馬場 俊英さんの札幌ライブ

6月26日、火曜日は 馬場俊英(ばば としひで)さんのライブが「ペニーレーン24」でありました。馬場さんは2007年の紅白歌合戦に 『スタートライン~新しい風~』 で出場したこともある、実力派のシンガーソングライターで、心に染みてくる歌をうたっています(天然キャラでトークもほんわかしていて、「馬場ワールド」が繰り広げられ、楽しくて、元気をもらい、心地よい時間が過ごせるライブです)

There was a live of TOSHIHIDE BABA on 26th June,TUe. at Penny Lane 24.He is the talented singer and has been to annual contest between the male and female singers on New Years eve. with the song called "start line ~New wind~",he can sing a song to stay in your heart(natural airhead(I hope this word has good meaning,can translate correctly),his talk is very warm ,has his own "BABA world",enjoyable and feel energy to come to my heart too,and can spend comfortable time)

まだライブは続くので、セットリストなどは伏せておきますが、本当に 時間をかんじさせない『アッという間』のライブでした。

His live still goes on so,I don't mention about the SET LIST ,this was the live forgetting about the time,I mean time passed by so quickly.

今回のライブは馬場俊英さんと サポートの馬場一嘉(ばば かずよし)さんとのアコースティックギター2本での弾き語りライブ。ライブの度にいつも思うのは、アコースティックギターだけでもこれだけ力強く、インパクトのあるライブステージができ、それと同時に優しくて心の琴線に触れる曲も弾けること。きっと、馬場さんのライブの他にもそう言うライブはあるかもしれないのですが、彼のライブは曲のメリハリがあり、 『歌も演奏も一切手を抜いていない』と言う一生懸命さが120% みんなに伝わってくるライブです。

This live is an acoustic live with he and his support member KAZUYOSHI BABA,2
of them.a LIVE to sing to their own guitars. The thing everytime my going to his live is he is the one to be able to play very strong sound even only with acoustic guitars,at the same time he's good at playing very gentle tunes to touch with your heartstrings. I 'm sure there is a live like he dose but his live has varietion and you can feel he performs with all his might, 120%.



He is usually touring with plane,but this time enjoying it with trains. When he arrived at HAKODATE from AOMORI he thought yeah, it took a only little more to SAPPORO,but it took a few hours , as same as the distance from Tokyo to Osaka. he felt HOKKAIDO is very wide.

「ライブをすると色々な会場で色々なケータリングを食べるけれど、北海道は(ペニーレーン24に来ると)、手作りの鍋を食べれるから嬉しいです。きっと誰か女性が一生懸命作ってくれたんだろうなと…もしかしたらオッサンが作ってくれているのかもしれないけれど(笑)」  「飲み物も色々と用意してくれていたんだけど、その中で僕の知らないものが1つありました…えーと『カツゲン』何カツゲンだっけ?」「(サポートの馬場一嘉さんが)ソフトカツゲンです!」「あれはヤクルト系(の味)かな?」「(会場の誰かが)ビックル!!」 「そうだね、ビックルのだね」「(馬場一嘉さん)僕カツゲン大好きですよ」「あれ(カツゲン)すごく甘く…(苦笑)」「ソフトカツゲンがあるってことはハードカツゲンもあるってことかな(笑)」

He said when he was touring he ate many kinds of catering foods ,but he could eat handmade hot pot at Penny Lane24 that makes him happy. he guess some woman makes that for him…or it might be a old timer(laugh)" "they saved many kinds of drinks and among them there was a one I didn't know…well, what was that? "KATSUGEN"?KATSUGEN what?"(SUPPORT MEMBER KAZUHIRO BABA helped him " 'SOFT KATSUGEN' that tastes like YAKULT(the dring tasetes like ferminted milk drink)")(an audience said it's like a "BICKLE"(ferminted milk drink)!)"yes, it's like BICKLE" "I love it(by KAZUYOSHI BABA)" "don't you think that(KATSUGEN)is too swee…(bitter laugh)" "If there is "SOFT KATSUGEN" there might be a " HARD KATSUGEN"?(laugh)"



"SAPPORO is different from TOKYO,air is very clean" "things are sparkled" "the sirls in highscnool uniforms are sparkling" "(all in a fluster)well,as images, I'm sure boy students were also sparkling,too(I guess he said like that) there was the time for me (laugh)"


mentioned about in his high school time putting together a band "I had been to put together asame band for 10 years ,and last period the member had become 12,I was doing schedule adjustment . one time all member was busy and couldn't match the schedule at all for a month so I was exhausted a lot that's why I stop the band and became a solo(laugh)…but after being alone I needed to pay attention to another's needs, as a result I was more exhausted(laugh)…that made me think I should have put together a band with four people.(laugh)"

このライブツアーでは、途中からご当地ソングを作って歌ってくれていたそうですが、札幌では「ジンギスカンの歌」を歌ってくれました(-^〇^-) 『脂質が少なくて、都心にも認められた食べ物(のような言葉ではじまった歌だった気がします)』そのほか『ラムとマトンの違いはラムが生後1年以内の肉で臭みもなく、マトンは濃厚な味が楽しめる』のような内容をサビでは『ジン ジン ジンギスカン』を繰り返し(サポートの馬場一嘉さんには、最初にサビはこんな感じですと伴奏を教えてあげていて(クラシックの『G線のアリア』のようなサビでした))途中、一嘉さんのソロまであり…そこから流れ的に北海道の音楽ということで、馬場さん、一嘉さんに、この音楽に行くよと合図を送るも、一嘉さんは『えっ、何、何』と理解できず…」でも最後には「ジンギスカンの歌」から『さだまさしさんの「北の国から」のルールー、ルールルル~』に変わり(みんな大爆笑でした)、また「ジンギスカンの歌」に戻ると言う、とっても盛り上がった1曲でした。

In this live tour he played your place song from the middle,In SAPPORO he sang "Mongolian Mutrton barbecue(JINGISUKAN) song(-^〇^-) "less fat and center of the city admitted this food (If I recall correctly that was the start of the song)" another phraze was "the different from lamb and mutton were lamb are meat didn't smell within 1 year of their birth,Mutton could enjoy a thick taste" like that. and at the high point of the song He repeated " JIN JIN JINGISUKAN"(He told support member KAZUHIDE BABA about the high point of the song was like this (It was like a piece" air on the G string"of classic music)) there was a solo of KAZUYOSHI BABA…after that it followed a music something todo with HOKKAIDO ,he sent a sigh to KAZUYOSHI what to want to play,but He couldn't understood"boy, what? WHAT?"but,in the end the music changed "JINGISUKAN SONG " into "KITANOKUNIKARA" sang by MASASHI SADA(popular JAPANESE song related with HOKKAIDO It doesn't have lyrics only has lalala)everyone burst out laughting,then went back to "JINGISUKAN song"
This song really came alive.






I'm sorry to worry you yesterday. the day before yesterday my bike suddenly started to squeak and couln't stop the sound.


Yesterday, after the work I went back to home and was afraid of the squeak sound starting again on my way to go to the bike shop. But it wasn't …that was a good surpraise. the bike became so quiet.


when I arrived at the shop and talked about the yesterday's condition, but the clerk answered me that if that condition continued he would find where to wrong(like it sounds from front wheele or middle part etc.), but if you couldn't exlain he can'T fix it.

そのままアパートにまた戻りました…自転車屋さんが言うには「石でも挟まっていたのですは?」 親も「自転車の荷台やかごに荷物を置いた時にどこかに荷物を引っ掛けていてそういう『キーキー音』がしたのでは?」と。

I came back to the apartment without fixing anything . the clerk said " something was stuck to the bike ?" my father aiso,said like him "when you placed your luggages inside your busket or a luggage carrier you hung part of it to somewhere and that caused the sound."


I'm so sorry to worry you. Anyway I felt releafed(-^〇^-)



I stayed at my parent's place this weekend and on Sunday evening prepared to go back to my flat.It takes about 15 to 20 minutes by bike .(my parent worries to imagene that I waste my money and am at aloss ,actually ,It slightly true sometimes and I can+'t say I do not …)so he says to take some bread, some dishes ,gives me some bananasetc.and in addition to that I wonder he really worries the way I use my money"how are tissue boxes or toilet papers?"(at first I was say;ing that is too fur question ,I'm really OK, but , these days I become taimed(impudent?),say thank you and take some to my flat)


It was ordinary time and way to go back my flat、I pedaled my bike smoothly,felt like singing but when I came about one-third away from my parent place my bike suddenly start high-pitched noise, it could be pretty to hear low, calm squeaking sound,not loud like horn,but it was the quiet night and the noise seemed to spread around 100m and echoed endlessly…I was so ashamed ,and get off the bike wishing this abnormal sound to stop,but in vain…the passer by reacted like asking me what? and as I passed in front of the police box I noticed a policeman seemed looking toward me as if asking what this was(I'm not sure about this because too ashamed to look him well(bitter smile))


When I finally at home , I sweated twice as usual…I'm rather the one to swead much more normal people,but ,usually my sweat focuced to my nose, it's rare to sweat sll over my face.I took a bath at parent place …but, once more I did take a shower at my flat.


Well, I'll ask to have my bike repairedto the bike shop. I wonder if it's only needed to repair…or isn't that enough?…these days I trouble unexpected expenses(;´Д`)

デザイン学会   訂正あり


Good morning(*´∀`*)Itook a nap at 21 without knowing ,woke up at 3 in the morning.And as i was doing this and that time passed quickly …It's hard for me to carry out my plan like I wish.Recently everyday is like that(laugh)

今日は、私の勤めている会社 「遠藤木型」 が参加のイベント紹介を

There is a event at my workplace "ENDO KIGATA" takes part in. Let me introduce it a bit.


We set up a booth of showing our prodducts in design society at SAPPORO city college .


 日程  今週末23日(土)・24日(日) date this week 23rd(Sat). 234th(Sun)

 時間   23日(土):8時半~18時 time 23rd(Sat): 8:30~18:00

      24日(日):8時半~17時半      24th(Sun): 8:30~17:30

 場所  大学本部・デザイン学部 Place head office of design department
      芸術の森キャンパス Geijyutsu no mori Cumpas

     005-0864 札幌市南区芸術の森1丁目 005-08641 1chome,geijyutu no mori,
      TEL(011)592-2300 minami-ku,sapporo-city
(12minutes by bus from "makomanaieki station", nanbokuline subway)

デザインと型を担当させて頂いた米粉のワッフル  「くまっふる ぬくもり」  や石こうを固めて色を塗り、 自分だけのオンリーワン キティちゃんを作る   「ハローキティ塗りプラ」  等の出店が決まっています。

We sell or decorate the following products. A Waffle made of rice flour called "KUMAFFLE NUKUMORI"(OUR company was taken charge of its design and mold),HELLO KITTY NURIPURA which has white plaster harden, color it ,then make your only one HELLO KITTY.

くまっふる サンプル
くまっふる  「ぬくもり」(KUMAFFLE NUKUMORI)





last time I wrote if you have time please come to see our booth, but this event is mainly for all interested parties of the design come(about 500people will come) I'll correct it.。<(-0-)>


well, hope you a good day ♪

銀河鉄道999(スリーナイン) DVDコレクション


I was thinking to write a sequel to yesterday's blog,but when I open the PC I found↓'s web site,so I will write about this …

999 DVDコレクション


The moment I saw this ad. "oh, gosh,I never imagined tobe published such a thing(*´∀`*)!!!"I was very surprised (laugh)


To tell you the truth,well I am a great fan of the animation called "galaxy express 999".This is the most favorite animation among all ,I think. They broadcast the CM on TV,but I don't watch TV much ,so didn'T know till now…(bitter laugh)


This program was started in 1978,I was born in 1971, so it was 7 years old in 1978 and I used to watched the series of animation programs called(I may translate)"Famous stories by HAUSU foods corporation"("3000LEAGUES in search of MOTHER","The story of PERRINE""Anne of GREEN GABLES","princess SARAH" etc.),or "Star of the GIANTS ","TENSAI BAKABON","Dokonjo Gaeru","Inakappe Taisho"(YOSHIMI TENDO sang this animation's opening song),"DORAEMON","Heidi, a girl of Alps","Science NINJYA team Gatchaman",and ones I watched animations broadcasted at 19:30 by NHK(I write relying on my memories ,so there are some mistakes in it…)


I was a child who watched a lot of TV(animations). My mother would said"stop watching like this long and go to sleep right now"


Back to the story of "Galaxy express 999" I watched it in my elementalyschool or junior high school days.Although this was not the cheerful story,but, from the beginning,there was a something to move me a lot, so I couldn't wait for 17:00 or 17::30 everyday of rebroadcast of the program, I remember. THe idea to run the train among the Galaxy and the good balance between TETSURO and MAETEL.


Once I drew a picture of MAETEL ,my elder sister said to me "what are you drawing ? witch?", with these words I waslower my note, I remember.In addition to that it's difficult to draw her eyes…


Knowing the first number of the magazine is published, I am just tremendously glad(-^〇^-)but,this magagine,first number costs 790yen,after that the rest of them cost 1790yen.It 's not so expensive to think the contents(DVD: 3stories at a time) plus a book about "999"and go on the market every two weeks…but, if you think it continues 41times…cost 70,000yen and bit more.Besides where to put in order these DVD and magazines? (I'm the one who is very poor at cleaning or putting things in order.)


I surely buy the first number, but the following ones I'm thinking what to do…judging from that I may not able to raise my voice to say I'm the great fan of "999"(-_-;)If this cost 790yen all numbers I could buy …(laugh) well, anyway , this is the good chance to let many people know what a good quality of this animation, "Galaxy Express 999"is!!To start saving life for buying all 41 numbers or give up all with a good grace…the plivilege of this is superb, I 'm really at a loss.


anyway, hopr you a good day(*´∀`*)



If you are for lack of sleep you feel sleepy, and you may feel headache because of too much sleep. But I have never experienced more sloeepy because of taking too long sleep...


However, recently I don't know why,nomatter how enough I go to sleep I feel sleepy and it continues all day long. Is it the matter of the timing? Although I slept about 7 hours yesterday but still too sleepy to work my head normally...


I knew it these days that energy drinks such as "ARINAMIN V ","REGAIN","RIPOVITAN D"
etc. ,I have ever tried these drinks before(no clear idea for me that they really work)
but, I tried it and felt myself filled with certain energy and my sleepy head became clearer. You can't make light of energy drinks,I realized(laugh)


I have now made the basic wood mold of basic ones(for me it is not easy at all...(sweat)),yesterday and the day yesterday haven't seen much prgress,so I hope to go ahead for ceatain point.


JUNE is a season of rain by effect of typhoons ,so the weather is gray but,wish my mind is cheerful and powerful.


P.S. I recieved a mail from a friend of mine who lived far from SAPPORO.It was a warm mail,so made my heart warm,too. Unfortunetely , at that time I thoroughly fell asleep and it was today's morning to realize this precious mail, so haven't sent a one back to her yet…I learned this was the mail everyone feels to recieve…I 'm clumsy and can't do like this , but felt to learn about this♪



I heard that T-BOLAN will get back together.\(^○^)/(cheers)


Although T-BOLAN was very popular group I only knew the name at their golden age,of course haven't listened to theie songs either.


A start I thought their songs are great was around year 2003. My most favorite artists, KOBUKURO's vocal MR. KURODA said that he liked a T-BOLAN's song "KANASHIMI GA ITAIYO"(it may be translated "sadness hurts me").Unfortunately T-BOLAN was already broken up,so I thought I might have had mo chance to see their live. But even with their CDs you foundthere were variety kind of good songs.

私は「悲しみが痛いよ」は勿論、とっても好きになったのですが、その他に「傷だらけを抱きしめて」や「lookin’for the eighth color of the rainbow~8番目の虹の色をさがしに~」が好きです。

I ,of course,love "KANASHIMI GA ITAIYO(sadness hurts me)",except that like "KIZUDARAKE WO DAKISHIMETE(It may be translated "holding cuts and bruses all over" ),"Lookin' for the eighth color of the rainbow" a lot.

「悲しみが痛いよ」は『せめて愛した人、愛する人 がむしゃらに自分でいて欲しい』と言うフレーズが好きで「傷だらけを抱きしめて」は『傷だらけを抱きしめて 涙は強さを知る』というフレーズが好きで「lookin’ for theeighth color of the rainbow」は『誰もが毎日を必死に刻んでいる 比べる ものさしもなく 全ては素敵さ』が好きです。

Speaking of "KANASHIMI GA ITAIYO (sadness hurt me)"I like this part of lyrics" at least the ones I loved and love want to be devil-may care yourselves ","KIZUDARAKE WO DAKISHIMEte(holding cuts and bruses all over)" ,my favorite part"by holding c;uts and bruses all over tears realize the strength" and "Lookin' for the eighth color of the rainbow",I love the following part"everybody lives each day with all his might No need scales to compare and everything is great"


I rather like songs to make me cheer up and go on or have messages. When you consider that you can say T-BOLAN sings variety of songs.So you don't have chances to feel bored. But,I knew about them after brokeup. So, I had no idea what kind of band and how to perform on real live stage...


When I heard the news of their reformation I was so glad naturally. If it is possible I surely want to go to their live. and their reforming with original members is another great news. Except Mr. MORITOMO(vocal) I only saw other members in pictures. If time allows and my purse has extra money I want to take part in their live and experience their music world.


Recently I haven't listened to T-BOLAN, but this news made me want to listen to their songs.


Thanks for the good news I feel excellent . wish I can share this to all. wish something good happen to you,too.


追記:T-BOLANのライブが決定したことをお友達が教えてくれました(^○^) 札幌には10月17日に来る予定になっています(詳しくはオフィシャルホームページをみて下さいね。)。

P.S. ①  A friend of mine told me that their lives were determinded . They will come to SAPPORO on 17th Oct.(for further information please let you check their web site)

T-BOLANオフィシャルホームページ  http://beinggiza.com/zain/t-bolan/


P.S.② At my workplace"ENDO KIGATA COMPANY" we sell variety of products including HELLO KITTY goods . If you haven't seen them yet please visit the web site of ,"ENDO KIGATA COMPANY's" developing field"NURIPURA CLUB"

遠藤木型(ENDO KIGATA COMPANY WEB site ) → http://www.endokigata.com/

ヌリプラ倶楽部(NURIPURA CLUB WEB site) → http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/nuripuraclub-net/index.html

キティちゃんのジンギスカン鍋、「ハローキティ・グルメ鍋」(HELLO KITTY's Mongolian Mutton Barbecue pan ,"HELLO KITTY GOURMET PAN")



your life is only once . as you thinking that and are asked what times you like most、I may need sometime to think about it ,but would answer "high school times"


Because there were more enjoyable memories than other times. The high school was in rural district. the ground was as high as the 3rd floor of our school building.(10
minutes break before PE lesson we had to change clothes quickly and ran the steps to the ground ,I sometimes got out of breath (laugh) ) once we saw a fox appeared or you could experience frogs'chorus.



In my junior high school days my uniform was blazer and skirt,so I had a dream a bit to want to wear middy uniform, but rreality was our high school uniform was ultra marine blue colored jumper skirt and no collar jacket like a bank clerks in Japan wear(laugh)
in addition to that , our jersey of PE lesson was green with white stripe on the sleeves(when I went to buy high school uniform and jersey that jersey was the last one I wanted to wear,but ,BINGO! that was our school year's(laugh))


teachers are unique,too.The teacher incharge of our class was the one who couldn't tell our faces from names.Maybe because you spent less time with students compare with junior high school days.(He was also a elder teacher,too.)for example, if ther are miss. A and Miss. B , he talked to Miss.A "Hey, Miss. B you have to behave better" and to Miss.B "Miss. A you are really try hard for every;thing" he talked upside down to praise or scold. But, it was kind of funny mistake for Miss.A ,Miss .B and all of us , so , as we suppressed our laughter, both Miss.A and Miss.B answered back cheerfully "Yes, Sir!!"
When he got angry he once cried out "HEY YOU!!(that was really big volume like a war cry, made us jumped our hearts)"But, after that he resumed the lesson as if there was nothing happened. with normal tone "well, well…"


I was very poor at Mathematics(My score was always like 60 out of 200)The teacher was a bit strange. He wrote questions then give us time to think about them,started to walk around us but, for example ,he came to my side, of course Icoudn't solve the question…so,I just held my pencil and became stiff like a statue ,still the teacher didn't say anything. In few minutes still he kept watching my notebook,so I wrote a strange formula,then he at last say"That's wrong",after that without saying what was wrong he started walking to other place, and stands still in front of other student.


The teacher of Japanese class he was a drunken man, always smelled of liquor and looked like a bear so he was called "KUMAKEN(KUMA means bear inJapanese and KEN is taken from part of his name KENtarou)"(I didn't know the meaning of this KEN ,M-chan told me ,thanks) In this connection I may add that my favorite artists "KOBUKURO" 's smaller one, Mr.KOBUCHI's name is also "KENTAROU"(^○^),biology teacher 's nickname was "Lord Piccolo"
this was taken from the Japanese famous cartoon "DragonBall"

ピッコロ大魔王(Lord Piccolo)


My fiend's father,he was the other school principal ,this is the story I knew later,the times of our high school was so peaceful, other teachers often state their impression about us such like "the students at that time were really children and high school students in a befitting manners" . I used to spend high school days without thinking deeply .


This is because we are in favorable environment and the students and teachers were kind of free and easy in a comprehensive way(there were no spiteful bullyings)

(It was the story about 25 years ago (laugh))


Ok, it's almost time to prepare for work.


I was struggling with our company's product,HELLO KITTY Mongolian Mutton barbecue pan,called "HELLO KITTY GOURMET PAN(packing or prepare for sending etc.I was helped by other staff a lot though)" The small size these pans which were out of stock finished coating and arrived.

グルメ鍋 大小



If you are interested,please come to visit my workplace "ENDO KIGATA's" and it's developing field "NURIPURA CLUB's" web sites.

遠藤木型(ENDO KIGATA comany) → http://www.endokigata.com/


If you see "Album of castings アルバム鋳物編" "Album except castings アルバム鋳物以外編" of this web site you find many different pictures, you can understand what kind of products we manufactu;re. I'm so glad if you manage to find your time to come this web site.

ヌリプラ倶楽部(NURIPURA CLUB) → http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/nuripuraclub-net/index.html


Except the pans we have HELLO KITTY's products such like Apple shaped " HELLO KITTY's aromatic diffuser"made of basswood in HOKKAIDO(unfortunetely,this diffuser can be sold only domestic. Talking of THE GOURMET PANS If you have chances to come to HOKKAIDO you can get them at HELLO KITTY JAPAN in the 3rd floor at CHITOSE AIRPORT ,HOKKAIDO,JAPAN or you can find ones at MARUI IMAI department store on the 7th floor at ICHIJO KAN building in SAPPORO,HOKKAIDO,JAPAN ) and so on. "the outdoor bathtub wherever you like",which you can enjoy open air bath anywhere you like with this bathtub.Like this we manufacturing unique products.


Ok,I hope you have a good day♪



THere is a free paper called "J nude"for targeting women isuued by ASAHI SHINBUN News paper.(the brandnew issue is still 3rd number, but when I searched with the word "J nude"that was already the 136 number,and the cover was different,so I guess this free paper have KANSAI area edition and KANTO area edition and so on.)


At first, when I saw the title , "J nude",made me given huge impact ,and the people who on the covers are very gorgeous, such as SHUN OGURI ,MASAKI OKADA( on the 2nd number) and ARISA MIDUKI(3rd number) unfortunetely I can't remember who was on the cover on 1st number.That becaomes one reason for me to want to read naturally.it has 8
pages and including a lot of photos ,so even a busy people read easily.

ジェイヌード 朝日新聞
free paper "J nude" SHUN OGURI(left-hand side) MASAKI OKADA(right-hand side)


They spare 2pages for the interview of the people on the cover and photos are big ,I imagine that the fans of the cover never fail to be glad extremely(hope my faborite artists ,KOBUKURO become the cover (^○^))


Except the interview the introduction of the shops or books which recommended by models etc. ,small cooking recipe and another interview of an actor.

このフリーペーパー、札幌では『タリーズコーヒーのステラプレイス店』、『タリーズコーヒーサッポロファクトリー店』、『タリーズコーヒー札幌STV北2条店』、『タリーズコーヒー札幌日本生命ビル店』『タリーズコーヒー手稲渓仁会病院店』や『札幌大学生協』、『北星学園大学生協』、『藤女子大学学生談話室』、『北海道大学生協北部食堂』『北海学園大学生協』『札幌学院大学生協』『北翔大学パル』『武蔵女子短期大学学生ホール』『東海大学札幌校舎学生食堂』『天使大学』で手に入るみたいです。 電話は011-281-2131

In SAPPORO,you can get this free paper ,at" Tullys coffee STELLAR PLACE shop" ," Tullys coffee SAPPORO FACTORY shop "," Tullys coffee SAPPORO STV KITA 2jyo shop"," Tullys coffee SAPPORO NIPPON SEIMEI insurance company shop "," Tullys coffee TEINE KEIJINKAI hospital shop","a SAPPORO university CO-OP shop","a HOKUSEIGAKUEN university CO-OP shop","a FUJI JYOSI university common room for students","a NORTH part dining room OF HOKKAIDO university","a HOKKAIGAKUEN university CO-OP shop ","a SAPPOROGAKUIN university CO-OP shop","hokushogakuen COLLEGE ,college hall pal","MUSASHI JYOSI JUNIOR COLLEGE student hall","TOKAI university SAPPORO SCHOOL HOUSE student dining room","TENSI university"


TO my great joy, this free paper touched about an objet which my workingplace "ENDO KIGATA company" made. It was the one supplied to "MORINOUTA" resort placed at JYOZANKEI

(一番上、左側の写真の右下にあるオブジェが『遠藤木型』で作ったものです)(the left hand side photo of the top can you see that one's right corner photo, it was the objet "ENDO KIGAtA"made )

(上の写真を拡大したものです、ピンボケしてますが、右側にいる穴に飛び込んだウサギのオブジェ、これを作りました。)(Enlarged photo of the top one,it was out of focus,anyway ,we maden this )

(The photo which I used from the blog,"the president room which no needed to knock" of the president of "ENDO KIGATA"http://endokigata.blog.ocn.ne.jp/sapporo/ GOOD PHOTO isn't it.)


"ENDO KIGATA COMPANY" is engaged in from molds of sweets to the molds of large Mongolian mutton barbecuepan, modular bath etc. IF you have time please feel free to visit our web site(we also have the web site of OUR company's developing field called "NURIPURA club" please come to take a look at our products such like HELLO KITTY's Mongolian mutton barbecue pan called HELLO KITTY GOURMET PAN,"HELLO KITTY NURIPURA" which is the kit to make 3D HELLO KITTY by using white plaster(we have the lisense of using this world wide famous charactor HELLO KITTY,but unfortunately these KITTY products are able topurchase only domestic. if you have chance to visit SAPPORO-city, HOKKAIDO ,JAPAN you can see or buy it at CHITOSE AIR port's HEELO KITTY JAPAN on the third floor or youcan find one at "MARUI IMAI department store" in SAPPORO),or movable out door bathtab looked like making of wood and looked gentle(actually,MADE by FRP(Fiver reinforced plastic)called "outdoor bathtab wherever you like".

遠藤木型(ENOD KIGATA COMPANY) → http://www.endokigata.com/

ヌリプラ倶楽部(NURIPURA CLUB) → http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/nuripuraclub-net/index.html

I hope you have a good weekends♪

元気が出る…とおもったら…(笑) I thought it made me cheer up so much…(augh)


I go to my workplace by bus and on foot. It takes 10 minutes walking or so after getting off the bus.



one morning as usual I got off the bus and was walking ,saw the vending machine without any intention and found a poster of my favorite artists," KOBUKURO" on the front of the vending machine.

I unconsciously muttering to myself with happiness"Oh, that poster invigorate me a lot(*^_^*)"



I went closer toward the poster and looked carefully on it…oh well, you may know what I would write next…it was not KOBUKURO's poster but the one of B'Z(KOBUKURO and B'Z are very famous artists in Japan)…

B'zさんペプシのポスター(The pepsi's poster of B'Z)

私は別にB'z の2人が嫌いな訳ではありません、むしろ好きな方のアーティストさんです…でも、この時ばかりはちょっぴり恨めしく思いました(笑)自分でコブクロの2人とB'zの2人を間違えたのだから恨めしくなど思う資格もないのですが…(笑)

I say I have no reason to dislike B'Z, on the contrary, I rather like them…but, in this situation made me wear rueful feelings(laugh). It was my fault to be mistaken the poster's figures and there is no right to feel rueful…(laugh)

そんなこんなで、思い出したかのように、去年(一昨年?)、コブクロさんがペプシのCMに出ていた頃の画像を集めてみました。一人で画像を見ながら笑っています。他人が見たらかなり怪しい人です(笑)( ^∀^)

With this thing and that as if I suddenly remembered I gathered the images of the CM about PEPSI taken at last year(the year before last year?) And I was laughing by myself now . That laughter gives you a wierd impression to others ,I'm afraid(laugh)(^○^)


今まで、B'zの2人とコブクロの2人が似ているなんて思ったこともなかったのですが、今回、初めて間違えてしまいました(笑) でも、このポスターなら遠くから見たら何と無く似ているかもと感じました(なんとなくです、なんとなく(-^〇^-))

I have never thought that KOBUKURO and B'Z are similar before,but this poster made me mistaken for the first time (laugh)but, don't you think the poster resemble somehow do you?(well, in some way , in some way(^○^))

さて、昨日は、職場で、キティちゃんのジンギスカン鍋(ハロー・キティグルメ鍋)の注文が沢山来た(キタ━(゚∀゚)━!)ので、動きがのろいなりに、私は荷造りに追われていました(色々手伝ってもらいながら( ^∀^))

By the way , because we recieved many orders of HELLO KITTY Mongolian mutton barbecue pans called "HELLO KITTY'S GOURMET PANS"(キタ━(゚∀゚)━!)in my own way(though I'm slow to move),was very busy to packed them(other staff helped me a lot( ^∀^))thanks for that I lose 0.5 kg(laugh)

先月、5月27日、日曜日の  『北海道新聞』 にこのキティちゃん、ジンギスカン鍋の記事が載ってから、おかげ様で沢山のお問い合わせや注文を頂いています(^^♪  ジンギスカン、BBQ、焼肉、ハンバーグ等と幅広く使えます。サイズも大と小があります。カセットコンロに合う28cmと固形燃料用コンロに合う17.5cmがあります。詳しく知りたい方は、是非  『遠藤木型』 の商品開発部門  『ヌリプラ倶楽部』 のyahooショッピングに遊びに来て下さいね。

Ever since our KITTY's gourmet pan was on the HOKKAIDO SHINBUN NEWS PAPER on 27th of May ,we really appreciate for this ,many people called or ordered the pans. This pan uses for Mongolian mutton barbecue, BBQ, YAKINIKU,Japanese dishes of grilled meat,hamberg steak etc. THese gourmet pans have 2 sizes, large and small sizes.28cm gourmet pan(large size) for portable butane stove and 17.5cm gourmet pan for solid fuel stove.for more information please come to visit "ENDO KIGATA company's developing field, NURIPURA CLUB's web site on Yahoo shopping"(unfortunately this pan is able to sell domestic only. so if you have chance to travel SAPPORO, HOKKAIDO,JAPAN please visit CHITOSE air port's HELLO KITTY japan on the third floor, then you can find our pan. )

グルメ鍋 5


We take order on internet ,telephone or Fax. Please feel free to ask the questions.

ヌリプラ倶楽部(NURIPURA CLUB) → http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/nuripuraclub-net/index.html

遠藤木型:電話番号(ENDO KIGATA:TELEPHONE NUMBER )011-661-2571

遠藤木型:FAX番号(ENDO KIGATA: FAX NUMBER)011-661-2589

グルメ鍋 道新  2

映画 「2001年宇宙の旅」 「バーティカルリミット」 Movies "2001 space odyssey" "virtical limit"


There's a movie called "2001 ,space odyssey"(If you like this movie please don't read the following(laugh)) This is a very famous movie by the director, Stanley kubrick and has favorable criticism,every time I tried to watch somehow fell asleep on the way(>_<)


This was broadcasted on TV a few times and I attempted to watch till the end, but failed all 3 trials,when I woke up in the half of dreams the TV monitor became the gray picture …all I remember is the theme of the movie at the beginning…but, if this will be on TV gain I think I'll watch it without learning lessons.I become 40 years old ,now ,so might be ready to see and find the logic of it better. Although this time ,my blog 's part of the title is this movie I don't have the knowledge of it any further…(・_・;)I'm sorry…

(2001年宇宙の旅)(2001 space odyssey)

話は変わり、今日はパソコンの先生と「バーティカルリミット/Vertical Limit」と言う映画の話をちょこっとしました。この映画、K2登山のアクションありドラマありの映画のようなのですが、見たいなと思いつつも見逃している映画でした。主演の俳優さんは有名な人だったなと思いつつ、名前が思い出せなかったのですが、調べてみて、クリス・オドネルだと解りました(バットマンシリーズや「セント・オブ・ウーマン/Scent of Woman」等に出てくる俳優さん。ストーリーは殆ど覚えていないのですが「セント・オブ~」は最後まで飽きない映画だった記憶があります)あと、個性派俳優のスコット・グレンも出演しています(消防士の活躍を描いた「バック・ドラフト/Backdraft」や(この作品、気に入って、映画館で3回観ました(笑))「カルラの歌/Carla's song」(いつも労働者階級の人達に温かい目を向けているケンローチ監督の作品です)などに出演している俳優さんです) いつか見てみたいと思います(最近はレンタル屋さんで安い値段でDVDも借りれることだし…)

CHanging the subject,with the teacher of PC we talked about the movie called "Vertical Limit". This movie was about K2 mountain climbing with actions and good story and keep on thinking wanting to watch someday ,but missed the chance. the mail role acter is famous one ,but I couldn't recall the name ,so checked up and found Chris O'Donnell(he was on the movies such as series of BATMAN ,Scent of women and so on. Although I can't remember the story much but, "Scent of Woman "was a good one not to be bored until the end ) Except him Scott Glenn was among it(He's an actor who is emphasis on indivisuality)(He played an important role on the movie ,"Backdraft", talking about showing activity of fire fighters(I was moved by this movie a lot and watched it 3 times at a theater(laugh)) or he was on the movie called "Carla's song"(this is the movie directed by Ken Loach who always cared and gave a warm eyes on the working class ) "Virtical Limit " ,I someday , want to rent and watch it(recently the price of the rental DVD is much cheaper than before…)

vertical limit クリス オドネル2vertical_limit_スコット グレン
(クリス・オドネル(左)/スコット・グレン(右))(Chris O'Donell (left-hand side)/Scott Glenn(right-hand side))


A JAPANESE movie I eager to watch is ,famous studio Ghibli's "Howl'S Moving castle" I really wanted to see but didn't pick up the chance to do it.The school days when I was crazy about listening to Western Music all day long I disliked Johnny's(the general term of Japanese male idols who are belong to Johnny & Associates),I was a lowbrows of Western Music though,so without cirtain reason I prevented Japanese idols from judging with equal eyes)At first I kept away from Johnny's idols' group, SMAP as one pleases. But on watching the TV program ,SMAP × SMAP I changed my attitude ,180 degrees to them (I'm so simple)so I take KIMUTAKU(an abbreviation of his full name KIMUra TAKUya who is belong to JOHNNY & associates) as an actor with good quality.

(ハウルの動く城)(Howl's Moving castle)


The studio Ghibli's works are excellent ones and it's hard to choose the best one. But
if you have to do it ,I may select "Laputa:castle in the sky". If you asked what the main reason to choose this movie I might be in trouble to answer,well, I love a girl and a boy who are in main rolls,also love Captain Dola who is the spirit mother of 3 sons.Robots soilders have good tastes and like the music so much ,too.

(天空の城ラピュタ)(Laputa:Castle in the sky)


But,the movie called "Grave of the fireflies" is too sad story in the times of war to see yet ,I know, these are ones I should watch

(火垂るの墓)(Grave of fireflies)


THere are many movies I want to see but missed ,so when I have time want to watch little by little.


well,my workplace "ENDO KIGATA company"'s developing field"NURIPURA CLUB"sells from HELLO KITTY'S Mongolian mutton pan called "HELLO KITTY GOURMWT PAN"(unfortunately this pan can be sold domestic only. well,we took a lisense from the SANRIO company if you have chance to come to HOKKAIDO, JAPAN please call on to CHITOSE airport 's HELLO KITTY JAPAN on the third floor) to mangers with wide expanse. Please come to visit our web site when you have free time.

遠藤木型"ENDO KIGATA company" → http://www.endokigata.com/

ヌリプラ倶楽部"NURIPURA CLUB" → http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/nuripuraclub-net/index.html


(馬の飼い葉桶)(Mangers for horses)

Sting(スティング)、 Don Henley (ドン・ヘンリー)、Seal(シール)

5月30日の水曜日に馬場 俊英さんと言う、私が大好きなシンガーソングライターの方の「札幌ラジオDay」があり、1日色々なラジオに出演との事で、残念ながらAMは私のコンポでは雑音だらけで入らず、タイマー録音は1番組しかできないので、1つの番組しか録れなかったのですが、録音をするために久しぶりにMDを手に取りました。

One of my favorite a singer and songwriter is Toshihide Baba.He came to Sapporo for "Sapporo radio day " to appear for variety kind of radio studios. Unfortunetely ,my stereo couldn't arrow AM radio(it has too much noise and can't hear much and about timer recording can be possible only for one program,so I could recoreded one of several programs which he was on.I took a MD after long away from it)


The program was recorede properly (some noise was there though(laugh)),so I feel reliefed.Mr. Baba's brand new song,"average(or common men ,it's difficult for me to translate)"made me think that this song was able to create because it was Mr. Baba. Judging from the song title I imagined this song was gentle song,but in actuality,up tempo and strong song(but the lylic showed Mr.Baba's taste clearly)


If you have time please look his pv of this song(you can chuckle,and if I am his place this pv is to be applicable )

馬場 俊英 「平凡:前編」(average(common men):the first part)

馬場 俊英 「平凡:後編」(average(common men):the latter part)

馬場 俊英さん(Mr. Toshihide Baba)


By the way, my stereo is 10 years old . Although it was broken down once I liked the display which changed rainbow color, so sent it for repair and use now .This stereo is equiped with CD ,MD, CASSETTE tape's fanctions(I wonder if the young use the cassette tape? (laugh)) That is why I love this stereo.

↑で馬場さんのラジオの録音にMDを使い、その時に他のMDを見ていたら無造作に「Sting(スティング)」「Don Henley(ドン・ヘンリー)」「Seal(シール)」と書かれたMDが見つかりました。何気なくMDを入れてみたら77曲、4時間59分と出ていました。MDに沢山詰め込んだものだと思いながら、駆け足ながら聴いて見ました。

Because of recording Mr. Baba's radio program ↑,I looked for a MD ,looked at other MDs without intention and found a MD ,written Sting,Don Henleyand Seal. When I inserted the MD it showed 77pieces of music,4hours 59minutes.As I thought how heavyly I packed up the songs I listened to these at a run.

私が洋楽を聴いていたのは主に、1980年代の後半から90年代。「BEST HIT USA(ベストヒットUSA)」「MTV」や洋楽のラジオ関係は色々と見たり聴いたりしました。そんな時代に聞いた、スティング、ドン・ヘンリー、 シールは今でも第一線で活躍している大御所の3人です。

It was 1980and 90's, I always listened to western music. I used to watched "beSt HIt USA" ,"MTV" or alistened to the Western music programs on radio, around that time I was listening to Sting,Don Henleyand Seal,3 of them are still actively at work in Show business.

洋楽のミーハーだったので(一人の歌手を深く聞くのではなく、広く浅く聴いていたので)詳しいことは解らないのですが、3人の歌に共通しているのは歌詞が深いと言うところでしょうか(私には難しくて自力では訳せない曲が多いです、難しいと言えばPeter Gabriel(ピーターガブリエル)も歌詞が深いです。 )

Because of lowbrows (I listened shallow and wide,not deeply for a singer)I don't know in detail about them, but I think their lylics are deep and make you think, that's something in common(their songs are sometimes too difficult for me to transrate,speaking of difficulty of the transration, Peter Gabriel's lyrics are also the same )

私が好きなのは、スティングは「Shape of my heart(シェイプ・オブ・マイ・ハート)」「Fields of Gold(フィールズ・オブ・ゴールド)」「the Mighty(ザ・マイティ)(映画、マイ・フレンド・メモリー、原題は確か FREAK THE MIGHTY)の主題歌、この映画、良い作品です。親子で見れます。」)」

My favorite songs of STING are "shape of my heart","field of gold", "the mighty"(the title song of the movie called "FREAK THE MIGHTY")This title song and the movie are good. you can enjoy with family.

スティング ( STING)

ドン・ヘンリーについては知識不足なのであまり話せませんが、元、Eagles(イーグルス)のボーカル兼ドラマー。私が好きなのは「the end of the innocence(エンド・オブ・ザ・イノセンス)」

I can't talk much about DON HENLEYa because of shallo knowledge of mine,He was a drummer and vocal of EAGLES.My favorite is "the end of the immocence"

ドン・ヘンリー (Mr. DON HENLEY )

シールについては好き嫌いがあるかなと思います。今、どんな路線で音楽を創っているのか解らないのですが、シールの曲には”恐さ”がある気がします。曲の題名も時々「crazy クレイジー」とか「killer キラー(殺人者)」、など。もちろん、映画 バットマン・フォーエバーの主題歌「Kiss from a rose(キス・フローム・ア・ローズ)」や「Fly Like a Eagle(フライ・ライク・ア・イーグル)」などのヒット曲や力強くて格好良い曲もあります。私が好きなのは「prayer for the dying(プレイヤー・フォー・ザ・ダイイング)」似たような題名の映画と本もありますが(A prayer for the dying)この映画等と同じなら、英訳は「死にゆく者への祈り」とでもなるのでしょうか?この曲、私には完全な意味が解りません、でもいい曲だなと感じます(決して明るい曲ではありませんが…どんな事を歌っているか全ては解らないのですが、でも死ぬ事を勧めているのではない気がします。)パソコンで調べれば意味も解る気がしますが…何と無くそれをしていません。興味がある方、是非、曲を聴くなり、意味を調べるなりをしてみて下さい。

I guess you have your likes or dislikes about SEAL. I don't know what kind of line he takes about his music right now,his songs are including "fearfulness". He sometimes uses his songs'titles such as "crazy" "killer" and so on.Of course, there are strong and cool hit songs like "Kiss from a rose" by the movie "BATMAN・forever" or a hit song "Fly Like a Eagle". My favorite is "prayer for the dying" there is a similar title movie or book called "a prayer for the dying",if the meaning of these titles are the same ,can I translate these " a prayer the dying people"? This song I don't understand whole meanings,but feel a fine song( not a cheerful song as the title says…I am not sure about whole flow of this song,but I feel SEAL doesn't recommend to die.)I might understand the meaning if I tried hard to understand the meaning by using PC…but, I don't dare to do it somehow.If you are interested about this song ,please try to listen to the song carefully.

シール ( SEAL )


Well, I hope you have a good day (*^。^*)

追伸: 私の職場、「遠藤木型」の開発部門、『ヌリプラ倶楽部』ではキティちゃんのジンギスカン鍋「ハローキティグルメ鍋」を好評発売中です!(先月、5月27日の「北海道新聞にも掲載されました(n‘∀‘)η」)

P.S.At my workplace "ENDO KIGATA company's developing fiesd 'NURIPURA CLUB'"We sell HELLO KITTY 's Mongolian mutton barbecue pans called "HELLO KITTY GOURMET PAN",with wide popularity!(last month 27th May this pan's article was on HOKKAIDO SHINBUN news paper unfortunately ,this product can be purchase domestic only. If you have chance to visit HOKKAIDO, JAPAN please check the pan at a department called MARUI IMAI(the pan is on the 7th floor of ICHIJYOKAN building) or you can buy it at CHITOSE AIR PORT at the shop called HELLO KITTY JAPAN on the third floor)


for further information please take a look at my blog on 27th of May.

5月27日のグログ(My blog on 27 th of May)→http://8thcoloroftherainbow.blog41.fc2.com/blog-entry-220.html#cm

グルメ鍋 メイドイン北海道
キティちゃんのジンギスカン鍋♪(HELLO KITTY'S gourmet pan♪)

ゴン GON

Author:ゴン GON