映画 「2001年宇宙の旅」 「バーティカルリミット」 Movies "2001 space odyssey" "virtical limit"


There's a movie called "2001 ,space odyssey"(If you like this movie please don't read the following(laugh)) This is a very famous movie by the director, Stanley kubrick and has favorable criticism,every time I tried to watch somehow fell asleep on the way(>_<)


This was broadcasted on TV a few times and I attempted to watch till the end, but failed all 3 trials,when I woke up in the half of dreams the TV monitor became the gray picture …all I remember is the theme of the movie at the beginning…but, if this will be on TV gain I think I'll watch it without learning lessons.I become 40 years old ,now ,so might be ready to see and find the logic of it better. Although this time ,my blog 's part of the title is this movie I don't have the knowledge of it any further…(・_・;)I'm sorry…

(2001年宇宙の旅)(2001 space odyssey)

話は変わり、今日はパソコンの先生と「バーティカルリミット/Vertical Limit」と言う映画の話をちょこっとしました。この映画、K2登山のアクションありドラマありの映画のようなのですが、見たいなと思いつつも見逃している映画でした。主演の俳優さんは有名な人だったなと思いつつ、名前が思い出せなかったのですが、調べてみて、クリス・オドネルだと解りました(バットマンシリーズや「セント・オブ・ウーマン/Scent of Woman」等に出てくる俳優さん。ストーリーは殆ど覚えていないのですが「セント・オブ~」は最後まで飽きない映画だった記憶があります)あと、個性派俳優のスコット・グレンも出演しています(消防士の活躍を描いた「バック・ドラフト/Backdraft」や(この作品、気に入って、映画館で3回観ました(笑))「カルラの歌/Carla's song」(いつも労働者階級の人達に温かい目を向けているケンローチ監督の作品です)などに出演している俳優さんです) いつか見てみたいと思います(最近はレンタル屋さんで安い値段でDVDも借りれることだし…)

CHanging the subject,with the teacher of PC we talked about the movie called "Vertical Limit". This movie was about K2 mountain climbing with actions and good story and keep on thinking wanting to watch someday ,but missed the chance. the mail role acter is famous one ,but I couldn't recall the name ,so checked up and found Chris O'Donnell(he was on the movies such as series of BATMAN ,Scent of women and so on. Although I can't remember the story much but, "Scent of Woman "was a good one not to be bored until the end ) Except him Scott Glenn was among it(He's an actor who is emphasis on indivisuality)(He played an important role on the movie ,"Backdraft", talking about showing activity of fire fighters(I was moved by this movie a lot and watched it 3 times at a theater(laugh)) or he was on the movie called "Carla's song"(this is the movie directed by Ken Loach who always cared and gave a warm eyes on the working class ) "Virtical Limit " ,I someday , want to rent and watch it(recently the price of the rental DVD is much cheaper than before…)

vertical limit クリス オドネル2vertical_limit_スコット グレン
(クリス・オドネル(左)/スコット・グレン(右))(Chris O'Donell (left-hand side)/Scott Glenn(right-hand side))


A JAPANESE movie I eager to watch is ,famous studio Ghibli's "Howl'S Moving castle" I really wanted to see but didn't pick up the chance to do it.The school days when I was crazy about listening to Western Music all day long I disliked Johnny's(the general term of Japanese male idols who are belong to Johnny & Associates),I was a lowbrows of Western Music though,so without cirtain reason I prevented Japanese idols from judging with equal eyes)At first I kept away from Johnny's idols' group, SMAP as one pleases. But on watching the TV program ,SMAP × SMAP I changed my attitude ,180 degrees to them (I'm so simple)so I take KIMUTAKU(an abbreviation of his full name KIMUra TAKUya who is belong to JOHNNY & associates) as an actor with good quality.

(ハウルの動く城)(Howl's Moving castle)


The studio Ghibli's works are excellent ones and it's hard to choose the best one. But
if you have to do it ,I may select "Laputa:castle in the sky". If you asked what the main reason to choose this movie I might be in trouble to answer,well, I love a girl and a boy who are in main rolls,also love Captain Dola who is the spirit mother of 3 sons.Robots soilders have good tastes and like the music so much ,too.

(天空の城ラピュタ)(Laputa:Castle in the sky)


But,the movie called "Grave of the fireflies" is too sad story in the times of war to see yet ,I know, these are ones I should watch

(火垂るの墓)(Grave of fireflies)


THere are many movies I want to see but missed ,so when I have time want to watch little by little.


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(馬の飼い葉桶)(Mangers for horses)




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