馬場 俊英さんの札幌ライブ

6月26日、火曜日は 馬場俊英(ばば としひで)さんのライブが「ペニーレーン24」でありました。馬場さんは2007年の紅白歌合戦に 『スタートライン~新しい風~』 で出場したこともある、実力派のシンガーソングライターで、心に染みてくる歌をうたっています(天然キャラでトークもほんわかしていて、「馬場ワールド」が繰り広げられ、楽しくて、元気をもらい、心地よい時間が過ごせるライブです)

There was a live of TOSHIHIDE BABA on 26th June,TUe. at Penny Lane 24.He is the talented singer and has been to annual contest between the male and female singers on New Years eve. with the song called "start line ~New wind~",he can sing a song to stay in your heart(natural airhead(I hope this word has good meaning,can translate correctly),his talk is very warm ,has his own "BABA world",enjoyable and feel energy to come to my heart too,and can spend comfortable time)

まだライブは続くので、セットリストなどは伏せておきますが、本当に 時間をかんじさせない『アッという間』のライブでした。

His live still goes on so,I don't mention about the SET LIST ,this was the live forgetting about the time,I mean time passed by so quickly.

今回のライブは馬場俊英さんと サポートの馬場一嘉(ばば かずよし)さんとのアコースティックギター2本での弾き語りライブ。ライブの度にいつも思うのは、アコースティックギターだけでもこれだけ力強く、インパクトのあるライブステージができ、それと同時に優しくて心の琴線に触れる曲も弾けること。きっと、馬場さんのライブの他にもそう言うライブはあるかもしれないのですが、彼のライブは曲のメリハリがあり、 『歌も演奏も一切手を抜いていない』と言う一生懸命さが120% みんなに伝わってくるライブです。

This live is an acoustic live with he and his support member KAZUYOSHI BABA,2
of them.a LIVE to sing to their own guitars. The thing everytime my going to his live is he is the one to be able to play very strong sound even only with acoustic guitars,at the same time he's good at playing very gentle tunes to touch with your heartstrings. I 'm sure there is a live like he dose but his live has varietion and you can feel he performs with all his might, 120%.



He is usually touring with plane,but this time enjoying it with trains. When he arrived at HAKODATE from AOMORI he thought yeah, it took a only little more to SAPPORO,but it took a few hours , as same as the distance from Tokyo to Osaka. he felt HOKKAIDO is very wide.

「ライブをすると色々な会場で色々なケータリングを食べるけれど、北海道は(ペニーレーン24に来ると)、手作りの鍋を食べれるから嬉しいです。きっと誰か女性が一生懸命作ってくれたんだろうなと…もしかしたらオッサンが作ってくれているのかもしれないけれど(笑)」  「飲み物も色々と用意してくれていたんだけど、その中で僕の知らないものが1つありました…えーと『カツゲン』何カツゲンだっけ?」「(サポートの馬場一嘉さんが)ソフトカツゲンです!」「あれはヤクルト系(の味)かな?」「(会場の誰かが)ビックル!!」 「そうだね、ビックルのだね」「(馬場一嘉さん)僕カツゲン大好きですよ」「あれ(カツゲン)すごく甘く…(苦笑)」「ソフトカツゲンがあるってことはハードカツゲンもあるってことかな(笑)」

He said when he was touring he ate many kinds of catering foods ,but he could eat handmade hot pot at Penny Lane24 that makes him happy. he guess some woman makes that for him…or it might be a old timer(laugh)" "they saved many kinds of drinks and among them there was a one I didn't know…well, what was that? "KATSUGEN"?KATSUGEN what?"(SUPPORT MEMBER KAZUHIRO BABA helped him " 'SOFT KATSUGEN' that tastes like YAKULT(the dring tasetes like ferminted milk drink)")(an audience said it's like a "BICKLE"(ferminted milk drink)!)"yes, it's like BICKLE" "I love it(by KAZUYOSHI BABA)" "don't you think that(KATSUGEN)is too swee…(bitter laugh)" "If there is "SOFT KATSUGEN" there might be a " HARD KATSUGEN"?(laugh)"



"SAPPORO is different from TOKYO,air is very clean" "things are sparkled" "the sirls in highscnool uniforms are sparkling" "(all in a fluster)well,as images, I'm sure boy students were also sparkling,too(I guess he said like that) there was the time for me (laugh)"


mentioned about in his high school time putting together a band "I had been to put together asame band for 10 years ,and last period the member had become 12,I was doing schedule adjustment . one time all member was busy and couldn't match the schedule at all for a month so I was exhausted a lot that's why I stop the band and became a solo(laugh)…but after being alone I needed to pay attention to another's needs, as a result I was more exhausted(laugh)…that made me think I should have put together a band with four people.(laugh)"

このライブツアーでは、途中からご当地ソングを作って歌ってくれていたそうですが、札幌では「ジンギスカンの歌」を歌ってくれました(-^〇^-) 『脂質が少なくて、都心にも認められた食べ物(のような言葉ではじまった歌だった気がします)』そのほか『ラムとマトンの違いはラムが生後1年以内の肉で臭みもなく、マトンは濃厚な味が楽しめる』のような内容をサビでは『ジン ジン ジンギスカン』を繰り返し(サポートの馬場一嘉さんには、最初にサビはこんな感じですと伴奏を教えてあげていて(クラシックの『G線のアリア』のようなサビでした))途中、一嘉さんのソロまであり…そこから流れ的に北海道の音楽ということで、馬場さん、一嘉さんに、この音楽に行くよと合図を送るも、一嘉さんは『えっ、何、何』と理解できず…」でも最後には「ジンギスカンの歌」から『さだまさしさんの「北の国から」のルールー、ルールルル~』に変わり(みんな大爆笑でした)、また「ジンギスカンの歌」に戻ると言う、とっても盛り上がった1曲でした。

In this live tour he played your place song from the middle,In SAPPORO he sang "Mongolian Mutrton barbecue(JINGISUKAN) song(-^〇^-) "less fat and center of the city admitted this food (If I recall correctly that was the start of the song)" another phraze was "the different from lamb and mutton were lamb are meat didn't smell within 1 year of their birth,Mutton could enjoy a thick taste" like that. and at the high point of the song He repeated " JIN JIN JINGISUKAN"(He told support member KAZUHIDE BABA about the high point of the song was like this (It was like a piece" air on the G string"of classic music)) there was a solo of KAZUYOSHI BABA…after that it followed a music something todo with HOKKAIDO ,he sent a sigh to KAZUYOSHI what to want to play,but He couldn't understood"boy, what? WHAT?"but,in the end the music changed "JINGISUKAN SONG " into "KITANOKUNIKARA" sang by MASASHI SADA(popular JAPANESE song related with HOKKAIDO It doesn't have lyrics only has lalala)everyone burst out laughting,then went back to "JINGISUKAN song"
This song really came alive.




まとめtyaiました【馬場 俊英さんの札幌ライブ】

6月26日、火曜日は 馬場俊英(ばば としひで)さんのライブが「ペニーレーン24」でありました。馬場さんは2007年の紅白歌合戦に 『スタートライン~新しい風~』 で出...




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