ソロモン流  杏さん "SOLOMON RYU" Miss. ANNE


Yesterday, when I saw the TV page of the news paper, at my parent apartment, I found a program “SOLOMON RYU”which miss. Anne who is a model, actress, singer and also REKIJYO(a woman who likes History a lot :a coined word →History is REKISI in Japanese plus female is JYOSEI ,so REKISHI + JYOSEI part of these words mixed and become one word “REKIJYO”) is on, at the same time my favorite singer song writer ,”NORIYUKI MAKIHARA”(MACKY)was on at another channel program called “EXILE TAMASHII”(EXILE is a very popular singers & dancers unit in Japan . TAMASHII means “SOUL” in English) so I recorded “EXILE TAMASHII”and watched “SOLOMON RYU” at real time.



I’m the one not to watch TV much, so didn’t know Miss. Anne was the daughter of the famous actor KEN WATANABE”I thought in the movie called ‘LAST SAMURAI’ his performance was excellent. It’s digression and I’m not secret agency Tom Cruise played main role in this movie ,his performance was also great and I liked the story . Before watching this I thought this might be a light movie because of producing by foreign producer, but as I said previously it turned out to be a very good quarity of movie in the end ” A few years ago Miss. Anne was on the TV program in my favorite Animation Galaxy Express 999’s heroin ,Maetel’s costume . My first impression for her was that “Who she was? She looked cool and the type I didn’t like much. “That was completely my misunderstanding.

杏ちゃん 999のコスプレ


But, on the program “SOLOMON RYU” I knew she tried very hard for anything such as a model, dramas movies, radios, music, writing etc.(She said to like reading, especially, loved History books),also she said she’d like to challenge everything she didn’t know. In her child hood, her interest was illustrations and cartoons . When I saw her drawings , forgive me but, they are very warm and soft ones on the contrary of her cool looks. Her smile was very charming, I found many faces of her. I thought no matter what busy she was she must make best efforts even giving up her sleeping hours. She left high school before graduation because of personal reasons then did part time job & model work, at that time her sleeping hours were 3 or 4 hours. I’m sure that effort grew the strong body and soul to play an active part in Paris Collection or other fashion shows through the world. Old maid like me respects her thoroughly .


I can discover a very good actress like her who I want to support with enthusiasm.(´▽`)

最近の出来事 incidents of these days


These few months I abandon most of house chores, so things are everywhere (I’m poor at keeping things tidy and in order … besides, have a tendency to keep anything) When I asked an acquaintances “What is the secret of cleaning?” They simply answered ‘Return the same places where they were!!’ That’s true…


It has been 3 years since I moved to present apartment. Before moving here I threw so many things, but recently again my room becomes in saturation state.A magagine said 15 minutes cleaning bit by bit a day is great idea. It also said good to start from visible place. So I implemented this cleaning method, but soon my bad habit started“I want to keep this and I can’t throw that …better to keep this in case of using this”…well,I clean a bit tomorrow.(If I claim it in this blog I must do it)(laugh)

今週、私の勤めている会社、遠藤木型の開発部門「ヌリプラ倶楽部」では、今まで好評につき品切れになっていたキティちゃんのグルメ鍋(ジンギスカンや焼き肉、ハンバーグなどが焼けます)が入荷しました。遠藤木型で型を作り、妹背牛町(もせうしちょう)の鋳物やさん、森川鉄工さんを経由し、そこから柏倉塗工さんで塗装をしてもらい完成した、全てが メイド・イン・北海道、北海道生まれのキティちゃんのグルメ鍋です。

This week, at my workplace ,ENDOKIGATA’s developing field, ”NURIPURACLUB”,HELLO KITTY gourmet pans which have been sold out due to high popularity (you can enjoy cooking Japanese style BBQ ,JINGISUKAN, BBQ or hamburger stake etc.) have arrived .We, ENDO KIGATA make wooden moulds, then went to MORIKAWA TEKKOU(steel works) company at MOSEUSHI-cho(in HOKKAIDO) after that via KASHIWAKURATOKO (coating)company and completed.


During sold out period, many customers ordered , therefore, the arrival day of these pans were very busy with wrapping to send etc. and working hours were passed so fast.


This pan takes a lot of time, even a lot of pans are made ,steel works company and our company recheck the quality of them . If there are any scratches or dents or not, then finally we can sell the rest as proper products (the scratches are too minute to notice easily , but we exclude those, too) so our HELLO KITTY gourmet pan can be called a girl who brought up with tender care. These pans , you can purchase at YAHOO Shopping(I’m afraid this products are for domestic sales only) Please come to visit our web site.

遠藤木型 → http://www.endokigata.com/

ヌリプラ倶楽部 Yahooショッピング→ http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/nuripuraclub-net/index.html


ENDO KIGATA → http://www.endokigata.com/

NURIPURA CLUB YAHOO SHOPPING→ http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/nuripuraclub-net/index.html




There’s another topic to write. Yesterday, MARUMISHOKUHIN company of FUKKAGAWA came to visit our company. We now work together to produce new product. I’m afraid I can’t tell the details yet, but it’s sure this project is proceeded with very good condition. MARUMISHOKUHIN company is very popular with rice flour doughnuts called “FUKKURING”using the rices of FUKAGAWA, called “FUKKURINKO”. Because these doughnuts don’t fry but bake, therefore , very healthy and tasty with good texture.

MARUMISHOKUHIN information→http://www.fukanavi.com/qvnrzuokcigk



住まいのなんでも相談会 consulting about something to do with residence


Today 14th Apr. (Sat) and 15th(Sun)there held ‘consulting about something to do with residence’ at ACCESS SAPPORO(4-3-55,ryutu center, shiroishi-ward, Sapporo-city)
In this event “ATELIER TERRA company” ,which is very kind and helpful for my work place ENDO KIGATA ,join in.


嬉しいことに、アトリエテッラ様の計らいで私が勤めている会社「遠藤木型」の開発部門「ヌリプラ倶楽部」の製品も置かせて頂くことになりました。有難うございます<(_ _)>

To our great joy, for the arrangement of “ATELIER TERRA company”, our developing field “NURIPURA CLUB” shares the part of their booth as displaying our products. We really appreciate for that.


あろま デフューザーキティアロマデフューザー2



If you have free time please come to see this event (both days during 10:00 ~12:00 the manager and I can welcome you to come. Today , 14th is my turn . I feel so happy to see you)

木型 wooden moulds


My work place ,“ENDO KIGATA” company is as name says making wooden mould(KIGATA= wooden mould in English) (Web site of ENDO KIGATA →http://www.endokigata.com/) I’m sure the many confused just hearing the word,KIGATA.

そう言う私も最初に「木型」と言う言葉を聞いた時は?でした。和菓子の型や靴の型、でも一番多いのは鋳物の型です。砂の中に木型を埋めて、それを取り出し、そこに金属を流し込み木型通りの物を作ります。遠藤木型のHPに「木型って?」という項目があります(HPのアルバム「鋳物編」「鋳物以外編」では鋳物の木型や鋳物以外のお菓子の型、ユニットバスの型等、遠藤木型で製作した型の数々を見ることができます(バックに流れる音楽も聴いてると癒されます)ビジネスEXPOに参加した時の「アルバム ビジネスEXPO」も見てみて下さい)

To be honest with you I was also confused when first hearing about these words. The moulds of Japanese sweets, the moulds of shoes … but , the most standard moulds made of woods are castings. Bury the wooden moulds in the ground, then take out it, pour some metals there and made the same shape product as wooden mould. At the web site of ENDO KIGATA there’s a tag saying “ 木型って?(What’s wooden mould?【written in Japanese】 )”(There also are web site Albums about wooden moulds made in ENDO KIGATA. “「鋳物編」compilation of castings” and “「鋳物以外編」compilation except castings such as ones of Japanese sweets,unit bathes etc.” you must heeled by the background music of these albums ) there are also BUSINESS EXPO album , too. Please take a good look at them.)


I’m now practicing making wooden moulds. There are so many things I can’t do it , yet.
But, somehow I completed the one(It’s for practice not a real product.)
Unfortunately , size is a bit different , I nee more practice and concentrations. Even so I was happy to finish the one by myself (my boss helped a lot to complete this work …(^.^;))



This product is also the one we proudly present. HELLO KITTY GOURMET PAN (JAPANESE style BBQ(called JINGISUKAN)pan )

グルメ鍋 道新
<ハローーキティグルメ鍋/HELLO KITTY gourmet pan>


体調不良のため療養中だったコブクロさんがまた戻ってきます(*^^)v(*^^)v(*^^)v  コブクロさん活動再会の記事

My favorite duo,KOBUKURO who had received medical treatment because of bad conditions has come back.


I’m so happy about that!! .The disease Mr. KOBUCHI(shorter one of KOBUKURO)has ,kind of dystonia(I’m afraid I couldn’t find a correct word in English), is not the one which is recovered completely by treatment ,so he has to go with it the rest of his life. There might be a time he feels tough because of voice problems, and Mr. KURODAhas chronic backache and that is also the disease seemed light one but, sometimes leas to serious symptom.


They must think to give up to go on ig they were alone but as you may know KOBUKURO’s name means ”KOBU” is from Mr.KOBUCHI’S “KOBU” and KOBUKURO’S KURO comes from Mr. KURODA ‘S KURO. Like this their vond is very strong .


Just before their major debut they went backto Mr. KOBUCHI’s home town Miyazaki prefecture after long time away(by the way , Mr. KURODA is from OSAKA)When they performed there at MC before singing “SAKURA(cherry blossom in English)”all of a sudden, not Mr. KOBUCHI who is tend to cry easily but Mr. KURODA burst into crying and couldn’t sing the song(Mr. KURODA might have thought deeply of Mr. KOBUCHI who wanted to come back to his home town but couldn’t for 2 and half ears).So Mr. KOBUCHI sang instead When I heard that story , it assured me about their strong knot for each other(If you want to know farther episode about it please take a look at their diary on 21st March 2001 on KOBUKURO web site (written in Japanese)


Their characters are opposite like magnet’s S polar and N polar. Maybe that is why they keep balance and that’s the origin of their power to go on at show business as they support each other.

それと同時に彼らには和歌山のお父さん的な存在の坂田美之助(サカタ ミノスケ)社長やバンドメンバーに温かいスタッフに囲まれています。ミノスケ社長はデビュー前に大阪でストリートをしていたコブクロの2人の実力を見抜き、サポートをしてくれた人。ゲーム会社の社長なのに、コブクロの2人の為に事務所を作ってくれた人です。健康上の理由でコブクロのマネージャーと言う仕事を離れた三浦さんもきっと応援しているはず。

At the same time, they are surrounded by the warm people such as their boss,Mr. MINOSUKE SAKATA who also the one like their father of Wakayama prefecture, band members and staff. Mr. MINOSUKE SAKATA took note of their outstanding ability as musicians and started to support them. Although his original job is the president of a game shop.He established a office only for them. Their ex manager Mr. KAZUTERU MIURA who resigned because of health reasons after long managing for them must send a yell to them,too.


The duo ,KOBUKURO says brfore meeting the boss, Mr.MINOSUKE SAKATA many people said like that they had good potencial and he or she had them come out not a once or twice ,many times. They said that because of experiences they were half in believe and half in doubt when Mr. MINOSUKE SAKATA talked to them(well, as they said he is a man of great presence…(laugh)) They put emphasis on the tie with people and that is why they gain big popularity among us.


I want them to stand firmly on their own feet and want them to be a duo supported for longb y fans . Mr. KOBUCHI and Mr. KURODA , you don’t have to make haste, proceed step by step and give us power with your warm concerts.



Well, there is another good news to tell. ASAHISHINBUNnews paper took an article about the product whtch my work place ENDOKIGATA made
(mobile readers of my blog can’t read the article on this blog because of too small letters so I write the contents of it this )



【Handles are shapes of ribbons】

ENDOKIGATA company in SAPPORO, their main work is making wood moulds of castings. basically they produce products after receiving an order therefore quantity of work has ups and downs. The head of the company ,SADAYUKI ENDO was straggling to fin a breakthrough about products which can be made during the low season. He after all reached to the conclusion, “This is it” That was the products of SANRIO ccompany’s popular character “HELLO KITTY”


Mr. ENDO say I wanted to use the character which isn’t transient popularity and is loved by from the young to the elderly . It was a hard way to make a contract of the license with SANRIO company. At first ,they didn’t pay any attention like saying what can small company of wood mould do with such a fancy ? But, he didn’t give up to negotiate . In 1 year Mr. ENDO ‘s toughness overcame . He made a contract in the spring of year 2008


The autumn of the same year they set up “NURIPURA CLUB”, the developing field of HELLO KITTY related products..The first product was “HELLO KITTY NURIPURA”
(HELLO KITTY 3-D PAINTING KIT ) which purchasers pour some white plaster to the HELLO KITTY shaped mould take it out , color it, make a 3-d painting kitty


He talked over with staff about what to make the next and decided to make JAPANESE style BBQ, JINZISUKAN pan.


The point which they took their time was that pan’s design. This pan has HELLO KITTY’S face in the center. To appeal the proud product of a HOKKAIDO artisanthey carved the word “HOKKAIDO”. They made the end of the pan 1cm deeper than normal JINGISKAN pan not vegetables like sprout and onions over flow.


On the process of the coating of the pan it needed to hole at the handles. They become ribbon shapes ”We didn’t think deeper about the ribbon shapes ” staff said. On the contrary of the staff’s thoughts when the product was started to sell the fans of KITTY say aloud “we appreciate for this deep research”


Standard size (\6,800(tax in)) small size(\3,900) the pans have 2 sizes.and standard size is very popular and is now out of stock. The head, Mr. ENDO says “I want to produce the products made people keep amazing in the future,too.”


ENDO KIGATA company: foundation was 1948 10 staff(including part time worker)
Annual income 50 million yen. Main works are making wood moulds of castings, taking care of FRP(fiber reinforced plastic) The products related with HELLO KITTY mainly sell on net, Some is capable to buy at a department store in SAPPORO-city.
Farther information to ENDO KIGATA company (tel:011-661-2571)


A journalist of this ASAHIAHINBUN news paper wrote this article, courteous and clear words. So, I felt very satisfied. After this news paper published to our great joy some customers called and made reservations to the pans. The step by step efforts start from a seed to ripe fruits …It’s a moment you make sure that efforts never betray the one . I guess I didn’t make such hard efforts for what I’ve done through my whole life …need to work harder(;´∀`)


ミスタードーナツのホームページには載っていないような?ので、何んとも言えないのですが、今日4月2日はミスドが1971年に大阪の箕面市に日本1号店が生まれた日とのこと。昨日の北海道新聞の折り込みチラシでしりました。 そのチラシには お好きなドーナツ1つとドリンクで90円のクーポンが2枚付いていました。不摂生をしている割にはファーストフードのお店には余り行っていない私、これはお得です。ドーナツが食べたくなりました(笑)

I guess it was not mentioned on Mr. doughnut ‘s web site I can’t say surely ,today , 2nd of April is the day that first shop of MR. doughnut was born at MINOU city in OSAKA in 1971. I knew about it with a flyer inside of HOKKAIDO SHINNBUNN news paper.At the flyer there are 2 vouchers telling you that one doughnut you like and one drink, total is \90. These days I do overeat and drinking too much, but don’t go to fast foods shops much . This vouchers are very profitable. I feel like eating doughnuts(laugh)

ゴン GON

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