モンダイ カイケツ ノデザイン 梅原 真氏の講演会

昨日は少し前にNHKの「プロフェッショナル・仕事の流儀」でも注目された、出身地、高知県の売れ行きがもう一歩進まないもの、知名度が上がっていない良質のものにスポットライトを当てるデザインをして、問題解決をし、売れ筋の物に変えていくデザイナーの『梅原 真』氏の講演会に会社の皆さんと行かせて頂きました。

I went to a lecture meeting of Makoto Umebara with all of my company people,who is a designer and on TV program "professional,a style of work",whose birth place is KOHCHI prefecture , he turns a spotlight on products which don't sell well and are little known,but have good quality by his designs and producing. He solves these problems and change them to well known by his ability.

<梅原 真氏>


The picture"museum of sandy beach" below runs by the way to buy T-shirts at \3500,then ones who buy them ,design and display. people who come and visit to see the T-shirts pay \300 as entrance fee



Even floating wreckages like garbage on sandy beach , he turns them to the "exhibition of floating wreckage". The picture blow shows a rice plant seed which floated from somewhere at Asia. This poster 's
catch phrase ,he uses "welcome "(In Japanese says"yokukiTANE",last part of this word "TANE" means "SEED" in Japanese )(^v^)In other example ,floating wreckage of a keyboard of piano he puts a phrase "delivery of sound"(In Japanese "OTO dokemono" "OTO"means sound and "OTODOKEMONO" itself means delibvery) as catch copy. I just admire his flexible head…but,



He has tough time to make catch phrase, on that situation he uses basic one like the picture below.That picture shows an medical ampoule on Korean language ,he couldn't find a good phrase ,therefore he used the words simply "KOREAN language ampoule"by Japanese Hiragana characters. Even so , he used Hiragana and that made the words soften rather than using Japanese Chinese characters.


初めて知ったのですが、四万十川は緑茶の産地でもあるとの事(粗茶にして静岡に出荷していたとの事)そこで梅原さんが考えた魔法の言葉が『実は茶どころ 四万十緑茶』 この言葉に生産者の方達の写真が載ったペットボトルが発売されたら、私もきっと手を伸ばして買ってしまいます。写真の2人の笑顔が素敵です。

I know at his lecture meeting ,Shimanto river on KOHCHI prefecture is a producing center of green tea(before he producing this tea ,they export it to Shizuoka prefecture which is famous place as green tea as coarse tea) His magical catch phrase words are "To tell the truth, Shimanto is the famous with green tea",with these he also designed the pictures of the tea plastic bottles ,on which have producers faces .
I 'm sure I would buy them selling in my city ,Sapporo,too.These bottles' smile faces are so nice aren't these?

四万十緑茶 焙茶
<四万十緑茶 焙茶>


At Shimanto they also produced black tea about 40 years ago. By his dsign and words"New product with the taste of 40 years ago" this tea came to life again. That was a interesting story,too. In order to this success they produced new products "black tea jelly roll" and this becomes hit item,too.(In Japanese this Ccalled "kouchaMAKI" "MAKI" means "roll up". In Japan we say this kinds of cakes called "○○ Roll" so ,MAKI gives the impression like old times, but this old image was the one he wanted to use.This cake's shape is not round ,but square, that also the secret of success.)

四万十紅茶 RED

沖縄のやんばるの自然を守るために作ったポスターが下の「やんばる ふんばる くにがみそん」やんばるの『こがねむし』や『とかげ』が踏ん張っていて目をひきます。「ふんばる」の文字が半分に切れているのは、梅原さんが「やんばるの自然はこれから『頑張り切れる(文字が切れる)かどうか?』の疑問符がついているからとのことを言っていました。」自然が守られるといいなと感じました。

The posters which were made to protect nature of Yanbaru, Okinawa prefecture below says "Yanbaru,hold out. Kunigami village"a scarab beetle and a lizard seem to stand on their own,these are catch my eyes.The reason the word"hold out in Japanese 'FUNBARU'"separate in half is that he is wonder if the nature of Yanbaru was protected in the future,too or not.This kind of hard situation we say "gambariKIRU,too" in Japanese and part of this word "KIRU"also means "cut",too,therefore the word was cut in half.I hope this nature is protected in the future ,too.

やんばるふんばる 国頭村 琉球こがね

やんばるふんばる 国頭村2


Other that the stories of "GENPATU NI GENNKOTU(shake your fist to a nuclear power station)","HIE HIE towel( cold cold towel)",to exterminate the crows targeting the giant pears, as their last means asking elder people to take a walk in the pear field,they could get rid of the crows(they hate the irregular movements.The elder people sometimes seem to do irregular motions), these were nice ,too.Like this h about 2 hours lecture ended with a lot of satisfaction.


I believed that this work is his calling and he has the moment many times meeting with God to create the new designs or catch phrases.


after the lecture meeting we ate dinner together. The place was "【HAMACHOKU RYOURI】 SAWADA".
they served a lot of fresh seafood and we ate up all. I ate 【IKURA NO OYAKO DON(rice bowl of salmon roe & salmon)】They said that the salmon starts to cook after having a order ,so it takes bit of time. Because of that I felt salmon roe and the salmon rice bowl taste more delicious.crispy【Tempura of asparagus】,【deep fried squid arms】 【seafood salad】are also very tasty ones.The owner is very friendly and had a good impression. I show my gratitude to the boss for taking to this nice place.

浜直料理 さわだ
浜直料理 さわだ2


In my work place、ENDOKIGATA and developing field NURIPURACLUB ,including "wood moulds"we produce a lot of products.The 3D painting of Hello Kitty made by white plaster(I'm afraid you can purchase only in Japan,I feel sorry about that.,but if you have chance to stay in Japan ,don't miss the chance to purchase of our Hello kitty products) ,the mould of caps and hats or the pictures carved on acrylic plate. If you have interest ,plaese come to visit our web site.

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