unique products such as “HELLO KITTY GOURMET PAN”, “APPLE SHAPED fragrance diffuser made of HOKKAIDO’S base wood” and “HELLO KITTY apple shaped fragrance diffuser made of HOKKAIDO’S basswood”. Our popular product “Open air bathtub called DOKODEMOROTENBURO(The wherever you like open-air-bathtub)” and “acrylic plate which does processed of photo, will be exhibited (*^^)v”


There is 100Yen corner. We are waiting for you.


At the event hall there are many enjoyable events like “seminar about residence” ,“ateliers’ furniture festa ”, “cooking show”, ”how to make nice tea” ,“hula” etc.♪


Why don’t you enjoy your weekends by visiting housing reform fair?




I’m a great fan of the duo called KOBUKURO. It was the spring of 2003, a little before the single ”TAKARAJIMA(treasure island)” was released ,I guess.
First motive of being fan was after hearing the single “YUKINO FURANAI MACHI (the town which doesn’t snow)” I felt like going to attend their concert, but there weren’t any HOKKAODO ones in their schedule, therefore if you want to attend ,then needed to go TOKYO or OSAKA etc. The distance ,money matter kept me away from going.
Because all of my favorite artists did the concerts in SAPPORO I didn’t have a sense to go far away for concerts at all.


But, gradually my feeling directed wanting to watch their concert and when their additional performance was arranged in TOKYO , my mind was determined to go by myself. It was around at 2 when I reached to the live place SHIBUYA KOHKAIDO(now called CC lemon hall) and I was expected to see zealous fans might have waited there already …well, there was no one but me (laugh)


I still remember vividly that their performance was quite good and at the same time MC was also amazingly funny(I doubled over with laughter) When the live was over I thought in my mind to watch their performance again and they gave me power to go on.


Both of KOBUKURO member always ask us where do you come ? The girl with who I talk before the live she advised me that they asked where you came without fail, then not to forget shouting “HOKKAIDO”(HOKKAIDO is the north end of Japan and far from TOKYO) So when they asked the question I yelled “HOKKAIDO” hard at the seat of line 18. But my words vanished by other fans voices. At last minutes one of KOBUKURO member ,Mr. KURODA(taller one ,his height is 193 cm)caught my voice …but, what he said was “What? ○○○”? He after all couldn’t understand my word, ”HOKKAIDO” ,instead said some strange meaningless KATAKANA word,and that accent & intonation seemed so funny., All audiences burst into laughter. I was so embarrassed ,lost words ,then wished to hide in a hole if there was one …now I can look back as one of the very funny failure story(laugh)


Because I went the concert by myself , thought to make friends with other KOBUKURO fans. So took 4 thin magazines(free of charge )Which KOBUKURO’s article was on and HOKKAIDO limited edition. 3 of them I gave before the concert and one was remained , so I thought to give it someone after concert who came alone like me and that made easier to make friends. So I looked for the one who is suit to my condition and that was her who came from YAMAGATA prefecture and now still one of the best KOBUKURO fans’ friends. She later confessed me that at first when I was close to her she thought I was a some kind of sales staff who try to sell something and had to be careful. Although she had a bad impression against me as we talked breaking ice and ate dinner together . She is older than I but keep her level to mene when she talked . That was a some night.!


Since then once or twice a year I went to TOKYO or other prefectures to see their concert. Thanks for that expedition and the assist of internet bulletin board of KOBUKURO I made friends with several of their fans.


Now there are huge fans of KOBUKURO and they became so popular, It is natural to hold their concert in SAPPORO. It is my great pleasure that they progressed highly.
Some old fans say that their big progress makes them bit lonely but I believe that they always know the place to stand. And even before becoming popular or after thir success their inside are still the same. They are still what they are.”Please becom our roots and armor ” they once said like that words to us. I want to be thir root and the one who support at the bottom of]their base.


13th of March is KOBUKURO’s KOBUCHI’s and 18th of March is KURODA’S BIRTHDAY. They became 35 year old, congratulations !! they now are out of action because of their health problems. I wish they spent very happy birthday(I guess they have wonderful moments with their children and wives that imagination makes my heart warm)


Mr.KOBUCHI & Mr. KURODA how are you? Please take a enough ,good rest and come back to us with best condition





【Biggest dream than anybody
You told me about it softest voice
Is there treasure Island at ahead of the roads we each chosen

Step hard as spreading dust
where you are is the center of a map
you can step on to any place you like
It’s not freedom you are given
There’s not fences of thorns around
Only wind pushes on your shoulder softly】

【TAKARAJIMA(treasure island)】by KOBUKURO

コブクロさんの卒業ソングと言えば イコール 【桜】ですが、私は【宝島】もこの春に卒業をする人達に聴いて欲しいなと思う、アップテンポの素敵な曲だなと思います(http://jpopmomomo.blog100.fc2.com/blog-entry-1836.html 無料のPV視聴サイトです。真ん中の黒田君の写真が載っている画像をクリックするとPVが見れます…そう言えば、この時の小渕君の前髪の金色のメッシュはかなりファンのコブファミさんの間では不評でした(笑)私は何んとも思わなかったのですが(^_^メ))

They say KOBUKURO’s graduation song = 【SAKURA(cherry blossom)】I think this 【TAKARAJIMA】is also the good ,up tempo tune for me to want to listen to people who graduate this spring. It’s free PV web site. Click the screen which Mr. KURODA is in. You can watch the PV of “TAKARAJIMA(treasure Island)” …I remember Mr. KOBUCHI dyed his front hair gold at that time and that was unpopular among fans. I didn’t feel anything about his hair though.


Changing the subject, CM time. My working place “ENDOKIGATA’s developing field ”NURIPURA CLUB” will have a booth at HOUSING REFORM FAIR 2012 held on 24(Sat),25 (Sun) at ACCESS SAPPORO.


You can experience 3-D painting of Hello kitty or beetle called “NURIPURA” or we sell our invented products apple shaped diffuser which made of bass wood in HOKKAIDO uses as decoration or fragrance (Normal apple shaped type and the one carved Hello kitty on surface of the apple),acrylic plate which is able to fabricate like photo of your precious one or anniversary such as your pets ,family, or wedding. We offer you many unique products . Please come to visit HOUSING REFOR FAIR. We are waiting for you.


グルメ鍋 メイドイン北海道

あろま デフューザー


遠藤木型 → http://www.endokigata.com/

ヌリプラ倶楽部 → http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/nuripuraclub-net/index.html

ENDOKIGATA → http://www.endokigata.com/

NURIPURA CLUB → http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/nuripuraclub-net/index.html



Though when letters and postcards become a lot ,difficult to take them back where they are I think they are prior to mails.


letters and mails have good points each other I can’t judge which is better but if you have enough time I guess letters are btter.

メールには、便せんも封筒も 切手もいらず、ポストに行く必要もないので、用事がある時、思い立った時にぱっと打てるメリットがあって、本当に便利です。特に、電話をかけるのがあまり得意ではない私にとって、メールは

Because mails don’t need letter pad, stamps and also no need to go to post when you have business you can type quickly. That is the merit of mails and so convenient ,especially for the ones like me who not good at make phone calls. So it’s kind of necessities.


Even so the moment to receive letters or postcards from friends my face turns to smile .when I look at a mailbox and the instant finding a letter or a postcard I feel small happiness.


Although I say so, but don’t write letters much recently…the easiness of mails keeps me away from letters or postcards writing. About 10 years ago when I didn’t have PC I write letters or post cards frequently . I tend to write several sheets of letters for one person
(there was not so much contents in them though …(laugh)) It ‘s a happy work to select letter pads envelopes or postcards .


There are many people that I want to write letters, but postpone all the time. So I want to write letters even short ones are OK in my near future. Spring almost has come and this season is moderately warm, the suitable one to take a nap like lazy NOBITA ,the one who are very good at taking a nap, in the cartoon called DORAEMON…I’m the one who can take a nap within a second like him ,too, might have lose time more to work …(laugh)


It was 1 year since the enormous disaster 3.11 happened in TOHOKU area. Many people’s lives are lost. I want to spend days with gratitude of living.

モンダイ カイケツ ノデザイン 梅原 真氏の講演会

昨日は少し前にNHKの「プロフェッショナル・仕事の流儀」でも注目された、出身地、高知県の売れ行きがもう一歩進まないもの、知名度が上がっていない良質のものにスポットライトを当てるデザインをして、問題解決をし、売れ筋の物に変えていくデザイナーの『梅原 真』氏の講演会に会社の皆さんと行かせて頂きました。

I went to a lecture meeting of Makoto Umebara with all of my company people,who is a designer and on TV program "professional,a style of work",whose birth place is KOHCHI prefecture , he turns a spotlight on products which don't sell well and are little known,but have good quality by his designs and producing. He solves these problems and change them to well known by his ability.

<梅原 真氏>


The picture"museum of sandy beach" below runs by the way to buy T-shirts at \3500,then ones who buy them ,design and display. people who come and visit to see the T-shirts pay \300 as entrance fee



Even floating wreckages like garbage on sandy beach , he turns them to the "exhibition of floating wreckage". The picture blow shows a rice plant seed which floated from somewhere at Asia. This poster 's
catch phrase ,he uses "welcome "(In Japanese says"yokukiTANE",last part of this word "TANE" means "SEED" in Japanese )(^v^)In other example ,floating wreckage of a keyboard of piano he puts a phrase "delivery of sound"(In Japanese "OTO dokemono" "OTO"means sound and "OTODOKEMONO" itself means delibvery) as catch copy. I just admire his flexible head…but,



He has tough time to make catch phrase, on that situation he uses basic one like the picture below.That picture shows an medical ampoule on Korean language ,he couldn't find a good phrase ,therefore he used the words simply "KOREAN language ampoule"by Japanese Hiragana characters. Even so , he used Hiragana and that made the words soften rather than using Japanese Chinese characters.


初めて知ったのですが、四万十川は緑茶の産地でもあるとの事(粗茶にして静岡に出荷していたとの事)そこで梅原さんが考えた魔法の言葉が『実は茶どころ 四万十緑茶』 この言葉に生産者の方達の写真が載ったペットボトルが発売されたら、私もきっと手を伸ばして買ってしまいます。写真の2人の笑顔が素敵です。

I know at his lecture meeting ,Shimanto river on KOHCHI prefecture is a producing center of green tea(before he producing this tea ,they export it to Shizuoka prefecture which is famous place as green tea as coarse tea) His magical catch phrase words are "To tell the truth, Shimanto is the famous with green tea",with these he also designed the pictures of the tea plastic bottles ,on which have producers faces .
I 'm sure I would buy them selling in my city ,Sapporo,too.These bottles' smile faces are so nice aren't these?

四万十緑茶 焙茶
<四万十緑茶 焙茶>


At Shimanto they also produced black tea about 40 years ago. By his dsign and words"New product with the taste of 40 years ago" this tea came to life again. That was a interesting story,too. In order to this success they produced new products "black tea jelly roll" and this becomes hit item,too.(In Japanese this Ccalled "kouchaMAKI" "MAKI" means "roll up". In Japan we say this kinds of cakes called "○○ Roll" so ,MAKI gives the impression like old times, but this old image was the one he wanted to use.This cake's shape is not round ,but square, that also the secret of success.)

四万十紅茶 RED

沖縄のやんばるの自然を守るために作ったポスターが下の「やんばる ふんばる くにがみそん」やんばるの『こがねむし』や『とかげ』が踏ん張っていて目をひきます。「ふんばる」の文字が半分に切れているのは、梅原さんが「やんばるの自然はこれから『頑張り切れる(文字が切れる)かどうか?』の疑問符がついているからとのことを言っていました。」自然が守られるといいなと感じました。

The posters which were made to protect nature of Yanbaru, Okinawa prefecture below says "Yanbaru,hold out. Kunigami village"a scarab beetle and a lizard seem to stand on their own,these are catch my eyes.The reason the word"hold out in Japanese 'FUNBARU'"separate in half is that he is wonder if the nature of Yanbaru was protected in the future,too or not.This kind of hard situation we say "gambariKIRU,too" in Japanese and part of this word "KIRU"also means "cut",too,therefore the word was cut in half.I hope this nature is protected in the future ,too.

やんばるふんばる 国頭村 琉球こがね

やんばるふんばる 国頭村2


Other that the stories of "GENPATU NI GENNKOTU(shake your fist to a nuclear power station)","HIE HIE towel( cold cold towel)",to exterminate the crows targeting the giant pears, as their last means asking elder people to take a walk in the pear field,they could get rid of the crows(they hate the irregular movements.The elder people sometimes seem to do irregular motions), these were nice ,too.Like this h about 2 hours lecture ended with a lot of satisfaction.


I believed that this work is his calling and he has the moment many times meeting with God to create the new designs or catch phrases.


after the lecture meeting we ate dinner together. The place was "【HAMACHOKU RYOURI】 SAWADA".
they served a lot of fresh seafood and we ate up all. I ate 【IKURA NO OYAKO DON(rice bowl of salmon roe & salmon)】They said that the salmon starts to cook after having a order ,so it takes bit of time. Because of that I felt salmon roe and the salmon rice bowl taste more delicious.crispy【Tempura of asparagus】,【deep fried squid arms】 【seafood salad】are also very tasty ones.The owner is very friendly and had a good impression. I show my gratitude to the boss for taking to this nice place.

浜直料理 さわだ
浜直料理 さわだ2


In my work place、ENDOKIGATA and developing field NURIPURACLUB ,including "wood moulds"we produce a lot of products.The 3D painting of Hello Kitty made by white plaster(I'm afraid you can purchase only in Japan,I feel sorry about that.,but if you have chance to stay in Japan ,don't miss the chance to purchase of our Hello kitty products) ,the mould of caps and hats or the pictures carved on acrylic plate. If you have interest ,plaese come to visit our web site.

<立体塗り絵 塗りプラ>

遠藤木型 → http://www.endokigata.com/

ヌリプラ倶楽部 → http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/nuripuraclub-net/index.html

ENDOKIGATA → http://www.endokigata.com/

NURIPURACLUB → http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/nuripuraclub-net/index.html


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